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  1. Wow, nice!! So encouraging to see such improvement, eh? How are you doing with the vegan diet aspect of things? Are you finding it easier or harder than expected? Have you been able to stick to it pretty well?
  2. Nice work, Jessica! I especially like your meal plan. It's always good to have a plan!!
  3. I love the Vega Pre-Workout stuff, too! It's also great for staying awake during long car trips, for future reference.
  4. Hi there! Welcome to this community! Glad to have you here. Don't you love that muscle achy feel? Makes you feel like you've really accomplished something. What type of goals are you working towards?
  5. YAY!!!! So happy you'll be enjoying the prize package! Our donors (especially HealthForce Nutritionals) were so incredibly generous, and Robert and I had SO much fun going through everything and putting the packages together! It was a lot of work, but so rewarding! Thank you so much for your support of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness, Kelly! All the best, Karen
  6. Yay! Glad your packages arrived safe and sound! Yes, our donors were quite generous (especially HealthForce Nutritionals)! Hope you enjoy all your stuff - including your second contest prize package! Bet it was like Christmas at your house today! Especially with your little girl waking you up to snuggle. Awwwwwwwww! What a wonderful day! Life's precious moments...
  7. Glad your package arrived safe and sound! You got some extra bonus goodies for all your hard work with Michelle and detailed journaling. Hope you enjoy them! Hope your stress level is coming down and that you're feeling well. Thanks for your kind words! All the best, Karen
  8. Hey there! Welcome to the community! Thanks for joining us and posting your fitness journal here.
  9. NICE!!!! I love it! So happy your package arrived safe and sound. Did you get your second contest prize package as well? If not today, you'll likely get it tomorrow. You'll be happy with that one, too. Hope you'll continue posting and being a valuable member of this community, and yeah, if you can support the donors and online stores, too, awesome!! Glad your foot is just about back to normal! All the best, Karen
  10. Yay, you got your prize package! Hope you enjoy it. Our donors were quite generous (particularly HealthForce Nutritionals)! Thanks for being such a valuable member of this community! Hope you'll be sticking around. All the best, Karen
  11. Nice! Glad your prize package arrived safe and sound! Our donors were quite generous (particularly HealthForce Nutritionals)! Hope you feel better soon. ~Karen
  12. Nice! Glad your package arrived safe and sound. Our donors (particularly HealthForce) were so very generous! Hope you enjoy, and maybe some of the stuff in your prize package will help cure your ails. Feel better soon, John. ~Karen
  13. Yay, you got it! Yes, lots of goodies to check out! Our donors (particularly HealthForce) were so generous!
  14. Wow, incredible! I love the lady(ies) with the red hair! Especially the first one. Beautiful!
  15. Nice work! Good for you for "listening" to your body's needs and giving it more fuel!
  16. Hey there! I thought I posted here a few days ago, but now it's not showing up! Or maybe I'm crazy. Either way, bummer. Anyhow, hope all is well and that you're feeling better. I've been traveling the past couple of weeks, so my online presence has been sketchy, at best. BUT, we're shipping out prize packages for the NYNY challenge, and I've got a box with your name on it going out in today's mail! Yay! Throwing in some bonus goodies for you since you've been so awesome! Take care, Karen
  17. Hey Sara! Your NYNY Challenge prize package AND your contest prize package are being sent to you tomorrow!!
  18. Hey buddy! Nah, you can't scare me away with a few bad jokes! Hey, Robert and I are shipping prize packages out, and I've got a box with your name on it! How's your back doing? How are you feeling in general? Hope all's well! Haha, I just noticed that each line starts with an "h". Maybe that's a clue that I should expand my vocabulary.
  19. Hi Sherrie! Sorry to hear about your (and your hub's) shoulder! Oy vey, when it rains it pours, eh? Well, sometimes anyway. Are your sugar withdrawals getting better? Headaches, grouchiness passing? Hope you're doing well!!
  20. Nice work! Nice to see you break a sweat today...and fall over!
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