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  1. Wow, so it's been so long since I've posted here that I have now successfully overwhelmed myself by having so much to catch up on! The longer I've put off catching up on my journal because there was too much to say, the more and more and more and more behind I've gotten! I wanted to go back and fill in each workout, but I think I'll never get caught up if I wait to do it that way. So, how about if I just suffice it to say that the two weeks I spent traveling and working with Robert were some of the best workouts of my life! I learned lots of new things with weights, and my Couch-to-5K training was awesome as well! I worked up to my first 20-minute run last week, which gave me a real high. I'm now on 25-minute runs, but being back at high altitude has made it considerably harder. In fact, of all days to recommit myself to posting in my journal, today is the most disappointing day of fitness to report about. Although I was able to do a 26 minute run two days ago (albeit with a 30-second break midway), today I couldn't make it past 5 minutes. It's like my body just gave out on me and seemed incapable of it today. I was so disappointed. But, the good news is that the runs don't really increase much with each session anymore, so I won't really be off track with my training schedule. But, damn, that was disappointing today. I don't know what the problem was, but there just seemed to be a lot of things that were "off" for me today. My mind, my body, even the treadmill itself didn't work properly, so that I kept having to stop and restart, and finally had to switch machines. Ugh, what a disappointment. Especially since, like I said, I've been feeling pretty good and proud about my workouts recently. Oh well. I am SOOOOOOO filled with gratitude and humility by all of you who have commented here and elsewhere that I have inspired you in some small way. What a turn of events that is! I've never inspired anyone in fitness before. Truly, it's everyone here on this forum that inspires and motivates me to be making fitness a priority in my life. It's still tough some days, but I'm a work in progress, and I'm getting there. So, thank you to all of you, and of course, especially to Robert. So, I'll be posting here for a couple more days, and then it's CRUISE TIME! Weeeeeeeee!!!!! Holistic Holiday at Sea, here I come! Can't wait. No internet, no phones, no having to overhear other people talking on phones, warm ocean air, and back to training at sea level! (Of course, I'll have to return to high elevation to actually complete the 5K a week later, but oh well.) Anyway, I'M SO EXCITED!! Last thing for tonight... It was so much fun assembling all the prize packages for the NYNY Challenge, and congratulations to all of you who completed it! I hope you enjoy all the goodies in your package, and many thanks to all of our sponsors who were oh-so-generous, particularly HealthForce Nutritionals!
  2. Impressive workout, Aruna! Keep up the great work!
  3. Wow, you've made some huge life changes lately! That stress alone could be the culprit for your struggle to fight off illness. Hope they are positive changes for you!
  4. Congratulations, Sam! That's great news! And the part about your gym crush made me giggle.
  5. Nice, Zach! Glad things are looking up! And hope you like the goodies in your prize package! Our donors (especially HealthForce Nutritionals) were quite generous.
  6. Oh no! Well, that's too bad for George, but it makes a bonus show for you! Great job on your run today!
  7. Well, best wishes to you and your goal of getting bigger and stronger! And congratulations on the lateral raises, too!
  8. Jesse, WOW! Huge difference between this and your starting picture that you posted in December! Congratulations, man!
  9. Aww, your post makes me feel all warm and mushy inside.
  10. You seem to be doing so great, Laura! You're really consistent, and I'm impressed by (and jealous of!) your running!
  11. Wow, congratulations! I'm so happy to hear your daughter is a survivor, not a patient. I didn't know a person could run that far week after week. I mean, what do I know, I'm just doing the Couch to 5K program, but still, I didn't know that. I was proud for being able to run 20 minutes last week, and you're running 20 miles! Hahaha! Anyhow, I just think that's incredible, and I'm so happy for you in all areas!
  12. Nice, Adam! That's fantastic! I'm also loving the fact that you're diggin' the Vega! Great work today, Adam!!
  13. Glad to hear you're doing better, minus the allergies. I feel like such a slacker because I haven't been posting in the forum as much lately, but it's my goal to start getting back on track with it, starting this weekend! Hey, did you get your first issue of VegNews this month? Just want to make sure the subscription you won a while back got processed.
  14. Nice! Congratulations!! Keep up the hard work!
  15. Nice! Well, congratulations on your improvements... and your getting up at 7:00 to hit the gym! That would be a major feat for me, too. ~Karen
  16. NICE! Love that you posted a picture in your new VEGA t-shirt! Hahaha! Awesome!
  17. What did you think of the SunWarrior and the Raw Rev bar?
  18. Great! So glad your package arrived safe and sound! Our donors were quite generous, and we were thrilled to be able to send out all that great stuff! Awesome workout, Kane! Keep up your incredible work!
  19. A wonkey? Hmm... It pains me to say this, but... I don't get it. But, that doesn't change the fact that I'm absolutely thrilled you've been feeling better the past few weeks! I can relate, as I'd have to say the same thing is true for myself. I mean, I still have not-so-good days, but overall, I'm feeling pretty good in most areas! Have a wonderful weekend!
  20. Nice to see you back! And that salad you posted above looks yummy!
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