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  1. 3/14: Workout from 3/13: Chins: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 (failure), 4 (failure), 3 (failure) Squats: BWx10, 43.6 x 10, 63.6 x 10, 63.6 x 10 Bench Press: 43.6 x 10, 63.6 x 10, 72.2 x 10, 72.2 x 9 Food: ~3000 cals 4 x 32 oz banana smoothies 2 ataulfo mangoes 1 pineapple 1 x 32 oz green juice w/ 6 stalks celery, 1 head romaine, 1 green apple I've been doing better. My reflux has subsided a lot. I was under eating for about a week so this seemed to help my digestion but has been hard because of cravings and feeling low at times. I'm so happy the weather is in the 60s again and this has made my lunch time walk so awesome! i never want to go back in to work afterwards. I have been having 3 meals a day. So I do 2 banana smoothies at a time which is like 1100 cals and the dinner in a longer stretch as I have more time at home but I have been eating fruits folowed by a green juice. I would still like to up my greens to up my protein and EFAs as well as balance my cal/phos/mag ratio a bit. I know I can do better and am really working on getting there. I will be on vacation visiting Marco Island, FL all next week so I am looking forward to the sun, the beach, ripe tropical fruit, and relaxing. When I get back I plan to hit the wholesale place I found in Brooklyn which looks to be a good bet for stocking up on cheap cases of fruit/veg including some tropical stuff I can't get in New Paltz. Anyway, the workouts have felt pretty good and I am not on a particular program at the moment which helps me not get too down about consistency when I am trying to focus on health. I've noticed squats seem to aggravate my right shoulder which I have a history of bursitis and inflammation in. I would like to be doing better on my squats but with this issue and the fact that I have not been consistent, I am not sure what to do to progress besides taking it slow. I have been doing chins/pullups every workout as my first movement and I am already progressing. I hope this will help develop my upper body more and strengthen my upper back as well as my shoulders.
  2. yeah. WFF is right near my house. I wanted to go last year and this year but I can't really swing the funds for it. It sounds totally awesome but I don't mind skipping it. Let me know if you need anything or want to hook up when you are in the area though I'm sure you'll be set with all the fruit you can eat and lots of new friends! Enjoy the noodles! You got me thinking about them and I decided to make some myself last night after taking a break from raw veggies for a while. They're awesome! Workout 3/8: Pullups: 1, 2, 3, 3, 2, 1 Deadlifts: 115x10, 135x10, 145x10, 140x10 OHP: Bar x 10, 23.8 x 10, 35x15, 43.6 x 10 Felt a bit tired going into it but motivated to get another workout in this week. I've been less active about eating so many cals in order to give my digestion a break and work on listening to hunger signals. I've been feeling better and still need to work on this as well as getting more good rest/sleep. I've been getting over 8 hours a night but would like to get more as I am waking up a bit tired still. I'm happy with the more intuitive style workouts I've been doing and not having to worry about being consistent with a strict program as this is completely secondary to my health right now.
  3. Hey Iron Clad Ben! I've been following your progress. It sounds like you are doing really well! I'm very happy for you. I love this lifestyle and hope to perfect soon. I've had the glimpses of euphoria you talk about and know that it's possible to get there all the time. There are no shortcuts to perfect health so we just have to do our best and be patient to get there. I don't post much at 30Bad but my handle is Powee. I always feel weird about handles and for me they are usually just dumb jokes I have at the moment. I need a sweet hackers handle. The handle I use here is the name of a group I started in New Paltz to do some vegan activism. We do a radio show occasionally at Vassar College and promote Animal Day which we celebrate on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We've had a lot of our vegan idols on the program like Robert Cheeke, Ryan Wilson, Gary Francione, Will Tuttle, and others. I think you can here a lot of these interviews at our website, www.theveganinitiative.org. As for spiralizers, I have this one: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0007Y9WHQ?ie=UTF8&tag=aldoyobe-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0007Y9WHQ I can't say it's the best but I've never had another and I really like adding noodles to savory salads. I think it helps stay on the path to have good savory recipes if you are used to cooking and preparing awesome meals for yourself. You can't make super thin noodles with this one and you need to use wide zucchinis/cucumbers so no baby fruits. You also can't do carrot noodles which would be nice as they are generally too narrow. It's also awkward how you apply tension to it as you spiralize but it does work and you do get to enjoy noodles. Megan (Elizabeth) Mcdonnell endorses it on her website (easytoberaw.com) so that's how I found it. I've seen people make angel hair type noodles with a different spiralizer but not sure which one it is. Anyway, thanks for keeping in touch and keep up the good work! Jesse
  4. 3/6 Workout yesterday: ~2 mile walk at lunch chins: 1/2/3/4/4/3/2/1 squats: bw x 30 bar x 10 43.6 lbs x 10 63.6 lbs x 10 63.6 lbs x 6 bp: 43.6 x 10 52.4 x 10 63.6 x 10 72.2 x 10 81 x 61 1 arm rows with barbell: 28.6 x 10 x 3 each arm I didn't have much of an appetite yesterday. I had a green juice and 2 banana smoothies while at work. I had good energy for my workout and had 1.5 banana smoothies post workout followed by a smallish salad of baby spinach, cucumber noodles, and baby bok choy. I have been having problems with my right shoulder/right elbow/right wrist/hand. I think it is related to my desk work. I have switched my mouse to the left side today. It is getting pretty bad and I don't want to deal with this new issue right now so hopefully it will go away.
  5. 3/5 Another update without a lifting workout to report. I've been getting in walks daily. I'm still struggling with acid reflux feelings/low abdominal gas an hour or so after eating. I have been able to get past this with the eating plan I'm on now so I'm hoping it goes away soon. I have been staying positive as well. I played another show on Friday that rocked and ended up having late nights on Friday and Saturday with not as much sleep as I'd like. I got in bed early for a long night sleep after having the best food day I've had in a long time: 32 oz. green juice. 2 nice and ripe banana smoothies! 5 ripe Ataulfo mangoes - got a case at an asian grocery store! Felt so awesome after this meal. unreal! Mango Burgers with carrot/beet/baby spinach salad: burger made with half ataulfo mango, sliced tomato, and sliced avocado in romaine lettuce leaf wraps. so good. dessert = thawed frozen durian! also found at the asian grocery store. such a rare treat. good day but still struggling to feel super awesome all the time. gotta keep it up and work towards the goal! i need to start lifting again soon. maybe today.
  6. Thanks Ben! You are doing great...it's inspiring. I have been eating 6x32oz. banana smoothies and green juice every day. I am increasing my meal capacities as I have been able to eat 2x32 oz. smoothies at each meal. I would like to bump up the cals but I am still low on bananas. I just heard that the new batch came in green so hopefully tomorrow they will come in yellow. I should get a 2nd supplier but there are not many sources in the New Paltz area. I am doing ok but feel I am still healing. I have been resting and sleeping as much as I can. I would like to get back to working out but need to focus on my health so I will start up again when I'm ready.
  7. 2/28: Quick update. I've been busy as my new band did a mini tour last week. We played 4 awesome shows and got a great response. I love the guys I'm playing with and managed to stay pretty healthy despite my current struggles and late nights/lack of sleep. I'm back at work and drinking banana smoothies. My recent digestion struggles are testing my focus and positivity. I have to keep at it! It's hard not to get confused and keep second guessing thinking I don't know what to do. But, really, I do know what to do! I have to take care of myself, stay positive, get sleep/rest, eat lots of fruit! While I never know what the true cause of my problems are (stress related/detox?), I am learning how to get through these healing crisis. I now find bananas to be one of the only foods I can eat successfully. Another problem recently has been the lack of ripe bananas available to me. Just when I have a few cases in stock at my house, my source can only get green bananas, so again I am waiting on some yellower ones as the green ones don't seem to ripen ever at my house. Today, I just found out there will be at least 2 more cases of yellowish bananas waiting for me. Dates were always a bit of a problem for me and I'm just realizing I can't eat them at all just now if I want to feel good. Citrus has been out as well. So I have been eating 3000 cals of bananas and having a 32 oz. green juice (1 head lettuce, 1/2 head celery, 1 green apple, ~4 carrots) at night. I would like to increase my calories but I'm having a hard time eating a lot at one sitting and also do not have so many bananas to keep on eating. I hope the spring/summer brings more options to me and I start doing better with dates and citrus. I have not been able to get in any workouts as I'm focusing on my healthy and I was sparing my energy for the shows last week. I should be back at it soon.
  8. 2/22: Workout from 2/21: Deadlifts: 135x3, 152.4x3, 172.2x3, 115x10x5 Curls: 52.4x8x2, 52.4x7 +3 +2 +2 +3 +3 Abs: hanging knee raises x 10, plank 1x45s Deadlifts are feeling really good. 115 getting easier. The hanging knee raises were too much on my arms to alternate with curls. I tried a rest pause/myo reps set of curls - I don't think it was much different than just doing straight sets besides maybe hurting my elbow more. Food: ~3500 cals 5 x date smoothies 1 x banana smoothie - not very ripe no time to get in my green juice but i'll be sure to tonight. I got more mason jars so I have 6 smoothies with me today at work! I got another case of yellow bananas so I should have some ripe spotty ones soon. I start a mini tour with my new band tonight. I'll be getting late nights and still working so I'm a bit worried about my health. I struggle more at night as well with stomach issues while I am still healing so it's not the best time for me. But I love playing music and it makes me very happy so it's a compromise. I just hope I don't get sick during this run as my immune system has been working very hard the last 3 months and I need to keep strong. I'll be doing 2 shows in New Paltz, 1 in Brooklyn, 1 in NJ, and 1 in Boston. I want to rep this lifestyle when I'm out there just by my joy, positivity, energy, and vibe. I need to be super healthy and really start gaining some muscle mass!
  9. 2/21: I think I'm feeling better...not sure what happened. Work got a little stressful, I was eating more greens/raw veggies, I had a couple meals of 5 or so dates unblended, I had some unripe bananas, and some very acidic oranges so maybe the combination of all of this plus possible ongoing healing/detox could have caused the healing crisis. I have been able to drink date smoothies. I have been able to drink green juices. My bananas are almost ripe and I have more cases coming (I ran out of ripe ones because all the cases were coming in dark green). I have cut out oranges, berries, tomatoes, mangoes (no ripe ones anyway), and raw veggies. I reread Self Healing by David Klein to stay inspired and on the path. This has been very frustrating and confusing but I know I am still healing and will be feeling awesome soon. I have not been eating as much as I would like and feeling hunger/intense cravings at times. I will hopefully be back on track today and going forward. My new favorite juice: makes ~32 oz. 1 head romaine half head of celery 1 green apple 4 carrots
  10. 2/20 I've been busy...and away from my computer. I've also been having a healing crisis with my digestion giving me problems again. Additionally, I have been real low on ripe fruits, most importantly, no bananas! So I haven't been getting as many calories and I've gone back to a more restricted healing diet that I learned from David Klein's Self Healing, which has helped me in the past. This means no citrus and greens must be juiced. I think I'm doing a bit better but it will take some time to get back to feeling generally good again. I am getting heartburn/reflux feeling after eating and some constipation but it seems to be better when eating date smoothies or bananas (if only they'd ripen or come in yellow (they've been coming in green!)). It has been frustrating but I need to stay on this journey and keep staying positive about my health. I have been able to feel well enough to get my workouts in! 2/17: Squats: 86x3, 102.2x3, 111x3, 63.6x10x2, 52.4x10x3 OHP: 43.6x3, 50x3, 57.4x3, 35x10x5 Squats felt heavy - I lowered the weight on my sets of 10 which still felt tough but not as ridiculous as the heavier weight. I'm not sure why I am not stronger at these when my deadlift numbers are decent. Maybe it's my leverage or my form...I'm not so concerned with the weight though...I just want to feel good and gain some lean mass which will take consistent eating. 2/19: BP: 63.6x3, 72.2x3, 81x3, 52.4x10x5 Rows: 72.2x10x5 Chins: 5, 4, 4 I increased the weight on my sets of 10 for bench and this felt good. For rows I used the same weight as it was so difficult last week and did them off my bench bent over. I had gone to the floor last week but was straining my low back too much. Chins already increased from last week. My arms and back are pretty tired before I do them so the numbers are still low.
  11. 2/15 Iron Clad Ben - I wish my bananas would actually ripen! It's cold in NY and I have not been eating the best bananas. I wouldn't really want to eat these without blending. I am struggling to have appealing fruits at this time of year. I don't know how they are harvested but I am always asking to get the ripest bananas and still they come in with green on them. I am waiting a long time for these to even get edible and have been resorting to putting an electric blanket on the box to speed up the process. It really makes me want to move south. I love the tropics and do not enjoy the winters so maybe one day I will up and move. Hard to do with so much going on here as well as close friends and family. In the summer, the bananas ripen quicker and I may have to stagger my purchases. You could also put lots in your fridge to slow down the ripening process or freeze them when they get really ripe. I have been reading your posts on 30bad - you're doing really well...keep it up! BTW, I love Austin! Workout from 2/14: Deadlifts: 123.8 lbs x 5, 145 x 5, 163.8 x 5, 115 x 10 x 5 Curls: 45 x 10 x 5 Crunches: +14.3 lbs x 10 x 5 Deadlifts felt good but tough. I was working on getting myself psyched up. Curls were so hard towards the end. Crunches felt fine. I should probably switch up my ab exercise. Food from 2/14: ~4000 cals 16 oz OJ - ran out of oranges! 2 date/blueberry smoothies 2 banana smoothies 1 heart of romaine - stomach started to hurt - got really gassy - struggling with greens (or possibly previously eaten unripe bananas) for some reason - i have had problems with this in the past - still healing. 1 banana/raspberry smoothie - new fav! bowl of zucchini/cucumber noodles with tomato/mango sauce + left some sauce in the blender and added a few handfuls of baby spinach to make a soup - i'm going to try blending or juicing my greens and go back to only eating them at the end of the day. my stomach has been gassy and the only thing i can think of is increasing my greens throughout the day or possible unripe bananas. I have been feeling more balanced eating more greens though so it's a shame i am having this problem. I need to read more: I'm going to reread 80/10/10 as well as info on the calcium/phosphorous ratio. I do a lot of research and reading so sometimes I think I'm exposing myself to too much info and I need to keep it simple however I am an info/internet junkie.
  12. 2/14: Food from 2/13: ~3500 cals 32 oz OJ 2 date/blueberry smoothies 3 banana smoothies 1 lb of romaine hearts - eaten throughout the day - felt good 16 oz juice of kale, baby spinach, celery, parsley, apple, carrot Picking up 2 cases of bananas, 1 case of valencia oranges, and 1 case of mangoes after work. Then it's time for a deadlift workout!
  13. 2/13 Saturday: 20 min run (not really sure how far or how long) Sunday Workout: BP: 52.4 lbs x 5, 68.8 x 5, 77.2 x 5, 48.6 x 10 x 5 Rows (bent over to the floor): 72.2 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets Chins (from dead hangs): 4, 4, 3 Felt good, felt tough. I haven't been consistent on chins and it shows. They are very hard for me. I guess it's also because I did them last. I should probably add negatives to do sets of 10 but I was already pretty tired and am aiming to feel good at the end of my workouts and not totally worn out. I've been good with food. I have been having similar food intake everyday ~3500-4000 cals...I may need to increase this but I am still having trouble getting enough ripe bananas or any other fruits for that matter. I can't wait for spring/summer and more variety. I would like to be eating more juicy/watery fruits but they are just not good right now. I have been having 32 oz. OJ in the morning followed by 5 more 32 oz smoothies of dates/berries or bananas. Then at night I have been eating big bowls of greens/zucchini noodles. I may be starting to gain some weight so I'll be tracking my progress and reassessing everything at the end of the month.
  14. hello again iron clad ben! tomato/mango sauce recipe - so good: 2-4 tomatoes 1/2 - 1 mango -ataulfo is the creamiest but are not available by me (new paltz, ny) currently. pulse in a blender makes about 2-4 cups optional ingredients for different tastes: lime juice lemon juice basil cilantro chives chopped dates sun dried tomatoes celery anything else you can think of! Workout from 2/10: Squats: 43.6 lb x 5, 63.6 lbs x 5, 81 x 5, 92.2 x 5, 102.2 x 5, 63.6 x 10 x 5 OHP: 23.8 x 5, 40 x 5, 45 x 5, 52.4 x 5, 35 x 10 x 5 Felt awesome! Really felt good after the workout. I like this. I switched it up to 5/3/1 + 5x10 same lift assistance...maybe it helped me get warmed up more or maybe it's better for me to start with sets of 5...i don't know....but this felt good. and it will be nice to work on strength as well as i have definitely lost a bunch with my health issues/weight fluctuation/lack of training.
  15. 2/10 Went for another 2 mile walk yesterday during lunch. Beautiful sunshine though quite cold...rolled up my sleeves for some exposure. Food from yesterday: ~3300 cals ran out of oranges so no oj. picking up a case of org valencias tonight! 1 mango 2 date/blueberry smoothies - becoming my favorite 3 banana smoothies 1 head of boston lettuce - another new favorite...so tender. 1 stalk celery + handfuls of baby romaine - craving greens! big bowl of zucchini/cucumber noodles, more baby romaine, cut celery w/ tomato/mango/chive/lemon sauce - wrapped in iceberg and romaine leaves - crushing greens! squats/ohp training tonight.
  16. 2/9 Got in a 2 mile walk at lunch yesterday. Food from yesterday: ~4000 cals 32 oz oj 2 date/blueberry smoothies 2 banana smoothies 1 heart of romaine w/ 4 dates - made wraps again. 1 banana/heart of romaine/raspberry smoothie 2 zucchinis spiralized, handfuls of arugula and baby romaine, broccoli seed sprouts, 1 rib celery chopped w/ tomato/mango/chive/basil/lemon sauce - made lots of wraps with iceberg lettuce and ate the rest - had half the mango diced up after - so good. Feeling good/better...not 100% or super awesome yet...almost...I've been close...I just have to get out of this sickness cycle...I've been getting about 9 hours of sleep a night so that should help.
  17. 2/8 Yesterday's Workout: body weight: 134.0 lbs Deadlifts: 145 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets Curls: 43.6 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets Crunches: +10 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets Felt pretty good. Still getting over this head cold. All the sets were tough but I felt pretty good at the end...not super worn out. I ate a head of lettuce at lunch so maybe that is a good thing to do on workout days. I usually just do fruit all day and greens at night so I can get it as many calories as possible but even with the lettuce I was able to get in almost 4000 cals. Yesterday's Food: ~3900 cals 32 oz oj 2 date/blueberry smoothies 2 banana smoothies 1 head of boston lettuce with 4 dates - wrapped dates in leaves...good stuff. 1 banana/spinach/raspberry smoothie big bowl of zucchini noodles, cucumber noodles, baby spinach, red cabbage w/ tomato/mango/chive/date/lemon sauce - also made some wraps of this in iceberg lettuce leaves.
  18. Thanks C.O.! I have been lurking for a long time so I'm happy to be posting now. 2/7 Still have a slight head cold but it has not gone lower than my head so I think it will clear relatively easy. I have been able to fight off these colds well recently without getting as sick as I used to a couple years ago. I am hoping I can get to where I'm not even getting colds at all. Yesterday's workout: body weight: 134.0 lbs BP: 81 lbs x 8, 77.2 lbs x 9, 72.2 lbs x 10 x 3 Rows: 68.6 lbs x 10 x 4 Felt a bit tired and not so strong due to my health but still a decent workout. I would really like to feel energized before, during, and after my workouts. I usually workout after a full day at work where I am sitting in front of a computer so I'm kind of worn out in a way. My weekend workout usually feels much better. I still feel like I need to eat more/absorb more of what I'm eating. I am still in a healing phase so I will be patient and do my best. Seriously wish I had access to better fruit...I have been having trouble getting enough ripe bananas and they will not ripen for weeks in my house as it's so cold or something... Yesterday's Food: ~3600 cals 32 oz oj 2 date/blueberry smoothies 2 banana smoothies 1 banana/spinach/raspberry smoothie zucchini/cucumber noodles w/baby spinach/arugula/red cabbage w/tomato/mango/chive/date/lemon sauce - wrapped some of this up in romaine leaves
  19. 2/6 Thanks Kareno! Workout from 2/3: Squats: 72.2 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets OHP: 43.6 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets I got a little wiped out after 3 shows in 3 days with late nights/not sleeping as much as I like. I have a little head cold now and skipped my workout yesterday. My appetite was not as strong as it had been until last night so I was down around 3000 cals...would like to be closer to 4000. I tried a new savory raw dish last night, Cauliflower Rice, and wrapped it up in some red cabbage leaves and romaine leaves. Made a mango/tomato/chive/date "mango chutney" to go with it and it was really good. Maybe I'll do my BP/Row workout tonight if I'm feeling up to it but my main priority is still to be as healthy as possible so I may just need to rest.
  20. Hi Chewy! I'm a big fan of your log and just wanted to finally send you a post to say you are AWESOME! You seem like a real cool dude and are an inspiration to me. I love reading about your training so keep posting and good luck with your next cycle. Your assessment looks on point and I know you'll do great things this year. peace, Jesse
  21. 2/3 yesterday's food: ~4200 cals 32 oz oj 2 date/blueberry smoothies 2 banana smoothies celery, baby spinach, broccoli sprouts 1 banana/coconut water smoothie 1 banana smoothie 16 oz juice of kale, parsley, carrot, apple felt good and had a good show last night. local crowd, a lot of fun. i didn't get as much sleep as i'd like last night and i'm a bit tired today. i'm planning on a squat/ohp session tonight before i go out again to play another show.
  22. 2/2 Another good day yesterday: 2 mile walk at lunch - beautiful weather! ~3700 cals: 1/2 mini watermelon - not very good 32 oz oj 2 banana smoothies 2 date/blueberry smoothies handfuls of baby spinach 1/2 pineapple - much better than yesterday spring mix salad w/ tomato, avocado, sprouts spinach soup w/ spinach, tomato, avocado, sprouts zucchini noodles w/ tomato, sprouts, lemon juice i have 3 shows in the next 3 nights with various bands. pumped!
  23. 2/1 yesterday's workout: Deadlifts: 135 lbs x 10 reps x 5 sets crunches: 2 x 10 curls: 40 lbs x 10 reps x 3 sets planks: 2 x failure pullups: 4, 10 negatives ~3500 cals: 16 oz orange juice 4 banana smoothies 1 date smoothie handfuls of baby spinach 16 oz oj 1/2 pineapple - my tongue stings! spinach soup w/ spinach, cucumber, tomato, avocado feeling good again at this workout but definitely taxed. had some stomach issues during the workout as i ate too close to the start. felt great after drinking some oj and eating pineapple after the workout. the pineapple made my tongue sting more than usual. spinach soup tasted like cucumber...i'll have to tweak the recipe. i want to eat more greens but i don't like chewing on them for an hour so i'm working them into smoothies and soups as well as munching.
  24. 1/31 Still on the up and up.... ate ~4000 cals yesterday! 16 oz. orange juice 4 banana smoothies 1 banana/spinach/raspberry smoothie 3 mangoes 16 oz. orange juice zucchini noodles w/ big salad of baby spinach, spring mix, tomato, celery, mango, avocado, and sprouts w/ lemon/lime juice - took me like an hour to eat this! deadlift workout tonight.
  25. 1/30 Finished up yesterday with ~3000 cals. I would like to get more in but ran out of time. I felt great after my workout yesterday so I'll stick with 2 major lifts per workout for now. I'm a bit sore today. My lower back gets sore from rows...not sure if my upper back is getting hit hard enough. I had been doing chinups for a while...maybe I'll switch to pullups. I might add these to my deadlift day or do a few sets at any of my workouts when I have good energy. I took measurements yesterday so I'll see where I'm at in a month. My goals are still perfect health and gaining lean mass.
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