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  1. Hi Tracie, and welcome to the community! Congratulations on making the change to veganism and for your weight loss (assuming you wanted to)! Sorry to hear of your injury. I think there's a number of Crossfit-ers here, and you're sure to find lots of helpful information and inspiration here. Again, welcome aboard!
  2. Hi there, and welcome to the forum! Sorry to hear about your accident, but it sounds like you're making a strong recovery, both physically and mentally! Hope you'll start a training journal here and let us all follow your progress! Again, welcome aboard!
  3. Hi ellipsixx! Welcome to the forum! I'm from Colorado as well (Ft. Collins, to be precise). I've been to Austin a couple of times recently, and I can see why you love it there! Hope you're finding lots of helpful information here on the forum. It's great that your fiance is vegan also, as I'm sure that'll make life a whole lot easier. Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding!
  4. Hi Ve, and welcome to the forum! I trust you are finding the answers you were looking for here on this website, which is such a great resource of knowledge and advice! There are a number of competitors here in the community, so I'm sure you'll find people to connect with. And don't be ashamed to be here, even if you're not quite vegan yet. Everyone is welcome!
  5. Hi Viliam! I noticed you posted this introduction a while ago, but just wanted to say hi and welcome you. Congratulations on the gains you have made this past year, and best wishes on your marathon training! That's awesome! There are other runners here in the community as well, in addition to those doing lots of weight training. I'm sure you'll find lots of helpful information here. I'll be sure to look for your training journal here as well! Welcome!
  6. kareno

    New Guy!

    Hi Simon, and welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your weight loss! I hope you'll find the information you need here (I'm sure you will!), and hopefully you'll start a training journal here, as it's a great way to keep track of what you're doing and get feedback from others. Keep up the great work! Again, welcome aboard!
  7. Hi there! Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on making the healthy switch to a vegan diet! I agree with you, that it is exciting trying out new foods for the first time! Sometimes I'll go to Whole Foods and make it a point to find and try one new vegetable I've never had (or sometimes even heard of!) before. Kudos to you! I hope you will share your wealth of knowledge with the community at large! Again, welcome!
  8. Hi there! Welcome to the forum! Glad you finally decided to join, after 5 years! Sorry to hear about the pain issues you've been dealing with, but so happy to hear you are cleaning up your life and getting back on the road to health. I hope you'll consider starting and keeping a journal here on the forum, so we can all keep up with your progress! Congratulations again, and welcome!
  9. Hi Athena, and welcome aboard the VBB forum train! I live in CO as well (Ft. Collins, to be precise). Nice to have you here. As Robert said, there are a number of competitors here in the community who also keep their training/food journals here. I'm sure you'll find the information you're looking for, as well as have lots of your own great info and advice to be able to share with others on their own journey. Welcome!
  10. Hi Arkadia, and welcome to the forum! Glad you finally decided to join. It's a great community, filled with tons of knowledge and helpful advice. I hope you'll find what you're looking for here! Congratulations on finding something you're passionate about (BJJ) - that's awesome!
  11. Hi Thomas, and welcome to the forum! How long have you been a vegan athlete? Congratulations on the gains you have made this past year! I'm sure you'll find that this forum is a great tool with lots of great information and advice. And I'm sure you'll have lots of helpful info of your own to share with others. Thanks, and welcome aboard!
  12. kareno


    Welcome aboard, Sirbenson! Congratulations on joining the forum. I'm sure you'll find it's a great resource for helpful knowledge and advice. May I ask what made you decide to return to eating dairy, after so long without? Hope you find the information you need here. Again, welcome!
  13. Hi Bates! Welcome to the forum! How long have you been vegan? Congratulations on your consistency and dedication to training! That's really admirable. Do you have any specific goals you're working towards? You should consider starting a training journal here. Anyway, welcome aboard!
  14. kareno

    new vegan

    Hi Noaton, and welcome to the forum! Hope you're finding lots of helpful information and advice here. Best wishes to you on this new journey you're taking! I think it's very exciting to make these types of changes. And I'm sure it'll be easier for both you and your girlfriend to be eating the same healthy foods! Welcome!
  15. Hey Ruthless! I see you posted this intro a while ago, but I hope you're still hanging around the forum a bit and gleening some information. It's a great resource. Congratulations on wanting to go about veganism in a healthy and successful way. Anyway, welcome!
  16. Thanks, guys! Yeah, I know it might seem weird, but the more gentler music was really a great change of pace, and at least that particular day, was just what I needed! I was out of town for a couple of days this week, and wasn't able to get in any fitness. But, yesterday I did a 3 mile run/walk with a friend. My diet pretty much went out the window yesterday, though, so I'll try to stay more focused today. Have a great weekend, everyone!!!
  17. Hey Greenbride! Been thinking of you lately. How are things going for you? Are you still training for your 5K? How's life in general? Hope things are GREAT! Keep in touch.
  18. I was somewhat short on time today, so my workout wasn't thoroughly thought-out. Anyway, here's what I did: 20 minutes on the stairclimber at 60 steps/minute. Last 2 minutes bumped up to 75 steps/min. 50 crunches forward 50 crunches left 50 crunches right 25 crunches forward 25 crunches left 25 crunches right Plank 1:20 Plank 1:30 Plank: 1:02 That's it! Very busy day today, so I'm glad I made sure to get some exercise in. Breakfast: Green smoothie with Vega WFHO Lunch: Daiya quesadilla and an orange Post-workout: Vega Acai energy bar Snack: Banana Dinner: Chana Masala, rice, and spinach
  19. My internet was down yesterday, so I didn't get to post. But, anyhow, yesterday I ran 5K outside from home and back. It's all dirt road with some long stretches of incline (and decline, too, of course!). My time was a shade under 39:00, which seems depressingly slow. Especially since I never stopped running at all and felt like I was consistently going faster than when I did this same run once before (just before the St. Patty's Day race). Oh well, it still felt great to complete, and I was happy to do it. I'll keep working to improve. Yesterday was the first time I listened only to relaxing, soft music during the entire run. Usually, I listen to "harder" music to keep me energized. But, yesterday I found the music helped keep me relaxed, and I could hear my breathing and footsteps on the ground. Interesting difference. Breakfast: Vega WFHO shake Lunch: Tofu scramble with potatoes and tempeh at my favorite veg-friendly restaurant in town Post-run: Orange and Banana Dinner: Field Roast Italian sausage wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla, and side salad Snack: Vega Shake & Go Smoothie
  20. Welcome! You'll find so much useful information and great inspiration here in this community on this site. You only have to look around to find it! Transitioning to a vegan/plant-based diet is not hard once a person has determined to do so. Good luck with your move and family situation! Hope you'll continue to post. Maybe you'll even be moved to start a journal here and share your journey with others!
  21. Welcome to the community, Veganish! We're happy to have you here! I'll bet you'll find lots of information and inspiration here!
  22. Welcome to the VB&F community, Everett! I hope you find plenty of information and inspiration here! Sounds like you have a lot of knowledge and experience of your own that you can offer to the community as well. Awesome! Again, welcome!
  23. kareno

    Hello :)

    Welcome to the VB&F community!!! Hope you find lots of inspiration and information here!
  24. Well, welcome back, man!! Where are you at currently in your health/fitness journey? Hope you're doing great!
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