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  1. Hey Colin! Hope you've had a great few days since your last post, and that things are going so great for you and your family!
  2. Nice to see you back, amigo! (That's Spanish. ) Hope you're feeling great, mentally and physically!
  3. Whoa, what?!?! Those tempeh reubens sound absolutely delish!!! Did you create the recipe yourself, or find it somewhere? I LOVE tempeh... And your nut berry pie?? Hello! Oh yeah, great job with your workout, too! I got hung up on the food....
  4. You're getting to know your body better, and that's great! That's why tracking food intake and output is so important. Just hang in there, and be patient with your body and mind.
  5. Enjoy your time off work, Michelle! Hope you get some nice relaxation in.
  6. Thanks so very much, you guys! Your encouragement and praise means so, so much and helps motivate me to keep pushing. So, thank you. I feel very lucky to be part of this community. Today I ran another 5K!!! Well, it was on the treadmill at the gym, but still! I should've pinned my race bib on my shirt to inspire me! Hahaha, can you imagine seeing that at the gym?!?! Anyway, my goal now is to improve my 5K speed, so what I'm thinking is to run 3.1 miles 2-3 times per week, increasing the speed by 0.1-0.2 mph each week. I'd love to be able to run my next race (May 5?) at a 10:00 mile (6 mph). My average pace on Saturday's race was 11:45 (5.1 mph), so that's what I did today on the treadmill. Then next week I'll bump it up to 5.2/5.3, and so on and so forth each week. What do y'all think of that plan? Does that make sense? Or would something else be more effective? How many times a week should I plan to run? I'm so excited! (And I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control, and I think I like it!) But seriously, I feel like maybe my life has changed this week.... And if so, it all happened on my Gramma's 100th birthday...
  7. Mina, don't be so hard on yourself, girl!! And you are absolutely right: Whether or not you win the prize package (we are still reading the entries), we REALLY need the feedback! It will help us in the development of our future contests, give our generous prize sponsors/contributors some feedback and gratitude, and help out our website, too! Our top priority is always to promote veganism through health and fitness. THANK YOU SO MUCH for submitting your essay!!!!!
  8. OK, Doug, it's officially "next week"! Hope you're getting back to it! I miss seeing you around here, you diamond geezer. Well, I shall say "Hwyl fawr am nawr!"
  9. Nice work!!! Dude, your warmup was intense. Reminds me of a Tshirt I saw the other day: "Your workout is my warmup."
  10. LISA! Hi there! Good to see you back! Yes, the weather here in Colorado has been simply amazing recently! Glad you got to enjoy it. I'm sure we'll have a blizzard next week. That's how it always goes here. But, I ran my 5K yesterday, and couldn't have asked for nicer weather. It went great, by the way! Good luck on your triathlon training. Wow! I admire you, for sure. I LOVE hearing your thoughts about the HealthForce products! I'll be perfectly honest with you, I haven't had a chance to try them yet (I know, "WHAT?!?!"). I can only hope that I will notice benefits in my hair, skin, and nails, too! (Especially skin. Oh lord, please, please, please!) Have a great week ahead!
  11. Hi everyone! So, my recommitment to journaling didn't go very far, did it? Haha! The cruise was fantastic, of course! I highly recommend it to any and all of you! http://www.atasteofhealth.org. They're thinking of possibly having a Mediteranean cruise next year, so that might appeal to a few more of you. I RAN MY 5K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though my training was pretty sporadic the last couple weeks of the Couch-to-5K program, I pulled out all the stops on race day and did it! Although my goal was to do it in 40 minutes (the last week of training consisted of 3.1 miles in 5 min. walking, 30 min. running, 5 min. walking), I ran the entire race, only stopping once to tie my shoe. It was crowded, of course, as there were 3000 runners, including lots of dogs and children. Lots of people (and dogs!) were dressed up for St. Patrick's Day, including green wigs and tutus! It was a lot of fun. I was very excited to find out my official time was 36:34! And my best gal pal ran the entire race with me, holding hands as we crossed the finish line, as an act of solidarity. Awwww, sweet, hey? I'm feeling so inspired and encouraged to keep up with the running training. There is a Cinco de Mayo 5K coming up, so I'm hoping to do that one or another one soon! My goal is to shave off a few minutes on the next one. Excited! Today I went to the gym and did the following, based on a workout I did with Robert last month: Stairclimber: 20 minutes (pushed myself harder than usual) Bodyweight squats: 20 20 20 Kettleball swings, 2 arms: 10x20 10x20 Kettleball swings, 1 arm: 10x20 each arm 10x20 each arm Standing straightbar overhead press: 30x10 30x12 30x12 30x10 One-arm bentover dumbbell rows: 20x10 each arm 20x10 each arm 20x10 each arm 20x10 each arm Stationary bike: 25 minutes, easy pace at level 7/8 (of 20) Phew, I was exhausted! And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be sore tomorrow. Here's a picture from yesterday's race, post-run:
  12. I'm so proud of you, JAM! You inspire me every day. And you look great, too! Even though that's not entirely what it's about, since you inspire so many by your words and actions, too. But, you do look really great! I'm actually really excited to work out with you again soon! (See how much you've inspired me?!? )
  13. Hey Gretchen! I just saw this journal post here. So proud of you for doing the Couch-to-5K program. As you know, I just finished it yesterday myself. For me, though, even the beginning was never easy. Haha! It was a struggle all the way through. But, yesterday's race made it all worthwhile, and it was soooo much fun! Anyway, hope it's going well for you and that you're sticking with it. I also did it through my iPhone app and loved it that way. It's nice to not have to look at the clock if you don't want to, since she just talks to you and tells you when to walk/run and gives you encouragement to boot! Hope all is well!!! Better than "well", I hope it's GREAT!
  14. Definitely! I hope to do the Cinco de Mayo one and improve my speed!
  15. Yeah, injuries suck! I'm wishing you the very best! I just completed the program and ran my first 5K race yesterday, as you know from FB, and it felt so great! I wish that for you, too! But, most of all, I just want you to feel at your best, however you get there!
  16. Yeah, I definitely think that's a good idea. A specific goal. Definitely what I needed at least! The race yesterday was awesome!! So much fun with thousands of people dressed up for St. Patrick's Day, lots of dogs and kids, and just so much fun! And I beat my goal by several minutes, so I was thrilled. I was literally giddy all day long! Thanks so much for your encouragement!
  17. Girl, your consistency is so awesome and so inspiring! Thanks so much for posting here and sharing your routine. It's so motivating!!
  18. Yay!! That's so awesome to hear! So happy for you, Kane!
  19. Hope you're enjoying the weekend, Sam! And that it doesn't throw you too far off-track. But, with your determination, I'm sure you'll be right back on it tomorrow!!
  20. You ARE awesome, my friend! Haha! Great job! Keep it up!
  21. Well, I'm reading this, but my answers are Vega and flaxseed! Haha! Good job on your consistency and results! That's fantastic!
  22. Good job, Jesse. Are you still doing the Couch to 5k program?
  23. I continue to be impressed and inspired by your dedication, Kane!
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