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  1. Hi Guys, Apologies if this is a topic that has been covered already. but.. Ive recently become,or rather come back to, a plant based diet and I want to know what the essential vitamin/mineral/supplements I should be taking to support a healthy, lean, mean plant powered machine. I'm trying to add some muscle over the next few months and want to ensure that I am doing everything correctly to help my efforts. I try to get most of my nutrtional profile by eating a broad range of whole foods but I understand that there are some things you just have to take to support a vegan lifestyle. So other than B12, zinc and a good plant based protein powder is there anything else i should incorporate? Thanks in advance HapPEAness
  2. So i was a bit slack last week with updating this so i have 2 weeks to input here. Last week saw the end of straight sets and this week brought my new friend the super set. Its hard and fast.. and im definately feeling it more this week. PHASE 1 WEEK 5 SUPERSETS!! Only managed 2 weights sessions this week, although they were Vtough and man i was aching for days. M-run 30mins T-Supersets W-Rest T-Run 30mins F-Run 30 mins S-Supersets S-rest DB CHEST PRESS vs DB Row T 15x20 20x15, 22.5x10 (spot 15x15, 22.5x12, 22.5x15 S 15x15, 22.5x10, 22.5x9 (no spot) 15x15, 25x12, 25x12 DB INCL FLY vs Pull Ups T 7.5x20, 14x12, 14x12 6 1/2, 5, 5 S 7.5x20, 14x12, 14x12 6 1/2, 6, 5 1/2, 5 WALKING LUNGES vs ROMANIAN DEADS T 10x30, 15x24, 15x24 10x15, 20x12, 20x12 S 10x30, 15x24, 15x26 10x15, 20x12, 20x14 LEG PRESS vs ARNIE PRESS (STANDING) T 80x15, 90x15, 90x15 6x15, 10x15, 10x15 S 80x15, 100x10, 100x12 7x15, 10x15, 12x10, 12x9(tough) DB inc CURL vs TRICEP OVERHEAD DB EXT T 6x15, 7x12, 7x12 6x15,7x12,7x12 S 6x15, 7x14, 7x12 6x15,7x12,7x12 ABS VUPS AND PLANK SAME AS BEFORE PHASE 1 WEEK 4 M-WEIGHTS T-Rest W-WEIGHTS T-REST FRI-Run 30 mins SAT-WEIGHTS WEIGHTS WEEK 3 DB BENCH PRESS M 14x15 22.5x9 22.5x7.5L 8R W 15x15 22.5x11 22.5x10 (with spot) S 15x15 22.5x11 22.5x7 LEFT ARM FAILING FIRST PULL UPS to failure then resting 10 secs and doing a couple more.. M 7 1/2,6 1/2, 5 1/2 W 7rest2,6rest2,5rest1 S 8rest2, 6 rest 2, 5 CHEST FLY Inc with cable M 2platesX15 2x15 2x15 W 12x15 2x15 2x15 S 2x15 2x15 2x15 DB ROW M 15X15 22.5X15 22.5X15 W 14X15 22.5X15 22.5X15 S 12.5X15 22.5X15 25X15 WALKING DB LUNGES M 7.5X30 15X24 15X24 W 7.5x30, 14x30, 14x30 S No legs today.. too sore ROM DEADS M 12X16 20X15 20X15 W 12X15 20X15 20X15 S No legs today.. too sore LEG PRESS M 59x20, 90x15, 90x15 W 59X20 90X15 90.7X15 S No legs today.. too sore ARNIE PRESS seated M 7.5X20 12X14 12X10 (left) 11 (right) W 7.5X20 12X14 12X10 (LEFT) 11(RIGHT) S 8X15 12X14 12X9 DB INC CURL SUPERSET WITH OVER HEAD DB EXTENSIONS M 5X15 6X15 7X12 7x12 7x12 7x12 W 5X15 7X15 7X13 7x12 7x12 7x12 S 6X15 7X12 7X12 7x12 7x12 7x12 ABS V UPS PLANK M 15,15,15 1MIN X3 W 15,15,15 1MIN X3 S 15,15,15 1MIN X3
  3. PHASE 1 WEEK 3 M-WEIGHTS T-30MINS CARDIO (RUN) W-WEIGHTS T-REST FRI-REST SAT-WEIGHTS WEIGHTS WEEK 3 DB BENCH PRESS M 15x15 20x15 20x12 W 15x15 20x15 20x15 S 55x15 20x15 22.5x9 LAT PULL DOWN M 62.5X18 87.5X15 87.5X15 W 62.5X18 87.5X13 87.5X14.5 (in Lbs) S 27.5X16 38.5X15 38.5X15 CHEST FLY Inc M 10X15 14X15 14X14 W 10X15 14X15 14X14 S 10X15 14X15 14X15 DB ROW M 12.5X15 22.5X15 22.5X15 W 14X15 22.5X15 22.5X15 S 12.5X15 22.5X15 25X15 WALKING DB LUNGES M 6X40 14X30 14X30 W 6X40 14X30 14X30 S 7X30 15X24 15X26 ROM DEADS M 12X15 16X16 18X15 W 12X15 18X15 18X15 S 12X16 20X15 20X15 LEG PRESS M W 59X20 86.2X15 86.2X15 S 59X20 86.2X15 90.7X15 ARNIE PRESS M 7.5X20 10X15 12X10 W 7.5X20 12X11 12X10 (LEFT) 11(RIGHT) S 7.5X20 12X12 12X10 DB INC CURL SUPERSET WITH DIPS M 5X15 6X15 7X12 20,20,20 W 5X15 7X15 7X13 20,20,25 OVER HEAD DB EXTENSIONS S 5X15 7X15 7X15 5X15 6X15 7X12 ABS V UPS PLANK M 15,15,15 1MIN X3 W 15,15,15 1MIN X3 S 15,15,15 1MIN X3
  4. PHASE 1 WEEK 2 Mon Cardio 20 min Run outdoor Tue Full Body W/O Wed Cardio 35 min Run outdoor Thur Full body W/O Fri Cardio Run 35 min Run outdoor Sat Full Body Workout Sun Rest Full Body Workout NB all weights in KG (format weightxrep) DB Bench Press 1 Tue 12.5x15 20x15 20x12 1 Thur 12.5x15 20x12 20x91/2 (chest v tired from tues) 6 Sat 15x15 20x12 20x9 (left arm failing way before right) Lat Pull Down 2 Tue 62.5x15 87.5x12(bad form) 85X15 2 Thur 62.5x15 85x15 85x15 3 Sat 85x15 85x15 87.5x13 1/2 INC Chest Fly Tue 7.5x15 12.5x15 14x15 Thur '' 14x15 14x15 ouch Sat (cable) 1pltx20 2pltx15 3pltx8 2pltx15 DB Row Tue 12.5x15 17.5x15 20x15 Thur 14x15 20x15 20x15 Sat 12x15 20x15 22.5x15 Leg Press Tue 130x15 170x15 170x15 Thur 130x15 170x15 190x15 Sat Arnie Press Tue 7.5x15 10x15 10x15 (seated) Thur 7.5x15 10x15 12.5x12 1/2 (seated) Sat 7x15 10x15 12x10 (standing) Walking Lunges Tue 30 12x30 12x30 WOW Thur 30 12x30 12x32 ouch! Sat 30 12x30 12x32 Rom Deads Tue 10x15 15x15 15x15 Thur 12x15 16x15 16x15 Sat 14x15 16x15 18x15 DB lying incline curl Tue 5x15 6x15 6x15 Thur 4x20 6x16 7x13 Sat 6x15 7x12 7x13.5 Bench Dips Tue 15 15 15 Thur 20 20 20 Sat 20 20 20 ABS PLANK Tue 1 minx3 Thur 1minx3 Sat 1minx3 Vup Tue 12 12 12 Thur Sat 12 12 12
  5. Has To Be Legs... 4 sets of walking lunges, multi direction lunges,front squats and stiff leg deadlifts and they,are,COOKING! OUCH Then feed them with plants...
  6. Just wanted to know where we posted daily workout journals and food diary? Am I in the right place???
  7. hey Robert,I'm the actor you met at the torronto veg festival earlier this year. great to see your still hard at work. how does this 12 days work? i can't work it out where do we sign up or register?
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