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  1. Food- January 17th Didn't have much of an appetite at all today. Orange Chili (with quinoa) Luna bar Large green salad with almonds Cliff bar Homemade guacamole with a few baked unsalted chips Exercise Another day of teaching Zumba. Lots of sweat!
  2. Thanks so much everyone for writing. It's one of those tiny things that help brighten a gloomy day, you know? Yes, rough week. Hubs had a second gallbladder attack, but he was able to control it an avoid surgery once again. I'm so proud of him, he's sticking it out and trying alternative remedies recommended by my naturopath. Still, it has been a difficult challenge mentally; I've been so worried about him and not sleeping well at all, feeling like I needed to stay alert in case he needs me. He's much better now, though, and life is slowly returning back to normal. Also, I got very demotivated when I realized that I missed posting a bunch of days, which means that I've lost my chance at receiving the prize at the end of the month I know how super silly this is, but little goals like that are what keep me going, and this added to the hub's health scare made me feel like giving up altogether. But no, I joined this challenge for a bigger goal, for a greater task; I'll see it through and finish what I've started. Thank you everyone. Exercise- Monday January 16th Zumba. Even better because I had to substitute for my boss/teacher, and when I'm the one giving the class I sweat SO. MUCH. MORE. It's insane how much more energy you need to put into the movements so others can be motivated to follow along. Whew! Food- Carrot grapefruit juice, homemade freshly Avocado sandwich Whole wheat wraps with grilled vegetable and black beans Cliff bar
  3. Thanks Ben and Amanda. I'm with you both on thinking this surgery is a huge no-no, and my hope remains that he'll stick to the natural remedies our naturopath recommended, along with the diet change. Fingers crossed! And also thanks both for your input on the guilt issue. Although my logic tells me it's silly to feel this way, it just catches me by surprise sometimes. Wednesday January 11th Breakfast- Shredded wheat cereal with rice milk Lunch- Homemade potato and carrot soup, with cauliflower, onion and tumeric. Snack- Bananas, strips of fresh raw peppers with hummus Dinner- Whole wheat spaghetti with grilled veggies simmered in a roasted red pepper and garlic sauce. Not a drop of oil or fat anywhere! Yum
  4. Thank you, Robert! Our mentor is Amanda Grace Wing, and yes she is amazing and very encouraging! I have a question for you. How do you handle (if you ever feel this way) the 'disappointment' or 'guilt' you may feel for not working out as often/ as hard as you know you should? I have been looking around your website for an article of the sort, but I can't seem to find one on the topic. It's this, the more sublime and definitely more psychological aspect of being an athlete that I've been struggling with a bit lately; and I wonder how many others have felt like I do. Thanks!
  5. Very long and stressful day. Ended up in the ER with the hubs having a gallbladder attack. Thankfully they didn't have to take him into surgery right away, and he has decided to treat it in less invasive ways (mainly diet. He does not eat healthy at all.) For "exercise" (not really) I spent some time stretching and massaging my muscles with my foam roller. Definitely couldn't focus to complete a workout. Food (No breakfast, am snack or lunch-- ran to the hospital unprepared) 3 pm- bowl of homemade vegetable soup with barley snacks- banana, few crackers with hummus dinner- two black bean tacos in homemade corn tortillas
  6. Robert and Karen, thanks! I'll keep my eye out for them, they do sound good.
  7. Well look at you GO! This is terrific, I can only imagine how proud you must feel. Question for you, what is a primal strip? Cheers!
  8. I'm here! I'm alive and still truckin', yeah! What's best... I found my long-lost exercise mojo. BRING IT!! Food- Monday January 9th Breakfast- pomegranate blueberry spinach smoothie AM snack- shredded wheat cereal with half soy, half rice milk Lunch- salad made of barley, black-eyed beans, green onion, tomato. With key lime juice and garlic as dressing. YUM! PM snack- few pretzels with hummus Dinner- large bowl of homemade vegetable soup Post-workout- Cliff bar EXERCISE Zumba!- 1 hour High cardio bootcamp- 1 hour (jump rope, steps, squats with medicine ball-to-wall... and more things that I can't remember because I'm so tired that my brain is shutting down. Ha!) Welcome back, mojo. Don't you ever leave me like that again.
  9. Food- Friday Jan. 6th Breakfast- Smoothie: Strawberries, blueberries, spinach, almond milk AM snack- Shredded wheat cereal with half soy milk and half rice milk Lunch- Sauteed asparagus, beet greens, spinach, and mushrooms PM snack- Cantaloup, Cliff bar, chamomile tea Dinner- Roasted beets, lentils Evening snack- Few crackers with hummus
  10. You are absolutely right, that was me! Awesome memory you got there, Ben. Yep, the vegan thing felt kind of great (surprise surprise!) and so I've kept it on. I just watched the last video about Tough Mudder posted on your blog. Holy cow! You've done it before and I'm sure you'll do fantastic again, my hat's definitely off to you! Maybe someday I'll see you there
  11. Workout- Friday January 6th I did yoga, woot! Ok, I know it may not be much, but I have done zilch in over three weeks, and I'm discovering I almost need to coax myself into getting back on track. I found this website http://www.myfreeyoga.com/ full of free yoga class videos, and so I did a session on my own this morning, in my house and still in my pj's. It felt fantastic! You have no idea how many things cracked and popped while I was doing the stretches LOL! Although I'm pretty flexible I was quite surprised at how stiff I felt, especially on the hamstrings, glutes and calf. This is a big wake-up call as to how weeks of inactivity take a toll on what we've worked hard to accomplish. But, upward and onward! I did this video today http://www.myfreeyoga.com/videos/17/twist-away-tension.html and loved it. Hope this information helps others as well!
  12. Thanks so much for stopping by, and congrats on the beginning to what surely will be a lifestyle of fun for you! I hear you on the 'nobody looking over my shoulder' bit. I'm terrible at keeping myself in check, too! I think it's just a habit thing; I'm determined to change the way I think about things that I haven't been particularly fond of. So yeah, here's to doing it on our own!
  13. Lol, yep! Drinking smoothies is something I've done for some time now, mainly because I realized how fast it is (when in 'formal' training I wake up at 4:50 am-- so any time savers are a must!) Karen, you may like this website! Tons of wholesome smoothie ideas here (and no need to worry too much about the calories, because they're derived from whole, fresh fruits and veggies; calories in this way aren't our enemy.) Here it is: http://www.incrediblesmoothies.com/ And the hot cocoa idea I blatantly borrowed from Amanda after reading it in her journal LOL. Yum!
  14. Well, well, well, if it isn't Iron Clad Ben himself! Nice to see you here And in case you're wondering, I'm a fellow blogger, reader of your blog and occasional commenter. Cool thing that you got all your complete stats at the chiropractor's. Isn't it exciting to find out what your 'real' age is? I'm also 29, but 'really' 12. So, yay us All the best to you! -Carolina
  15. Hi Karen, I'm not sure, but I think you may have been assigned to Amanda during the New year's challenge? I'm with her as well, so I figured I'd take a chance and come say hi I can totally relate to what I've read in your journal so far; getting started is probably the toughest part. For me it's cardio: I hate it with a passion, but I'm working on changing that mindset. I'll be coming back to cheer you on if that's ok! Cheers, Carolina
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