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  1. Really like this salad I just invented: coleslaw mix (white and red cabbage with carrots) with veganaise (original blue), mixed with a lot of organic spring mix + tempeth. Takes a couple of minutes to put together and is very satisfying and filling!
  2. Thursday was a meditation - mental work out day at my meditation center. After walking on a treadmill for 20 minutes 1. 8-10 minute core routine 2. Push ups 3 X11 3. Machine Pulls Mid Row 3X8 120 lb 4. Pull down triceps 3X8 35 Kilo 5. Machine shoulder press 3X8 55 lb 6. Bar Pullups 2X5
  3. Today I did 45 minutes of spinning followed by my core routine. Ate big salad of cabbage, spring mix and tempeth at home. On Tuesday, and after strength workouts, I drink a serving of Vega protein shake. Chocolate flavor is great! p.s. Will try to post my real picture tomorrow. Looking forward to be a part of this forum!
  4. My name is Vlad, and my goals are fitness and functional strength, and I hope that I will gain some muscle in the process to be a good example for vegan strength and fitness. I started my 2012 training on Tuesday, Jan 3 with 25 minutes on Elliptical followed by 1. 8-10 minute core routine 2. Push ups 3 X10 3. Machine Pulls 3X8 105 lb 4. Pull down triceps 3X8 70lb 5. Machine shoulder press 3X8 50 lb
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