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  1. It has been a while since I have been here but I am back. Last year I charched myself with A LOT of info. I got my diploma as a Fyto- and Nutrition specialist and even went to see David Wolfe in Amsterdam. I have been struggeling though and there were a lot of times I caved to what I know to be not right for me. 2011 I was eating less animal products than 2010 yet 2012 made a huge difference. Starting off with the Challenge on Vegan Bodybuilding here and recieveing so many wonderfull stuff from Robert and his team. I am still grate-full. So I feel it is time to leave any excuse what-so-ever behind and commit. I was looking at the bodybuilding.com contest and I want to enter as extra motivation. Getting healthy, a tight tush AND win money? I'd be leaner and could go back to school. ( My big wish for 2013 ) I want to study at INN ( Institute for Integrative Nutrition ) and I really want to follow The plant based Nutrition course by Dr Campbell. And woud't it be awesome if I can get my personal trainer degree too? So I am making my own food plan ( Still working on that ) and I hope you guys will give me honest feed-back on it. Bodybuilding . com is NOT vegan friendly and vegetarians have to sort it out for themselves as well..... I crinched at the promotion of SO MUCH animal products/ consumption. I always thought this community was super supportive and I missed being here to be honest. I do want to follow Jamie Eason's Live Fit program. So to get as lean as possible in 12 weeks.... Any thoughts before I post my meal plan?
  2. So I jogged an hour and burned off over 600 calories. ( Then had some Vega! ) I am prepping a recipe by Kathy Freston ( banana muffin/bread thingie ), making beansoup with lots of veggies and I just got my new Oxygen Magazine in AND The Blood sugar Resolution which I have been wanting to read bad! Today, I am gratefull. Share pics soon!
  3. Posting more examples soon, here are my thoughts for now: So this day says I am in week three, yet with the knowledge I gained I am in day one of my transformation. ( Binges, thank you for teaching me...) I doubted, do I start over the Transformation challenge for best result? I said I am in it to win it. I won knowledge , I changed my behaviour, I educated myself and today was the perfect example. I cycled 25 km in the sun, I had therapy for my related issues and enjoyed a fresh mint tea at the beach with my friend. So maybe I am not the winner Bill looks for, I am becoming the one I have been looking for. I need to look no further. I need not look on the outside. Healing comes from within. And with my winning attitude...my body will come. I will not stop working for it. This kinder, lighter diet of love is working.
  4. So... I had a bit of a set back.... Here's what happened. For 2 weeks I have been doing great. Like SUPER. Then I feel mentally off, my body is weak and there this HUNGER inside. So reading Transformation I read the part where when too little food we end up binging eventually. ( I knew this, BUT this never appplies to me because I hate lo cal diets) Then I hear Jillian Michaels talking to a lady on my podcast like she was talking to me. I got out Jillian's books and , for the first time started calculating what goes in and goes out. Since the sun is shining again I am out walking a lot.... And then half an hour to an hour of intense weight/cardio... I was shocked....I am on starvation diet . I cried and talked to my guy when he got home and he help me fix a spreadsheet to make clear what I should move and eat to avoid cravings. ( Got myself a good man!!) I am not one to count calories, yet this was necessery to make it visual for me and get a new game plan. Feeling set back and a bit bummed I am wrapping my head around it and planning on going at it another 10 weeks. Thanks for "listening"....
  5. Happy to report I have been working out every day. Tennis, 40 km bike ride outside, Jillian Michaels's dvd's and walking. My skin condition is gone far as I know it and my weight is still going down. Besides more energy I have more focus and I love it. If anyone is reading this, besides VEGA and flaxseed, where do you get your OMEGA 3's? Thanks!
  6. I am having fun in the kitchen. Lentils, tomato, chicory, lots of spices and sprouts!
  7. Meal 1 Quinoa 1 cup Apple 1 Chiaseed 1el Flaxseeds ground 1el Jillian Workout 40 min Meal 2 Vega protein Vanilla 1 scoop Spinach 1 cup Small banana 1 Meal 3 org. tomato + Basil 1 medium lentils 1 1/4cup 1 multivitamin, 1 spirulina - pecans small hand Walking 40 min Meal 4 red beets big heaping cup Date medjool 1 Protein, Earth balance 1 sachet Today was a pretty good day. I ran out of beans to complete the lentil protein so I took some nuts. So off to the organic food store!
  8. So I have walked 7.3 km this morning and planning weights in the afternoon. My eating is clean yet to fight of fatigue a bit. Lentils are on the stove and made a great herb mixture so it will have this exotic flavour to it. How do others complete their lentil-protein intake? 3 bean rule? Or some nuts? Love your thoughts on this. My best friend is ordering 5 tubs of Vega as well ( I send her some and she loved it too) I make mine with spinach, gets it in easier then salads in the winter. I started on 2 books ( I should focus on studying though, yet I love books nowadays) and they are so inspiring. Phsychology of winning is a must read. Be back soon!
  9. Writing my Essay vor VBB and being very busy. Thinking about joining the Transformation challenge with Bill Phillips. Ofcourse as a Vegan advocate, the rules have changed and so do the times. Let's show them they do not need so much meat and show myself how I can transform. More to come soon!
  10. Robert, thanks for checking in. I have been to the site but have logged not so much. I recieved the amazing prize package, thank you! I have been trying to figure out what I wat to do with this. Had a few hiccups but after re-arranging the fridge and cabinets I am set for success. All the info I got at the blood examination and all I have been reading online, video's I am absorbing, my study...I am thinking of starting something here in The Netherlands to create more awareness. May it be through a blog ( I noticed I like to cook and take pictures so for people it will get more appealing) or even a book. A lot of ideas, now sort them out and set realistic goals. I will be here blogging more. Promiss. I'll leave you with the first vegan/raw lime pie I made this week. Tomorrow I am making Ani Phyo's raspberry cake she advised for my birthday Saturday. Cheers!
  11. Just so you guys know HOW much it is freeeezing... This is one of the pictures taken this week.
  12. It's been a few days since I logged on. I have been busy with the harder part of my schoolwork. I just did a great workout for 40 minutes with some weights and cardio nicely mixed up. Still waiting on my jars of Vega that were sent to make my protein intake a bit easier. I have been juicing lots of veggies and trying recipes from Brandon Braziers books and Ani Phyo. Some easy on hand bars and making food in bulk. I have been looking at Jillian Michael's Body Revolution dvd series. Love the trailers. Well, my birthday is 3-3 so who know! Also I have been finding positivity in John Demartini's book: Breakthrough experience! How are all of you?
  13. Meal 1 Juice of 1 cucumber, 1 red beet, fennel and celery sticks Meal 2 1 cup quinoa flax seeds 1 spoon and small hand raw hazelnuts 2 spoons dried blueberries Bike ride half an hour in the cold Meal 3 Paksoy 1 bunch and fresh ginger with pesto of pine nuts and basil Meal 4 1 cup lentils with herbs and cucumber with apple vinigar
  14. Well eating no fish or meat was easy!! I liked talking to other vegans and really found this uplifting vibe that made is easier for me to continue on. The learning, growing and loving this process makes it worthwhile for me. This is not a one month thing for me! And Robert, I really enjoy your enthusiasm and sincereness. You got me to make the step with this challenge and I am glad I did!
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