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  1. Haha, was weird?! Welcome to the VBB forum! Wow, you already uploaded a profile photo and everything - great job! Enjoy looking around, and welcome to the community!
  2. Hang in there, Sherrie!!!!!! Sorry to hear your strugglin'. Keep smilin' and eating well.
  3. Sherrie! Nice to see you that you're posting on the forum again and doing so well with everything!
  4. Wow, that's great, Zach! You've lost like 20 pounds this year! Way to go! Hope you and your family are doing well. Take care, Karen
  5. I just tried to "like" Robert's last post, but then realized this isn't Facebook. Hahaha!
  6. I'm so thrilled to vote for Mindy and Derek in this contest! Every day in November, I'll be voting to put two VEGANS in the fitness limelight. Because the more people we can get to understand that you can be healthy and STRONG while not eating animals, the MORE ANIMALS WE WILL SAVE! Plus, Mindy and Derek are just really cool people.
  7. I've voted and will keep doing so all month long! This will be good for Derek AND animals! Win-win!
  8. Oh wow! Thanks so much, Sam! I saw it on their Facebook page, but not their newsletter. Wow, I feel like a mini celebrity! Haha, just kidding. Yeah, I'm totally bowled over that I won that contest. Still can hardly believe it! Thanks for your support!
  9. You're just a hard-working barefoot monkey who cares a lot about a hopefully-soon-will-be barefoot bunny. Barefoot under a beach umbrella, while doing the wave with other people on the beach, which will make more and more people want to join in the fun, until before everyone knows it, there's a whole beach party happening, and everyone is so wow'd by the food, that they all hold up signs that tell the world to "Go Vegan"..... except for the one guy who's showing off his muscles. His hands are full with the barbell, so he doesn't have a free hand to hold up a sign to tell the world to "Go Vegan." So, instead, he serves as the example to show people how strong one can be on a vegan diet. And pretty soon, the whole world has gone vegan. That's what happens in my dreams.
  10. Thank you, sooo, sooo, sooo much, Robert... and all of you! I am so grateful and appreciative of all the happy birthday well-wishes. Much love to the VBB community at large! Thank you for the immense level of support. I had a great birthday.
  11. Martin, WOW! CONGRATULATIONS! That's so impressive what you've done, and how you were able to change your diet and lifestyle so completely overnight, and with such enormous success! Indeed, you have much to be proud of! I know we don't know one another, but I'm proud of you nonetheless! Much respect, Karen
  12. Love catching up with what you're up to! Sorry to hear about your fall...... but, yeah, that was kind of funny that it would happen on your own driveway. Hope it's healing up nicely! Congratulations on your 5th place success at the golf challenge. Nice! I've been curious to know what line of work you're in?
  13. Thanks, Alex. xdarthveganx, what program are you on?
  14. Hi there, mlee! Welcome to the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness forum! Glad you decided to join the community. We love vegans from cow town! THREE jobs? In addition to everything else you do? Wow, you must have a ton of energy! Thank goodness for fruits and veggies! All the best, Karen
  15. Hi Emma, Welcome back to the forum. First off, I can totally relate to much of what you've said, as I've dealt/deal with some similar issues. Likewise, I am also trying to make a comeback of my own. There are others on the forum in a similar boat, so just knowing that you're not alone and that others can relate will, I hope, be helpful to you in some way. I like Alex's advice above, and I'm taking it to heart as well. Maybe I'll post it in my house so I see it everyday. Welcome back!
  16. Hey there, Minx Lady! Thanks for posting your routine here, as well as the photos. You look great! Love the shorts, by the way. You wear them well!
  17. Hey z0rzz! Thanks for posting your routine here. I think it will be very helpful for a lot of people (and probably for you, too!). Wishing you all the best! Karen
  18. kareno

    Hi hi hi

    Hello, Marcina, and welcome back! Glad you made it back this way. Best of luck on your journey. You're right: there are soooo many vegans who also avoid soy (and gluten, too). So, I'm sure you'll find lots of great advice if you just look around. Also, I'm fairly positive I've seen soy-free vegan cookbooks. Or maybe it was just gluten-free that I saw. In any case, there are tons of recipes out there, as lots of people are avoiding soy these days. All the very best! Karen
  19. Benvenuto e piacere, Gibry!! Happy to have you here. Once upon a time, I spent 3 months living in Como, Italy. But, that was quite a while ago. Anyway, glad to have you here on the Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness forum! Ciao ciao!
  20. Welcome aboard, erinsmith! Glad to have you here!
  21. Haha, thanks, MF! I took that photo on the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan cruise a couple months ago. They make lots of crazy designs out of food - it's awesome to see! Anyhow, I finally figured out how to do the avitar thing, so figured it was about time! Hope y'all have a great weekend!
  22. Hahaha! See? Just like I said - Super Woman! Kudos to you!
  23. CONGRATULATIONS, RC!!!!! Yahoooooo!
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