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  1. It was in the mid-50s and sunny - perfect weather to be outdoors. My boyfriend and I walked to a route we mapped out last week; a nearby nature park that features a 1.5 and 2.3 mile gravel loop. In all, we walked a little over 5 miles if not more since we stopped past the grocery on the way home. Good news: I was worried my dog might have cancer but the blood panel came back negative. I’m taking the rest of the week off from my primary job to refocus.
  2. I haven’t been as active as I would have liked. My dog has been having health issues. I’m worried, sad, and just not in a good mental space. I’ve taken lots of long walks, both with my dog, my boyfriend, and by myself. I get the results from his blood panel Monday, which also happens to be the first day of spring classes.
  3. Another crazy day at work. Afterwards, went for a brisk walk with my boyfriend to the library then the grocery store, about 4 miles. The yoga studio I go to was booked for a party this evening so I’ll try to get out there sometime this weekend.
  4. My initial plan was to check out a tentative walk/run route near my office after work, but after a frustrating morning I decided to go during lunch break. I’m glad I did - not only did I defuse a stressful situation by going outside and getting some fresh air, I found this to be a nice, walkable/runnable route with wide sidewalks and streetlamps. This route is also near a yoga studio I attend regularly, so walking there after work will be convenient. Food log Meal 1: banana (The plan was to make a smoothie using homemade sesame milk, but the seeds were rancid. I usually go for more substantial meals in the AM) Meal 2: no-bake energy bites. I used this recipe and subbed golden raisins for chocolate chips, and agave syrup for honey Meal 3: whole wheat pita bread and red pepper hummus Meal 4: Butler soy curls, quinoa pasta, peas, and carrots in a cashew cream sauce. Pure comfort food.
  5. On one hand, I'm glad Bittman is getting the V word out, but part of me gets annoyed by articles like this because they focus solely on the dietary aspects of veganism and seem temporary (i.e., "I'll go vegan for x amount of time, but ultimately resume eating animal products.") Perhaps all his writing about plant-based meals will one day push him to go all the way. Ginny Messina, co-author of Vegan for Life, has an entry on her blog from Bittman's "Vegan Before Six" phase that neatly sums up my skepticism: http://www.theveganrd.com/2009/07/vegan-before-six-did-mark-bittman-help-or-harm-vegan-efforts.html
  6. Oh hai winter. You’re here. Seriously, after I noted how mild the weather’s been I wake up to gusting winds, snow, and temps in the mid-20s. My boyfriend, who initially agreed to accompany me on short walks and runs, bailed, so I walked from my house to a nearby park (two miles total) which took me slightly under 25 minutes to complete. I don’t have an exact time since I only had my cell phone on hand, and I had to wait to cross a busy street to and from my destination. I determined that I definitely need a balaclava and I might need to get some shoe grips to run safely on icy surfaces. I also may need to reconsider my route since this particular one has no sidewalks, lots of potholes/uneven surfaces, and heavy traffic. Additionally, I need to find more places where I feel comfortable running. This is where having an exercise partner would come in handy, because glares, stares, and catcalls are frustrating and can be intimidating. Weather permitting, my plan is to “try out” the other two routes to see if any adjustments should be made. Fortunately, it looks like the rest of the week will be snow-free and in the upper-30s and 40s.
  7. Happy new year! One of my objectives this year is to run a half marathon, or 13.1 miles, by May. This is going to be an interesting challenge. I walk whenever possible, but I haven’t run long distances for some time. I started to get interested in running after hearing about Couch to 5K programs, but I held off on actually doing the program. I’ve determined that I need to participate in a group environment, at least in the beginning, before I feel confident going out on my own. The plan is to start now. There are multiple reasons why I’m beginning training this month: -I need to find ways to healthfully (healthily?) reduce stress. In the past I would resort to overeating unhealthy junk foods as a cheap, mind-numbing way to “deal” with stressful situations. Moving towards a whole foods, plant-based diet has been key in helping me keep on track (I highly recommend Dr. Neal Barnard’s book Breaking the Food Seduction). Incorporating more physical activity in my daily routine is another important step in managing stress, and is my overarching goal for the year. -There are a number of half marathon training programs starting in the next couple of months. Many of the programs are inexpensive, and some, like the one I signed up for, allow free access to their fitness center for the duration of the program. -Personally, I’d rather train in the winter and be able to run long distances when the mild spring weather arrives. If I started in the spring then I’d have to deal with hot and muggy Indiana summers which would make me less inclined to continue. So far, the weather has been very mild. In the event it gets too cold or icy I can train indoors. The training program requires participants to be able to walk or run a minimum of two miles at a 16-minute per mile pace on the first day of training, January 25. I spent the weekend mapping out 2 and 3-mile runs near my house and work. I’ve also created a tentative work out schedule: Mon: jog/run/walk Tuesday: yoga/pilates Wednesday: run Thursday: yoga/pilates Friday: run Saturday & Sunday: yoga or workout at home (e.g., weights, sit-ups, push-ups, jump rope, etc.)
  8. Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz and Howard Lyman's Mad Cowboy were influential when I was transitioning to a vegan lifestyle. Work has crept into my reading time, but a book that made a lasting impression was Planetwalker by John Francis. Part travel journal, part sketchbook, it's an interesting memoir about a guy who walked around North America in silence for over 15 years.
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    Thanks, Robert and Karen! I'm slowly making my way through the information on the 12 Days of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness boards and clarifying my fitness intentions for the upcoming year. I look forward to participating!
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    Hi Everyone! I recently ordered Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness and came across the 12 Day Challenge. I am in need of some motivation so this is a wonderful coincidence. A little about myself: Female, early 30s. Went vegan in 2007, primarily for ethical and environmental reasons. Little did I know how much transitioning to a plant-based diet would positively impact my health. At the time I was an overworked, overstressed, overweight grad student. Actually, I was obese at 210 lbs on a 5’6’’ frame. By eliminating animal foods, gradually transitioning to a less processed, whole foods diet, and regularly walking I have lost over eighty pounds and maintain my weight with ease. I enjoy keeping up-to-date on nutritional aspects of a plant-based diet; my real challenge is staying motivated with regard to exercise. I enjoy walking, and have added Pilates, sit-ups, and yoga to my regular physical activity. I also ‘lift’ liquid laundry detergent containers or whatever heavy item I can find around the house. I’m on a budget and try to stick with low or no-cost physical fitness options. One of my goals is to start running and I have signed up for a half-marathon training program that also includes access to a full-service fitness center. I look forward to getting motivated and staying on track. Sincerely, m.
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