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  1. 6/23 Workout: Cycle 3, Week 1, Heavy Day Squats: 102.2x8x2 BP: 86x8x2 Rows: 86x8x2 OHP: 52.4x8x2 SLDL: 92.2x8x2 Curls: 43.6x8x2 Calves: 92.2x8x2 Squats felt really heavy. so did most other lifts. This should be a real tough cycle for me. I've been feeling a little crappy since playing a late show last Thursday and not getting much sleep before work on Friday. Busy weekend too and not taking such good care of myself so I need to get back on track this week. My right shoulder has been feeling better but these workouts are definitely aggravating if not causing the issues...I'll be watching this closely as well.
  2. 6/18: Cycle 2, Week 5, Light Day (last day of cycle!) Squats: 72.2x12x2 BP: 63.6x12x2 Rows: 63.6x12x2 OHP: 35x12x2 SLDL: 65x12x2 Curls: 28.8x12x2 Calves: 65x12x2 ...still been having some problems with my right shoulder. i wake up with it being sore and tight but it gets better during the day. i have a history of bursitis and general inflammation in that shoulder and i'm hoping it will go away without having to stop lifting. i definitely aggravate it a bit on many of the lifts in my workout but i feel my form is good and if i don't overdo it, i should be healing while continuing to be consistent with my workouts. i think i will end up stretching or doing too much rehab type work when i have pains like this and it makes it worse so i am trying not to do much with my shoulder besides my workouts. i'll keep monitoring the situation...i'm stoked to increase the weights and start over at 8 reps next workout. this workout was tough for me and i just hope i can keep progressing next cycle.
  3. 6/16/12: Cycle 2, week 5, Medium Day Squats: 81x12x2 BP: 68.6x12x2 Rows: 68.6x12x2 OHP: 43.6x12x2 SLDL: 72.2x12x2 Curls: 35x12x2 Calves: 72.2x12x2 Feeling good...doing well. Tough workout for me. Next cycle will be a challenge!
  4. 6/14/12: Cycle 2, Week 5, Heavy Day Squats: 92.2x12x2 BP: 77.2x12x2 Rows: 77.2x12x2 OHP: 48.6x12x2 SLDL: 81x12x2 Curls: 40x12x2 Calves: 81x12x2 I took an extra day off yesterday to let my shoulder heal more...it's been bothering me. This workout was tough but I've been feeling well besides the shoulder and getting sleep and food. I'll be increasing all my weights next week and starting again at 8 reps. This morning I did a bike sprint of 30 seconds, 10 more minutes of riding, and a set of situps.
  5. 6/12/12: ~35 minute bike ride this morning on the rail trail stretching couple sets of ab work
  6. 6/11/12: Cycle 2, Week 4, Light Day Squats: 72.2x11x2 BP: 63.6x11x2 Rows: 63.6x11x2 OHP: 35x11x2 SLDL: 63.6x11x2 Curls: 28.8x11x2 Calves: 63.6x11x2 Pain in right shoulder/back of neck...hope it heals with a rest day...i really want to stay consistent on these workouts.
  7. 6/9: Cycle 2, Week 4, Medium Day Squats: 81x11x2 BP: 72.2x11x2 Rows: 72.2x11x2 OHP: 43.6x11x2 SLDL: 72.2x11x2 Curls: 35x11x2 Calves: 72.2x11x2 Finally had a good night sleep after working in the city a couple days this week and continuing my day job up here as well. This workout was pretty tough for me. I was sipping orange juice through it and that helped. I tried a new technique for rows which made them a bit hard...not sure if I'll keep using this and have to drop the weight next cycle. For calf raises, I raised my toes on a wood block and this made them hard as well so I may not be able to make all my reps on the next heavy day...we'll see. Feeling good and definitely improving while staying healthy. This is awesome. My plan has not gone as planned as I was away from home for a couple days this week. I brought a lot of bananas and mangoes with me but could not keep up with the green juice. I'm going to rethink the plan and work in some other foods I picked up at the wholesaler this week. I actually got 2 fresh durians! They just arrived as I was leaving brooklyn, called the wholesaler right as I was leaving, they said to come by, I turned onto the street and there was a rainbow coming out of the clouds leading right there! It was ridiculous. I feel very lucky and believe not many in the US get to experience fresh durian. They need a few days to ripen up nice so I can't wait to crack them open.
  8. 6/5: Cycle 2, Week 4, Heavy Day Squats: 92.2x11x2 BP: 77.2x11x2 Rows: 77.2x11x2 OHP: 48.6x11x2 SLDL: 81x11x2 Curls: 40x11x2 Calves: 81x11x2 Morning workouts are still kicking my ass. This is also my heavy day and was nearing failure on every lift except SLDLs and Calf Raises though these were still hard and felt good. I stuck to my meal plan yesterday and am starting off well again today. I did have some stomach discomfort yesterday possibly from fibers from greens in the juices so I am straining after juicing. The prep time for all this juice and mangoes is a bit annoying but I need to stay consistent and get my nutrition. Today I combined the juice with the banana/mango smoothies so I'll be doing 3 meals today: honeydew, banana/mango/green juice smoothies, banana/mango/green juice smoothies.
  9. 6/3: Cycle 2, Week 3, Light Day Squats: 72.2x10x2 BP: 68.6x10x2 Rows: 68.6x10x2 OHP: 40x10x2 SLDL: 63.6x10x2 Curls: 28.8x10x2 Calves: 63.6x10x2 This light day felt really tough. I had a rough day with digestion on Friday (after my Medium Day workout) and did not eat much. I was back on track Saturday, played some basketball and kickball, and ate a decent amount. I also tried some tempo sets using my metronome which may have contributed to how hard this workout felt. I tried 2-0-2-0 but that felt so slow and made the sets I tried this with really hard. I lift naturally at about 1-0-1-0 or 2-0-1-0. I'm definitely going to stick with my natural tempo on my heavy days but I like to experiment and it's interesting to experience other tempos on these lifts. I'm not really sure what kind of effect all this would have on my workouts but it may be worth revisiting this in the future. I'm increasing my green juice intake this week and getting more strict with my diet plan this week to see how I feel with this well designed (with cronometer) plan: 32 oz water upon waking 1 hour later, eat 1 honeydew melon (~1500g) 2 hours later, drink 32 oz green juice of kale (300g), celery (300g), carrot (300g), apple or orange (300g) 1 hour later, eat smoothie of banana (800g), mango (400g), and 12 oz water 3 hours later, drink 32 oz water 1 hour later, eat smoothie of the same green juice mixed with the same banana/mango combo. before bed, eat 2 brazil nuts (for added selenium) If I'm still hungry after the lunch and dinner smoothies, I'll eat additional whole bananas. This diet is ~3000 cals and yeilds 88% carbs, 6% pro, and 6% fat as well as getting all the necessary micronutrients in good ratios including omega 3 / omega 6, amino acids, calcium/phosphorous, and all else. I'm taking a D2 supplement and B12 sublingual supplement daily. I'm currently drinking green juice and already got in a 30 minute bike ride this morning.
  10. 6/1: Cycle 2, Week 3, Medium Day Squats: 81x10x2 BP: 72.2x10x2 Rows: 72.2x10x2 OHP: 43.6x10x2 SLDL: 72.2x10x2 Curls: 35x10x2 Calves: 72.2x10x2 Morning workouts are really tough...I don't feel very strong or too good during the workout but I've been able to hit my lifts and get it done. I may have to workout later in the day for my heavy workouts though to make sure I'm not failing because it's too early and I don't have my shit together. Not feeling too hungry today and have only had a small Hami Melon after this workout. My bananas are ripe and so are the mangoes so I'm pretty happy that I'll be set with food for the next few days at least.
  11. 5/29: Heavy Day, week 3 of 2nd cycle Squats: 92.2x10x2 BP: 77.2x10x2 Rows: 77.2x10x2 OHP: 48.6x10x2 SLDL: 81x10x2 Curls: 40x10x2 Calves: 81x10x2 I played kickball in brooklyn on saturday which was a lot of fun and a really good workout...still a little sore in certain spots. Played more games on Sunday and got in a run as well as chins, situps, and pushups this morning. I have some Hami Gold Melons which are just like little cantaloupes and are really tasty. My bananas are perfectly ripe so I've had some really sweet smoothies. My digestion feels good.
  12. I'm real inspired lately and want to get fit, strong, and looking good... 5/23: morning walk/run ~20 minutes 5/24: morning circuit of 15 chins, 16 pushups, 20 situps, 20 squats with 43.6 lbs 5/25: morning workout (medium day): squats: 81x9x2 bp: 72.2x9x2 rows: 72.2x9x2 ohp: 43.6x9x2 sldl: 72.2x9x2 curls: 35x9x2 calves: 72.2x9x2
  13. Workout 5/22: Squats: 92.2x9x2 BP: 77.2x9x2 Rows: 77x2x9x2 OHP: 48.6x9x2 SLDL: 81x9x2 Curls: 40x9x2 Calves: 81x9x2 Felt good, still rocking the honeydew, banana smoothies, and green juice.
  14. I got inspired to do some more workouts: 5/20: Front Squats: 43.6x5, 63.6x5, 81x5 BP: 81x10 +3 +3 +3 +3 +2 Deadlifts: 115x5, 143.6x5, 172.2x5, 202.2x3 Chins: 2, 2, 1 5/21: Back Squats: 43.6x5, 63.6x5, 81x5, 102.2x5, 122.2x4 Chins: 1, 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 2 Abs: 20 situps + playing around with BB rollouts from knees - couldn't go all the way without pain in lower back This all felt good as I've been wanting to do more and work on some strength. I've been noticing some decent body composition and want to keep it up and gain some decent muscle mass so I can look like I'm working out and really rep a vegan lifestyle! I've been crushing honeydew melon, banana smoothies, and ataulfo mangoes, as well as some green juice.
  15. 5/15 Workout: new cycle with heavier weights! Squats: 92.2x8x2 BP: 77.2x8x2 Rows: 77.2x8x2 OHP: 48.6x8x2 SLDL: 81x8x2 Curls: 40x8x2 Calf: 81x8x2 Eating lots of banana smoothies and laying off the greens again as my digestion has not been perfect.
  16. 5/8 Workout Squats: 81x12x2 BP: 72.2x12x2 Rows: 72.2x12x2 OHP: 43.6x12x2 SLDL: 72.2x12x2 Curls: 35x12x2 Calf Raise: 72.2x12x2 This was a tough workout but I made all the lifts so I will be increasing weight on all lifts starting next week and starting reps at 8 again. I am happy with the setup and am able to be consistent 2 times a week.
  17. workout from saturday 5/5: same as last workout! ...just wanted to keep track...not very exciting though. not much extra activity this weekend. i played some kickball on saturday and played a show with my band on sunday night.
  18. 5/1: Squats: 81x11x2 BP: 72.2x11x2 Rows: 72.2x11x2 OHP: 43.6x11x2 SLDL: 72.2x11x2 Curls: 35x11x2 Calf Raise: 72.2x11x2 *increased all my reps by 1. Feeling good. I've also been doing a set of chins and pushups every morning. Food from 5/1: green juice of kale, celery, and a green apple 1 honeydew melon 1200g of bananas + 104g of spinach + 8oz water smoothies 1200g of bananas + 104g of spinach + 8oz water smoothies ~3000 cals
  19. I've been doing 2 full body workouts a week and also doing lots of walking, hiking, as well as some running and playing some sports. My workout from Saturday, 4/28, was simply a repeat of my last workout (I'll add a rep to each exercise each week from 8-12 reps, then increase 10% if I get all the reps and start again at . I went for an awesome hike on saturday as well - lots of rock scrambling and steep hills on the mountain. it was fun to be off trail and just scrambling around on boulders and making my way through the trees. on sunday i went for a morning hike for about 1 hour and also got out again in the evening for another 45 minutes or so on a different trail. green smoothies, honeydew melons, and banana/spinach smoothies have been my staples! i've also been able to add in some papayas, mangoes, and tomatoes.
  20. Workout from 4/24: Squats: 81x10x2 BP: 72.2x10x2 Rows: 72.2x10x2 OHP: 43.6x10x2 SLDL: 72.2x10x2 Curls: 35x10x2 Calf Raise: 72.2x10x2 Feeling good. I have been going on some nice hikes lately. 3 hours on Sunday at Mohonk up to the mountain house. I have been lifting 2 times a week now which I seem to be able to stick to. The workouts are tough and my working sets are nice and hard. I am still wanting to get my form down for squats. I have been gaining some weight and am up to 141. I need to retake my measurements soon to compare to the measurements in late January. Diet lately has been water, green juice, honeydew, banana/spinach smoothies, tomatoes, mangoes, papaya, avocado, and occasional OJ.
  21. 4/18: I've been getting in 30 min walks every day at the very least. I have been going on some nice hikes in the mountains. I have also been lifting weights! Workout from 4/17: Squats: 23.8x9, 43.6x9, 81x9x2 BP: 15x9, 35x9, 72.2x9x2 Rows: 15x9, 35x9, 72.2x9x2 OHP: 15x9, 23.8x9, 43.6x9x2 SLDL: 72.2x9x2 Curls: 35x9x2 Calf Raise: 72.2x9x2 had a quick mango smoothie and then went for a 40 minute walk on the rail trail! So I have been eating lots of banana/spinach smoothies (my new fav). I think it's been helping me up my greens/protein intake which is keeping me more satiated and not digesting as fast as I seem to still be having some trouble with sugar metabolism. I have lots of cases of ataulfo mangoes at home as well as some papaya, valencia oranges, tomatoes, honeydews, and of course bananas. I have been drinking a green juice every morning as well to help get in the greens/protein. I have been tracking everything on cronometer by weight and I seem to be hitting all my targets and getting plenty of my daily needs. About Jack Fruit: it looks similar to durian with a spiky shell. I cut it in half 3 times and scooped out fruit which is encased like durian only the jack fruit has thick pasta like hairs surround the fruit. the sap inside is very sticky. there is a chestnut like seed inside each full fruit piece. supposedly you can roast these and they taste sort of sweet and chestnut like. the fruit is orange and tastes like bubblegum or some weird artificial candy flavor. the fruit is thick, fleshy, and chewy. it was hard to eat a quantity of it. i may have let it sit too long before cutting open so it may have been turning a bit but I can't imagine eating much of it even totally ripe. I wasted most of it unfortunately. I tried eating a small bit at a time but eventually it got gross. I tried a little bit with bananas in a smoothie and that was quite gross as well. oh well, it was fun to try. I also read that it can be used unripe as a mock meat which makes sense given the consistency.
  22. 4/4: I'm eating a big 1350 g (500 cals) honeydew melon as I type - so good! I have 4 banana smoothies with me as well - 2200 cals! I have been doing the green juices and feeling better. I also went back to the wholesale place in Brooklyn and got 14 cases of Ataulfo Mangoes, 2 cases of papayas, 2 cases of honeydews, 2 cases of valencia oranges, and a jackfruit! Yesterday I got 4 cases of bananas, 12 heads of romaine, other veggies, and 6 lbs of medjool dates at my local place so I am stocked! Workout from 4/3: 30 min walk at lunch 30 min walk after work Squats: 23.8x8, 52.4x8, 102.2x6 (too heavy), 92.2x8 (maybe too heavy) BP: Bar x 8, 35x8, 72.2x8x2 Rows: Barx8, 35x8, 72.2x8x2 OHP: Barx8, 23.8x8, 43.6x8x2 SLDL: 43.6x8, 72.2x8x2 Curls: 35x8x2 Calf Raise: 72.2x8x2 Felt good to do a nice full body workout. I think I'll try to stick with this workout where I'll increase reps from 8-12, then add 10% and start at 8 reps again. I need to start light enough that I'm not overdoing it and not dreading workouts. I need to find a good weight for squats.
  23. So I think I mentioned in my last post that I was thinking about seeking out feedback on my form and possibly interested in going to a trainer. I did a quick search and found a new local gym, emailed the guy, and he said come down for a free session. So Friday afternoon I went. It's a crossfit gym so I kind of knew what they were about but thought it was worth checking out. So they put me through a modified crossfit session and it was super intense! I think it's pretty awesome what they do but I'm not sure it's for me at this time as my stated goals are to remain in good health which for me right now means not pushing myself too hard. And crossfit = pushing yourself as hard as possible. It really calls out to the side of me that always pushes too hard and leaves myself worn out possibly compromising my health while I am still in a healing phase. I felt both good and bad after my session as the intensity is not something I'm used to. I don't think I will go back for the above reasons and because I don't really have the money right now to invest in something I'm not 100% into. Here's my workout: warmups: 5x50 jump ropes, small medicine ball movements, some leg stretches some skill tests: bodyweight squats to check form, ring rows, pullups, situps, row machine, pushups Squats: a couple sets of 5 with ascending weights (not sure what they were) last set felt heavy for me. last rep was tough. they said my form looked good and to just keep doing squats to get better - not really what I was looking for as I know I have some issues and was hoping for more feedback and to learn about some accessory exercises to help with my squat in particular. Crossfit timed circuit: 500m row machine, 40 air squats, 30 situps, 20 pushups, 10 ring rows. 8.5 minutes The circuit was kind of fun and you do get a full body workout in under 10 minutes but again, really intense and maybe just too much for me at this time. There is a side of me that likes this kind of torture I guess but I need to not wear myself out too much just now. I watched 5 people doing a tabata session which looked even more intense. They did mostly those same exercises in my circuit but they would do 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 8 with each one. Everyone looked destroyed by the end. I do feel a bit sore today and am happy I checked it out and was able to complete a circuit as well as get some feedback on my squat. The person I was working with guessed that I was vegetarian, then vegan somehow (I'm lean and live in New Paltz?) It's funny because while this town is conscious about veganism, I don't really know that many vegans or at least true ethical vegans. So I'm not sure how they just knew...maybe I smell sweet! Anyway, that led to a small comment about getting enough protein and all that kind of advice. It's cool, they were cool about it. It's just personally not something I need to worry about at this time. My goal is health and I am doing what I believe is my path to perfect health. I have been feeling better and better and believe I will get there in time. It's also funny because I have been focusing a bit more on protein and feeling like I need to make sure I am getting enough for me and a good amino acid profile. I use cronometer everyday and have had problems digesting greens which are a good source of protein for a raw vegan. I have been juicing greens but have decided to juice more! I am aiming for 0.8g/kg bodyweight as I believe recommended by the World Health Organization so for me at 135 lbs is about 50 g. When I don't get my juices in or have had trouble digesting greens and then skipping them for a few days, I have been getting under 50 g of protein a day which is no good on any diet. So I need to eat more greens or just a lot more in general which is also difficult for me as getting 3000-4000 cals is still challenging with such busy days and sometimes dwindling fruit supplies. Bananas have been tough to get back on track with since I got back from Florida but should be settled by next week. I have been eating more dates again which are not the best for me and also offer very little protein. I know I will work all this out and be doing better than ever.
  24. Workout from yesterday: 30 min walk/run at lunch 6pm lifting: Squats warmups + 63.6 lbs x 20 BP: warmups + 63.6x8, 72.2 x 8 x 2 Rows: warmups + 72.2 x 8 x 2, 81 x 8 So I've been trying to maintain my health and still be fit however I'm always wanting more. I've been doing well with my health though it's always the last 10% or so that's so hard to attain. I've been mostly consistent with eating and I'm trying to make sure I get all I need by tracking on cronometer. I have been using a food scale and actually updating how I feel throughout the day using notes. I am considering consulting with someone in the near future regarding my health issues/nutrition/other lifestyle factors so this will be good to have detailed recent history of my diet and notes. I am also considering finally getting feedback on my form with the big lifts. Along with digestive issues, I've had physical issues like bursitis in my right shoulder, pain in my right foot, upper back issues from various activities like running, squatting, and other lifts, and most recently I have been getting a subtle/numbing pain in my right hand/arm/shoulder from my desk activities at work. I would like to rehab all of these things and get my form perfected on my lifts so that I can attain perfect health as well as gain more strength/muscle without sacrificing any aspect of my health. During my lifts last night I made some intuitive adjustments to avoid pains I get in my shoulder area when doing squats, bench, and rows. I think I was pretty successful but still feel like my overall form can use some work. I read a lot about this stuff, watch tons of videos, but think it's really time to step it up with some sort of hands on feedback like a trainer. I have already contacted a local trainer and will wait to hear back. As always, I like to do things on my own, and never really have the money to spend on anything, but these things are important and I'm really interested in them so I need to put in the effort as well as some money to reach my goals.
  25. 3/26 I just want to post an update because I feel like a slacker. My goal is to be healthy, happy, and look awesome so I can rep being vegan and my other lifestyle choices. So I need to be consistent in terms of these goals and this website has been a big inspiration for me and I just want to contribute. I was visiting Naples, FL all of last week which was awesome. So sunny, 85 degree days, lots of beach time as well as hikes in the everglades and big cypress. I loved being able to buy mostly ripe fruit even in supermarkets or at least having fruit ripen within a day or 2. I still suck at knowing when melons are ripe but I was able to eat as many Atualfo Mangoes as I wanted and also had a decent stash of bananas. We usually made big fresh salsas at night and made wraps with lettuce leaves and some avocado. I maintained my weight at 135.0 lbs even though I was more active than I am at home (sedentary day job) and felt like I was undereating a bit due to being out a lot and not having enough fruit with me. Anyway, it felt great to be in such a tropical climate and I long for the day that I can live somewhere like that. But I'm back home in New Paltz, NY now with a big stash of fruit I got in Brooklyn on my way back up state. I found a wholesaler and was able to get $9 cases of atualfo mangoes, cheap cases of papaya, honeydew melon, tomatoes, and valencia oranges. So I'm pretty stocked up for now with my bananas keeping at home while I was away which is nice as well. I hope I can get down to this wholesaler every other week though it's about 2 hours from my house but well worth it for the selection of fruit and prices though not organic. So I have 2200 cals of banana smoothies with me today at work and will look forward to a big mango dinner followed by a big salad. I hope to get back to more consistent lifting ASAP. For now, I'm enjoying feeling healthy, my stomach has felt good, and I'm happy about all the sun and beach from the trip.
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