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  1. TriCarb was great, absolute rocket fuel. I bought the plain stuff which was a little sickly after a couple of hours, I think next time I'm going to take one bottle of water and one TriCarb, instead of two TriCarbs. ASDA is the UK Walmart, they were 'vitality bars' or something like that, 72 cals, 15g carbs per 22g bar, pretty cheap but I wanted some complex carbs as the TriCarb stuff is all sugar. Might as well throw my Monday update in here too! MONDAYYY, AM Started StrongLifts 5x5 today (http://stronglifts.com/), mostly as an experiment for the next 12 weeks. Warm up 24's - 15kg Squtz 20kg - 5 x2 40kg - 3 50kg - 5x5 Bench 10kg - 5 x 2 20kg - 6 (should have been 3) 22.5kg - 5x5 Bent over rows 20kg - 5 x2 25kg - 3 30kg - 5x5 Abdominalals Sit ups - 12 Crunches - 12 Obliques - 12 each side Rotation sit ups - 12 each side PM run 5.2 miles - 45:54 Tomorrow is likely going to be a killer ab set in the gym, seeing as we now have nothing else to do on Tuedays -Chris
  2. So the ride turned out to be a mere 30 miles today instead of the planned 100 - got a little lost finding the right place, and I think I went to the wrong meeting point anyway! I was trying out some new nutrition today, TriCarb powder from MyProtein.com, and a couple of snack bars from ASDA, worked really well! Think I'll keep that sort of stuff for future runs, throwing in some gels for the heavier rides. Tomorrow I'm starting a new program in the gym - getting rid of the 5 day split and going for a Strong Lifts 5x5 program for 12 weeks. -Chris
  3. Today, as most my Saturdays are, was a rest day. For the most part at least - went into town and did some parkour trenin with some friends, couple of box jumps and some precision jumps so nothing too heavy! Started prepping for a 100 mile ride on the bike tomorrow, I've (hopefully) got a good enough aerobic base for it, so it'll come down to nutrition and pushing through the last couple of miles. The speed will be slow, only a ~15mph average as it's mostly just something to get used to the distance. Will update tomorrow with how it goes! - Chris
  4. Having to play a 2 1/2 day catch up, oh dear. Wednesday - AM Curls, seated 6kg - 21, 21 10kg - 12 14kg - 8, 8 10kg - 12 8kg - 12 6kg - 21 Chin ups 5, 3 Hammers 6kg - 21 10kg - 12, 12, 12 6kg - 21 Wrists 15kg - 21 20kg - 21, 21 5 Stretch After the last few days of training I had felt tired almost non stop, and I know that when you're training endurance that's a sign of over training, so Wednesday night I reset (read: Went to bed at 7). Woke up at 5am next day for gym, so a good 10 hours of sleep. Felt good! Thursday 24's - 20kg x2 Deadlifts 20kg - 21, 21 25kg - 15, 15 30kg - 12, 12 25k - 15 15kg - 21, 5 Stretch Took the rest of the day off - still wasn't feeling 100%, early night and in for gym on Friday! Friday 24's - 20kg Standing military press, dumbbells 6kg - 21, 21 8kg - 15, 15 10kg - 12, 12 12kg - 2 8kg - 12 6kg - 21 Pull ups 4, 3 Shrugs 40kg - 21 70kg - 12, 15, 15, 21 40kg - 5 Stretch Lat raises, side > front ( one motion ) 6kg - 15 8kg - 8, 6 6kg - 12, 5 Stretch I'm feeling good today, refreshed and all that. So I might head to the pool later and do some swim training, see if I can't nail down some more technique on my front crawl. -Chris
  5. I constantly want to improve and the exercise mindset of "one more rep" spreads into so many areas of my life it's become something I always want in my day so that I'm ready to push myself everywhere else. And if all else fails: Jordan - Look Me In The Eyes - Arnold - Six Secrets to Success - Motvations -
  6. After today I feel absolutely ruined. Box Squatz - AM 40kg - 21 x2 60kg - 12 x4 40kg - 21, 5 stretch Box squats, they hurt. Probably doing them again next week and upping the weight a little in some of the later sets if all goes well. ABBBBDOOMMINALLSS Sit ups - 21 Crunches - 21 Obliques (each side) - 12 Roations (each side) - 12 Run - Lunch 4.2 miles - 38.42 Timing on the run definitely reflects how I'm feeling today, was hard pushing through it. SQUSH I go to a squash club Tuesday nights, unrelated to any of my Ironman/endurance goals but I enjoy playing and I'm kind of training to get better at it in its own right. Probably got 50 minutes in over the course of the evening. Comments First line says it all - feeling ruined today. Everything in me aches and it's become a serious effort to even get motivated to go out and train. I hope this is just a phase and I can power through it, but if I'm still feeling like this next week I'm going to re-assess how I'm doing things and switch things around. -Chris
  7. Well, today was tough. Feeling toast right now - writing this then probably going to hit the pillow! The swim yesterday didn't happen, mixed up my timetables and went when water polo had booked up the pool. Chest - AM Dumbell bench 6kg - 21 8kg - 21 14kg - 15 18kg - 8, 7, 7, 4 10kg - 15 6kg - 21 Tri pull downs 22.5lbs - 21 dips, skullcrushers 22.5lbs - 21 12.5lbs - 21 Dips 36kg deducted - 3, 2 Skull Crushers 10kg - 12 15kg - 8 20kg - 5, 4 15kg - 12 10kg - 5 stretch Run - Lunch 4.2 miles - 37.28. Put me at just under 9min/miles so I'm pretty happy with it. Swim - PM No set routine, just started working on front crawl technique and 'getting used to the water' making sure I have a better plan for the next time I go Comments Arms and chest have been feeling dead since this morning, walking is an interesting feeling. Squats tomorrow should be...fun? I'm cycling a century at the weekend! Meeting up with some other local cyclists to do ~75 miles, and it's a 25 mile round trip for me to get to the meeting point. Hopefully my aerobic base is as strong as I'd like to hope it is, just nailing down the nutrition for it and I should be okay. Tomorrow - squats, run, squash (if I haven't keeled over and died by then) - Chris
  8. Bit of a short entry today! Might not be finished till tomorrow either Cycle - 17 miles, 58 minutes. Going for my first swim of the year very soon, so I'll try edit this once I get back in, but if not it'll be an edit tomorrow job! - Chris.
  9. Today I was at the aquatics centre getting some fish for my aquarium ( kept them before going to uni, now I'm partially settled I've got a new tank ) and it struck me I don't really know how I feel on it. What do you guys think about vegans keeping fish? I'd never really thought of the implications my lifestyle had on it before today. * Also interested in anyone's set ups, if they do keep aquaria * I'm currently running a 50l planted tropical, 6 female and 3 male guppies, 6 cherry shrimp (I think).
  10. Had tried submitting this early morning before headed out for the day, but I came back to find there was a form error - late post is late! Today was Saturday! Complete rest day, as expected, it was excellent.
  11. Friday! ...Friday, gotta get down on Friday? Today was shoulders in the gym and a run at lunchtime. Still getting in and feeling absolutely wrecked, so I passed on swimming again. shoulders 24's - 10kg x2 ( description can be found here - ) Standing dumbbell shoulder press 6kg - 21 8kg - 15 x2 10kg - 12, 8 8kg - 12 6kg - 15 Pull ups (on rockclimbing rocks) - 3, 2 Dumbbell shrugs 20kg - 21 28kg - 15 30kg - 12, 12 20kg - 21 Lat raises (per arm) 6kg - 15 8kg - 6 6kg 8 x2 stretch x3 run 4.2miles, ~38 minutes. Comments This week I've had to pass on a lot of evening sessions, but I know this week I'm going to have to start going to them or I'll fall behind on my schedule. 24's was pretty fun, we used it as a warm up - next week we'll be doing it on sqaut, deads and shoulder days. Probably going to up the weight a little - I felt like I was throwing 10kg around a little bit too much. Saturday is rest, 's going to be good. - Chris
  12. Sure! I'll be starting slow - just going to start logging which foods I'm eating, then after a week or two begin noting down weights, once that becomes comfortable start doing some real number works on them, but I'll keep progress noted as I update the journal. Today was squats in the gym - I messed up swim timetable for the local pool and missed the lane hours, but I now know for tomorrow, so it shouldn't happen again. Squatz Front squatz 20kg - 21 x2 40k - 12 x2 *put the weight back on my back after this point* Back squatz 40kg - 12 60kg - 8, 12, 12, 12, 5 stretch. Comments Front squats are...weird. I won't be keeping them up during Thursday sessions, but I might condition for them outside of that in case I decide I want to do them in future - does anyone have any tips for them? Whenever I had the weight firmly on my shoulders it pressed against my throat and that was a little uncomfortable, is this something I'll just have to get used to? Tomorrow is shoulders, interval running and swimming in the evening. - Chris.
  13. I just decided to use 'the cloud' to log my nutrition. Kind of. I've tried various solutions in the past from using mpamyrun.com and nutrition.self.me, but they were never versatile enough and I hated the set up involved in order to write in recipes. To combat this, I'm now using google dox to write each food I intake. It's not as good as self.me because I don't get any nutrition data unless I calculate it. I do however own a website on the tinterwebs, and being a software engineer I don't see why I couldn't design and build my own platform for this sort of stuff, as buggy as it might be in the beginning. So that's my current plan for nutrition, thought you would all like to know! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Aul6WJg-VShONS-RiFKBhkwxgQegUWaWAEsWaPbkbAQ/edit And you may access it there, isn't that wonderful? I did squats in the gym this morning, will post up a full routine + comments on it later after I've gone swimming! - Chris.
  14. Looks like I'm pretty bad at daily updates. This will have to change me thinks! Getting in from work + training and crashing out, but once I get into the mindset of updates not being too difficult, I'll update on the regular. Monday - Chest AM Dumbbell bench press 6kg - 21 x2 10kg - 15 14kg - 12 x4 10kg - 15 6kg - 21 Tri pull downs ( using some matrix machine cordy thing ) 17.5lb - 21 Dips Headcrushers 27.5 - 12 17.5 - 21 Dips -32kg - 5, 3 Headcrushers 10kg - 12 20kg - 12, 12, 5 10kg - 21 PM 4.2 mile run - 38 minutes It was my first time doing bench press with dumbbells and headcrushers, so I didn't try to push the weight too much - kept it low and tried to get the technique right. Next Monday I'll start pushing it. Tuesday - Back Deadlifts 10kg - 21 x2 15kg - 12 x2 25kg - 8 x2 15kg - 12 10kg - 21, 5 stretch ABBBBDOMINALS sit ups - 12 crunches - 12 obliques - 12, 12 rotation sit ups - 12, 12 PM 7.5 mile run - 1.16.35 First time I've ever done deadlifts, so I kept the weight low and I'll be building up slowly. Wednesday - Arms Curls (reps per arm) 6kg - 21 x2 10kg - 12 x2 12kg - 8 x2 8kg - 12 6kg - 21 Chin ups - 5, 3 Hammers (reps per arm) 8kg - 21 12kg - 12 16kg - 8 12kg - 12 8kg - 21 x2 6kg - 21 Barbell wrist curls (behind back) 15kg - 21 x3 5 stretch set Ordered some soy protein isolate today! Before now all my protein has come from food, so I'm hoping to start improving a little more with the increased intake. New Goal Update every day - do not allow cascade posts. Doing this will also allow me to put in my nutrition - I forget what I've eaten after a couple of hours, let alone a few days! Maybe I should start writing that down too? So if all goes to plan, I'll be seeing you lovely people again tomorrow -Chris
  15. Three flights of stairs after a 7.5 mile run! But the run was the toughest thing I've done this year ( and in quite some time )
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