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  1. Thanks for the comment Gaia. I am still transitioning and struggle to be all raw. I feel it is most likely best for me but I guess I'm not so committed as I want to be able to eat whatever I want. I also have digestion issues with all foods but have been feeling my best in 5 years after doing 80-10-10 100% for 2 months in the spring and now adding some low fat cooked dinners. I do feel I am still healing and need to find the right things for me. Jesse
  2. 12/19 Recovering from a head cold...taking longer than I'd hoped... Needed to get some training in: Pushups: 5x10 Chinups: 5, 5, 5, 5, 8 I've been tracking my food intake occasionally with Cron-o-Meter. Yesterday I hit 3400 cals without much effort: 32 oz. Smoothie w/ 4 leaves kale, 5 dates, 2 bananas, 1/2 cup of raspberries, 16 oz. water 32 oz. Smoothie w/ bananas and water 32 oz. Smoothie w/ bananas and water 32 oz. Smoothie w/ bananas and water + 10 Dates Chopped Romaine, Diced Tomatoes, 2 cans of Chickpeas The holidays are going to mess up my training schedule. Oh well. I usually train Fri, Sun, Tues but I have guests visiting Friday and I'm going away Saturday until Monday night. So I can get something in tonight if I feel ok and then next Tuesday. The following week I'll be away from Friday through Tuesday so I'll miss that week as well. I guess I'll just try to fit in smaller workouts like I did yesterday and restart my program where I left off in 2 weeks.
  3. quick intro: I finally signed up after stalking for years! This site is awesome and I've learned so much from reading the articles, forums, and training journals. I'm very excited to get involved and participate. My background: 31 year old male 5'11", ~140 lbs vegan for 4 years, vegetarian for 6 years before that lifting for last 2 years (SS, SL, RPT, Lyle McDonald's Generic Bulk) current program is all pro's beginner program from bb.com (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=4195843&page=1) Goals: to be healthy and feel super awesome every day to have a strong lean muscular appearance along with strength gains Issues: I have had digestion problems for the past 5 years (maybe my whole life). It got so bad that I had candida overgrowth, leaky gut, undigested food in stools, high stress, low body weight, elevated hormone levels, low gut immunities, etc. I was in a real bad place and tried "everything". I finally found good info about the raw diet (80-10-10 by Doug Graham and Self Healing by David Klein) and tried this. I have been doing much better ever since (March 2011). However, I am not fully recovered and struggle with maintaining this lifestyle as well as my health. I have had many ups and downs in the past 2 years with regards to my training due to my health issues. My body weight has fluctuated and my training has seen gains and losses in this time. Now/Future: I've been generally consistent with my training and eating. I will continue to improve and stay consistent. I will work towards my goals. Last workout: Squat: 23.8 lbs x 10, 52.4 lbs x 10, 102.2 lbs x 10 x 2 BP: 23.8 lbs x10, 43.6 lbs x10, 81 lbs x 10 x 2 Rows: 23.8 lbs x10, 43.6 lbs x10, 81 lbs x 10 x 2 OHP: 15 lbs x 10, 23.8 lbs x 10, 48.6 lbs x 10 x 2 SLDL: 102.2 lbs x 10 x 2 Bicep BB Curls: 48.6 lbs x 10 x 2 Calf Raises: 102.2 lbs x 10 x 2 I'll be back to post up my next workout! Jesse
  4. Just signed up after stalking for years! I work with a group in NY called the Vegan Initiative and have interviewed Robert Cheeke for our radio show on WVKR (Vassar College Radio) for our proposed national holiday, Animal Day. This site is awesome and now I'm officially a part of it. Can't wait to participate. This 12 days thing is an awesome idea. I've been lifting for 2 years now and working on my health. See you on the forums and training journals. Happy to be here with my fellow vegans. Jesse
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