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  1. Wow! It has been a couple of weeks since I last logged on here. I have been away fro a couple of weeks though. Family stuff not always the most fun. Even though I didn't get much of a chance to log on here...I was still doing some training for the times colonist 10k run. It's getting a lot easier for me to run now...I am getting better and better each week. I feel stronger also. I have shed some weight...another 4 pounds...yiipeee!!!! I still do just light weights 3 times a week....but I do more cardio at this point. My diet is good...I have been able to find one that helps me to lose some weight...and maintain a good balance. I have a protein shake (Vega)..with banana or berries I also put a little oatmeal into the mix. After my run another protein shake with just berries and wheatgrass lunch I have a nice big salad with a little brown rice snack some hummus with veg dinner...depends on my mood.. but mostly a tofu stir fry with lots of veg before bed snack..sometimes just a bit of peanut butter ...I don't feel like I am starving when I wake up in the morning!!!
  2. Wow I can't believe it has been four days since I last logged on here. I have been doing one short...about 5k...and one longer walk.run every second day. The days in-between I have been lifting light weights...mostly upper body. I do lunges and squats every second day also. I am feeling good. My nutrition is getting better. I have a wee bit of almond butter in the evening or some cashews instead of carbs. This seems to work better now...I am getting used to it.
  3. Today is going to be leg day... Some walk.jog day...but not as hard as yesterday It's my only day off work...so I will be getting myself out and about. I love photography...so I will be out taking some photos... Celebrating Valentines with close loved ones... Have a great day everyone
  4. Good morning! Well I have this morning off. I don't have to be at work until 430pm. So I am going to go out and have my walk/jog for at least 6k Then take a few photos. I love photography and I have been out there with my camera in hand getting some photos of little discoveries of where I live. It's cloudy and a bit colder today...but I don't care need to get out for that run! Breakfast is piece of toast with peanut butter on it (yes organic). So I am off!!
  5. Hey Karen you got to work out with RC! Wow lucky !!! I think I am a bit envious! lol!! Way to go...you work very hard Thanks for being a great example Have a great day Bev
  6. Hey Karen... Thanks for letting me know I am getting a prize package!! Yippeeeeeee!! that is ultra fantastic!! I am very excited. Just to let you know I will be keeping up my blog...and I am currently training for the times colonist 10k run...I am doing it on a dare!! It's April 29th...I have lost a few more pounds and I am still doing light weights three days a week to keep my muscle up. Have a great day Bev
  7. Yiipppeeeeeee thanks Karen for letting me know!! I am very excited about it!! Can't wait. It has been a couple of days since I have been on here. I have been working extra hours...but hanging in there. So I have really been trying to train as much as I can for this 10k run April 29th. getting excited. I have gotten rid of a few more pounds. I really need to slim down some so I can make it through the whole 10k lol!! I am doing this run on a dare. A friend at work said I wouldn't be ale to run the whole thing...so a dare...is a dare...and I love to prove them wrong lol! So I have been building up my kilometers I walk/run one day maybe 3-4k then do a few weights the next day and go for a walk, next day walk/run maybe 6k...next day weights...next day 9-10k and one rest day...but I never really rest I usually go for a walk. So that has been working out pretty good for me. Still like my carbs at night...but I only have them if I really want it
  8. Good morning! It is another beautiful day in sunny victoria. Everyone is probably getting ready to sit in front of their TV's to watch the football game. I am going out for a quick walk.jog...then off to work. I may go for another walk.jog after work. I think I am still eating to much food...and not exercising hard enough:) i think I need to try more cardio...less carbs lol!! I need to lose some of this weight that refuses to leave my body before April 29th...otherwise I am going to die running those 10k's lol. I will have to listen to the football at work...hopefully people stay more at home today than travel...
  9. Hey Dylan! I finally figured this out. It always takes me a bit to figure it all out. I need the time to putter around with the program. Thanks for your advice on my blog. I managed to take a couple of weights to work yesterday. I can't take anything to sit on...Ticket agent I am...so sitting is not an option unless it is on a tall chair lol!! I am training for the 10K run April 29th...and my body fat is stubborn. I need to exercise more than I want to eat lol!! I still crave carbs at night but have been having vegys with hummus. Have a great day! Bev
  10. Well today is a totally beautiful day out in great Victoria!! I am off for a quick 5k run...then work from 1200-800pm:( Still fighting with he weights... But progressing in my running as I am getting ready for the 10k run in april. Thanks Dylan for your great advice:) I don't know how to post anything on your wall Computer stupid lol!!! I am going to take a few weights into work...knock a few heads around lol!!!!
  11. Hey Dylan Thanbks so much for your imput greatly appreciated it. Ohhhhhhh no I plan on keeping up my journal no this website...it has helped me a great deal. Sometimes when I put things into words...and then read them I can see where I need help. I like that it makes me accountable to myself to. I work as a ticket agent...so I really don't sit much during that 8 hour period. I see and talk to people all day log. The job is really entertaining but at times can be very stressful when line up's start to get very long. My hours vary at this job I sometimes start work at 430am-130pm...then I hop to my other job which does require just sitting and data entering into the computer. Ohhhh I try to fit things in. I have discovered I want to train for the times colonist 10k this year...so I am concentrating on my walk/jog more. I still need to lose some weight. The run is April 29th..so I am determined to get rig of some of this fat hanging around. I have been training with weights and I love when I am done...but I am not consistent. I amy go three days a week for two weeks...then maybe only one day the next week. I am seeing a great deal of difference in my arms..because they are the skinniest part of my body lol!! I have good strength in my legs...because I am always walking or running everywhere....and I hike a lot. No they wouldn't allow any balls at work...I am face to face with the public. I do fidget alot...I love walking along the water... I try to do some counter push ups when i get fidgety. My problem is my love for carbs...lol and being a night snacker..I love to snack at night...and I was always picking carbs:) But the last few weeks I have not done that...so the weight is slowly creeping off. Thanks for your pep talk I really appreciate it... I will still continue to journal every day Bev
  12. Hello... Well today is January 31st... I have learned alot. The thins I learned the most was how to eat properly. Thank you Claudia. I am still struggling with making weights three days a week. But I have gotten out almost every day to walk/jog. I love it...it gives me energy lol!! I still have a long ways to go...and I will continue writing in my journal as I go along. april 29th is the 10k run which I have entered. so I am training or that...and trying to shed some of this body fat...which is being very stubborn. I have taken pictures and will continue to do so...then when someone comes along to tell me how to up[load photos on my journal...I will do that!! Did a small 5k walk.jog...will do a longer one tomorrow. To date since January 1st I have lost 5 pounds...yipeee!! better slow than not at all.
  13. I love this challenge. It made me more aware of what I need to put into my body. I have more energy And I have learned a new way of eating...No carbs at night lol!! This was the hardest thing for me to break...because I love carbs:) I am also running the victoria Times Colonist 10k in april..have started training. yay!!!!
  14. Morning. I had a great breakfast of rolled oat, with a banana and vega powder. I went out for my 10k run...I am tired but feel good. I am trying to train for the Victoria Times Colonsit 10k run April 29th...and I need to get rid of 20 pounds of ugly fat otherwise it's goon take me 50 minutes to finish it. I ran the 10k for 12 years...I think I stopped for at least 4 years..and I want to run it again. I have no idea why other than it became a challenge at work...someone said to me I couldn't do it....so plant based vegan power all the way. I am still struggling get any weights done...I like them but by the time I get home I am tired But I have now lost 4 pounds since I started this blog...and I feel better during the day...I just get good and tired in the evening.
  15. We;; good morning! I have not managed weights in a few days now. But I have manages a walk/run last night after work at around 930pm. I am off to work now...I will manage another 40 minutes walk/run tonight after 930pm. Some of the weight is coming off again...I figure I need to do cardio every day to get rid of this layer of fat...under some of the muscles I have. My diet is really good now. Breakfast oatmeal; with almond mile, cranberries or a banana and vega protein. snack: i piece of toast with cucumber lunch: a vegy sandwich Snack: Banana Dinner: Huge salad Snack Vega protein
  16. Yesterday was not a good day> I started work at 430am...didn't finish work until 830pm...then I went to help a friend until 1000pm. Somebody tell me please how I can incorporate weight training days when I work long hours like this. By the time I get home its late and I am tired. I get in a quick 30 minutes walk...or when I take breaks at work I walk..but I get seem to think of any weight bearing exercises I can do except sit ups or push ups and then I do do them well. Grrrr...... I seem to have eating down pretty good. I have not lost any more weight...I have gained a pound. Should I maybe be concentrating more on cardio to get rid of fat...then maybe incorporate weights later... Help claudia
  17. Good afternoon Yesterday I walked/jogged 10k..it felt great!! I was tired at the end...but I give thanks to the glutamine god's...it sure help[ed after my run: Today no weights...but I just walked for 30 minutes:) I started work at 430am...and I am always tired my first day. Food intake is getting better. I tend to eat my carbs and fruits during the day and leave my dinner and snack to protein and veggys. I love hummus and cucumber or beets:)
  18. Well the winds have now died down...and we are back to sunny spring like weather So today I did weights. Sumo squat with hip life lunge push-ups dead lift with posterior fly lunge with core rotation bench press squat with side bend chest fly with hip lift I find my arms are a bit sore this evening..but not a bad sore:) Love the vega whole food protein in chocolate Food is good...finding my craving for carbs in the evening is getting better.
  19. Okee dokeee... There were winds today up to 100k per hour... Holy the waves were humongous... I managed a 30 minutes walk/jog...well not a jog really I was either using in the wind..or being pushed lol!!! I almost fell once the wind was so hard...my knees literally buckled ...it was really windy. I went to work..no ferries went to Vancouver today...to windy!! I have great photos though lol!!! Ate good...I finally got some vega so I was able to have a great shake for brunch.. salad for dinner Home now had some hummus and vegys
  20. Yipppeee!! I managed my weights today... Although I was doing them at 730pm...but I still got throught it. I feel great...and I only had to work and 8 hours shift today. sumo squat with overhead press lunge with calf raise Squat with lateral raise lunge with frontal press squat with calf raise sumo squat with delt raises squat with double overhead press lunge with lateral raise sumo squat with calf raise. My arms are starting to look pretty good...I have always been weak in the upper body...but I can see a little muscle forming...I have skinny arms to start with...so it doesn't take much for me to see the difference. I will have to take some time to upload some photos..but I haven't figured out how to do that yet!! The snow is gone...so tomorrow I should be ale to do a walk/jog after work tomorrow night... I still crave carbs at night...because I am just getting home from work So tonight I had some hummus...and a few cashews...
  21. Good evening! Well I have managed another late night at work Only two more to go and I get a break. It has now warmed up here in snowy victoria +7 and now rain...so I should be able to get a bit more walk/jog in if I can stay awake long enough lol! I have still not done any weights in three days...I am low on the energy pole after 800pm at night... Tomorrow should be better as I don't have to work a double shift...so I will give it a go then. I have lost another pound...yippeee for me...as I still have to lose some fat:) My eating habit are getting better as I am not having anymore carbs in the evening...but I still miss them
  22. Good evening So for the past two days I have done nothing except work 15 hour days.. Grrrr.......... So really what have I done besides work...well I walked to and from work each day...takes me about 15 minutes to walk.jog with a pack on my back at 430am....then coming home it takes me about 20 minutes to walk..less job...because I have been talking to people all day long..... So weight training is nixed...because nty the times I get home at around 830pm...I am tired...because I know I am going to get up at 400am...and do that one more time lol!! Annndddddddddd to make matters worse...it has snowed here in beautiful Victoria...it's cold...-7 and I don't feel safe walking at 430am...buttt...I bring my hunting knife with me..but I figured no one was going to be out in this weather to cold... We only got maybe 6 inches of snow...but the people in victoria can't drive in the snow....this is including me of course...hence the driving lol!!!! So it's is supposed to warm up tomorrow so we can get the big flakes of snow...then some rain... Maybe if I don't work another 14 hours...I may get some weight in...I figured my legs in hiking boots...three layers of clothes...was heavy enough One thing I can say...is I still ate clean and plant strong!!!
  23. Being strong...fit...happy and healthy/..and to be an example to people that as you age in life...you can be strong not weak the proof in always in the pudding
  24. I had a wonderful day today. I woke up and I had planned to do a walk.jog today...but it was snowing outside. so I bundled myself up. Put on my hiking Boots, snow pants and grabbed my camera and went walking into town. i found snowmen built on the inner harbour...the empress hotel looking fine under a blanket of snow. Then the sun came out...and went into a little coffee shop had a latte...took myself to beacon hill park...began taking some pictures of the ducks swimming or huddling on the water...and my camera died lol!!! I love taking photos but forgot to charge the battery in the camera. Tomorrow is an early start a work...but I am off at 100pm...and it is supposed to snow tomorrow too...so I may just take my camera back to the park...then home for some weights. I felt great...I didn't feel rushed...got exercise for 2 hours...yes it was just walking...but I was out in the fresh air...loving it!!!!!
  25. Good morning Well I managed a quick 30 minute walk/jog last night after work at around 830pm. Sometimes I wonder about working out at this time of night...I wake up!! lol! But on most days...it is the only time I have. I am trying to be consistent:) So today will be weights sumo squat with bicep curl lunge with one-arm tricep extension dead lift row bowlers lunge with single-arm row bicep curls with abductor balance forward lean lunge with double row push up...i hate push up because I suck at them I follow Chalene extreme from Team Beachbody I don't go to a gym...and I have all my free weights at home...because of time and money So when I do these weight it is only one set of 12 reps at as much weight as I can hold. This is improving every week...arms are getting stronger, which is my weakest point. The small of my back is also weak...any suggestions on what exercise I could do to strengthen the muscle??? Have a great day. My diet is improving...but I still tend to snack on the wrong things at night once I get home. I feel hungry.
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