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  1. Well, it's been just over two weeks since my last post. To say that June was a whirlwind would be a huge understatement! My stress level and lack of sleep (since mid-June, I've been averaging only about 3 hours daily) really took a lot out of me, and totally derailed any chance of me competing next month. The week after my last post here, my weight dropped way too fast, and based on my most recent body comp test, almost of that weight loss was lean mass. I'm obviously in a very catabolic state right now. I doubt if I'll be posting here very much for a while, at least not until I can get a better handle on things, and get my metabolism back to normal. But that won't happen until I can begin getting adequate sleep and get my cortisol level under control...Hopefully, that will happen sooner, rather than later...
  2. I don't know when I will have to time to back-post my training/nutrition for the past two weeks...I may just have to pick up where I am at the time... Despite numerous distractions and personal events which have occurred over the past two weeks, and in addition to my typical busy schedule, I'm pretty much on track. I did miss a couple of workouts, and there were a few days in which my nutrition wasn't exactly on point...But I don't think I did too bad, considering what my past two weeks have been like... My weight was 109.2 lbs this morning, which is the (max) 0.5 lb per week loss I am aiming for (I weighed 110.2 on June 3rd). I just hope that the weight loss is mostly body fat, and not lean mass. I plan on having a body comp test done soon to make sure.
  3. Wow...it's been an eventful and very busy week...I am just quickly checking in...I don't have time to post anything...I hope to get to it by the weekend.
  4. 6/3/12 Morning weight: 110.2 lbs Training Pre-meal cardio, low intensity, 20 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 264 gm Protein 120 gm Fat 44 gm Water: 5.5 liters
  5. 6/2/12 Morning weight: 110.2 lbs Training Morning- Zumba class (counted this as my cardio for the day) Afternoon session- Weight training Warmup: Sun Salutations Body weight goblet squats Superset: Squats x15, x12, x12, x10 Goblet squats, kettle bell 4 x 15 Bb Lunges 3 x 15 Cable glute kickbacks 3 x 20 Stiff leg deadlifts x15, x15, x12, x12 Leg curl (one leg at a time) 4 x 10, static 5-second contractions on last 2 of each set Calf press 3 x 20 Stretching: 15 minutes Nutrition Competition is 12 weeks from today. I will begin slowly decreasing macros and doing the minimum amount of cardio necessary to see a slow, but steady decrease in weight. In addition to weighing myself daily, I will also be using weekly progress photos, weekly measurements, and body comp tests (every 2-4 weeks) to monitor progress. As always, the goal is to lean out with as little loss of lean mass as possible. New macro limits: Carbs 265 gm Fat 45 gm Protein 120 gm Total macros for today: Carbs 266 gm Protein 120 gm Fat 45 gm Water: 5.5 liters
  6. Thanks, Robert! I'm less than 12 weeks out from an August show. I've been deliberately hovering around the same weight range/body comp for a while now. But it's now time for me to kick it up a few notches... Keep me posted on your travel plans, as well as when / if you may be in or near Raleigh. You have an awesome week, as well!!
  7. 6/1/12 Morning weight: 110.4 lbs Training Warmup: Sun salutations Bb rows x12, x10, x10, x10, x8 Stiff arm cable pulldowns 5 x 15 Assisted pullups 3 sets to failure Seated cable rows x12, x10, x10, x8, x8 Deadlifts x12, x12, x10, x10, x8 Cardio: Stair intervals, 15 minutes Stretching: 10 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 276 gm Protein 124 gm Fat 50 gm Water: 5.5 liters
  8. 5/31/12 Morning weight: 110.4 lbs Training Warmup: Sun Salutations Giant set: 4 rounds Ez bar curls x15, x15, x15, x12 Skull crushers x15, x15, x12, x12 Incline db curls x15, x15, x12, x12 Tri overhead extensions x15, x15, x15, x12 Giant set: 4 rounds Hammer curls x15, x15, x12, x12 Dips x failure Swiss ball, alternating tuck/pike x20, x20, x20, x20 Stretching: 10 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 276 gm Protein 125 gm Fat 51 gm Water: 5.5 liters
  9. Hi Frank. Thanks for your question. If you read my journal from the beginning, you'll see that I initially tried to include what I was eating at each meal. Unfortunately, I was only able to keep that up for a few days. At some point, I hope to have the extra time to be that detailed again. Unfortunately, it's quite time consuming to go back after the fact. Most weeks, I'm so busy that I have to post multiple days at one time (like I'll be doing today for the past 3 or 4 days). In addition to my time limitations, I'm currently less than 3 months out from a competition. Most of my meals during this "pre-contest" phase are extremely simple, and the majority of what I eat on a daily basis comes from the following foods: beans and legumes, dark leafy greens, most vegetables, fruit, nuts and nut butters, seitan (which I make myself from wheat gluten flour), quinoa, sweet potatoes, brown rice, bulgar wheat, steel cut oats, hemp seeds, chia seeds, sprouts, and protein powders (from pea, brown rice, &/or hemp sources). Occasionally, I will also have tofu, edamame, sprouted grain bread, and some of the faux meats. At this time, white potatoes, white rice, bread (other than sprouted/flourless), and pasta are off-limits, as are any other foods that are not nutritionally dense (or not listed here). Depending on how lean I get in the next 6-8 weeks, the occasional sprouted grain bread and faux meats may be further decreased or eliminated (and those macros will be replaced with other complex carbs and seitan / protein powder). Hopefully, this will help you. The main thing about getting your macros to fit a certain ratio is time, experience, and preparation. I can do it on the fly now (meaning, I don't have to plan my meals and pre-cook for the day or week like I used to have to do). But in the beginning, pre-planning was the only way I knew that I would hit the right ratios every day. But now, since I've done it for so long, I know what types of foods and amounts I need to have every 3 hours to hit my daily limits. It also depends on exactly what ratio you're trying to hit. Some people have to do a lower percentage of carbs; some can get away with more. For me personally, carbs are always the majority of my total calories, and they will continue to be so even as I continue to lean out for the upcoming competition. Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it. It just takes time and practice.
  10. 5/30/12 Morning weight: 110.6 lbs Training Warmup: Sun Salutations Bench press x15, x12, x12, x10 Incline db press x12, x12, x10, x10 Pushups on inverted Bosu 4 sets to failure Plank on two medicine balls 4 times, 30-45 second holds Giant set: 4x12, plus 1 drop-set Arnold press Side lateral Rear lateral Upright row Cardio: 20 minutes, low intensity Stretching: 10 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 274 gm Protein 125 gm Fat 49 gm Water: 5 liters
  11. 5/29/12 Morning weight: 110.8 lbs Training Session #1: Pre-breakfast cardio, low intensity, 25 minutes Session #2: Warmup: Body weight squats Leg extensions (3 different leg/foot positions, x 5 each) 4 x 15 Bb squats x15, x12, x12, x12, x10 Narrow-stance Smith squats 4 x 15 Stiff leg deadlift 4 x 12 Leg curls 4 x 15 Seated calf press 3 x 20 Standing calf raise 3 x 20 Stretching: 15 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 277 gm Protein 126 gm Fat 50 gm Water: 5 liters
  12. 5/28/12 Morning weight: 110.6 lbs Training Rest day Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 276 gm Protein 123 gm Fat 50 gm Water: 5 liters
  13. 5/27/12 Morning weight: 110.6 lbs Training Rest day Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 275 gm Protein 127 gm Fat 49 gm Water: 5 liters
  14. 5/26/12 (cont'd) Training Warmup: Sun Salutations Ez bar rows 4 x 12 Db rows 4 x 10, plus 1 set to failure Decline pullovers 4 x 15 Lat pulls 4 x 15 Assited pull ups 4 sets to failure Deadlifts x15, x12, x12, x12, x10, x8 Cardio: Stair intervals, 20 minutes Stretching: 10 minutes Nutrition Total macros: Carbs 274 gm Protein 125 gm Fat 50 gm Water: 5 liters
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