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  1. Hahahahahahahaha!!! You dressed Bob up! Too funny! You should dress him in some sports gear of one of your rival teams. That'll make it easier to PUNISH him!!!
  2. Yes, thanks! Soooo wonderful! It's the Holistic Holiday at Sea vegan-themed cruise. Check it out at http://www.atasteofhealth.org. It's an amazing week of fun and learning!
  3. I have wailed on Bob a few times as well. He's a shady guy who deserves to be punished. Haha!
  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DOUG!!!! Just got back a couple days ago from cruising the Caribbean, but I've missed checking out your journal! Glad you got the prize package and that it arrived safe and sound. I threw in some extra goodies for you since you're so awesome. I see you had a rough week last week. Bummer. I hope things are getting better for you. Know that you have a supportive community here who cares about you!
  5. Hey Colin! I'm back from the Caribbean, so stopping by to check out your journal. Congratulations on the 21 miles!!! WOW!!!! That's incredible. Hope your shin splints are getting better and that you're feeling great! Kudos to you!
  6. Hi Sherrie! I was cruising the Caribbean last week, with no internet access, so I've missed checking out your journal. Nice to see you're still posting a bit and doing well, despite your hectic schedule. Also glad to know you're enjoying the HealthForce products(vitamineral green and Earth) from your prize package. Nice! Interesting that you put it in your broth. Hmm. How are things going as grad school winds down? Congratulations on being almost done! That's fantastic! Take care, Karen
  7. Hey Kelly! I was cruising the Caribbean last week, with no internet access, so haven't been able to swing by and look at your journal until now. Awesome job with consistency and dedication! I've gotta get my groove back, so seeing that you're still on track is motivating to me. Thanks!!
  8. Hey Jesse! Are you still posting here? How are things going?
  9. Hey Adam! I was cruising the Caribbean last week, with no internet access, so haven't checked in on your journal for a while. Looks like you're doing great with consistency, and that's awesome! I need to get back on track, so it's inspiring to see you're still on! Keep at it, my friend! All the best, Karen
  10. Hi there! It is always fun to read your posts. Personally, I rarely eat lentils. Not because I don't like them, but they're just not generally on my "radar", so to speak. I actually like them a lot, but I need to find a simple and tasty way to make them. What's your secret? Have you been doing the Bill Phillips challenge? How is that going for you? Hope all is well!! Take care, Karen
  11. Hey Sam! Looks like you're doing great! Good job keeping up with your fitness. Seems like there are a bunch of us (myself included) who have been struggling to keep it regular lately, so kudos to you! Sorry to hear you didn't like some of the protein powder in the prize package. I haven't tried that Garden of Life one yet. As for the Vega Pre-Workout Energizer, I often use it and think it's great. Sometimes I don't feel much of an effect either, but then other times it makes a huge difference. I know it works, though, because this past summer I made a lot of long roadtrips, and drinking that stuff woke me up even better than coffee when I felt myself drifting. BUT, glad you love the ProBar. I LOVE them, too! I love the acai one and the berry one, if you haven't tried those, I'd recommend them! Happy to read about your progress! All the best, Karen
  12. Hey Zach! Hope you're doing well and hanging in there! I know how frustrating the scale can be. Mine hasn't budged one bit in the 2.5 months I've been at it, but I am consistently getting compliments from people, so I guess things are changing, even if the scale isn't. Hopefully, you're experiencing something similar! Have a great day, Zach!
  13. Hey Kane! Looks like things are going well! How is it going with the Thrive foods/recipes? I should take a closer look at his book(s).
  14. Hey Patrik! Welcome back! So glad to hear you're making such progress and doing so well! And also happy to hear your prize package arrived safe and sound. We were a little worried about the ones going overseas. But, glad you got it! Yay!
  15. Hey you! I'm going through a similar situation, so I can totally relate. Fortunately, I have my first 5K run coming up this weekend, so it's helping me try to get my focus back. Maybe it might help you to do something like that (signing up for a race/event), so that you have a specific goal to work towards. I don't know, just an idea. I hope things are going well otherwise, though! Have you stopped work yet, or still finishing up? Hang in there!
  16. Good job on your taxes. I admire anyone who can do that on their own.
  17. I hear ya on the carbs and am right there with you! For years I have referred to myself as a carbivore.
  18. Doug! I'm so pleased to hear you're noticing such changes in your body! Males it more encouraging to keep at it, eh? I also like that you're experimenting with different emoticons. I'm too lazy to do that. "People poo".... I am sitting in an airport and laughed out loud repeatedly when I read that! Well done!
  19. Are you using an app? I track it on my iPhone as well, using MyFitnessPal. Pretty easy! Especially with the barcode scanner feature.
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