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  1. I am really bad at keeping up with there post but i am going to try very hard. I have been keeping up my walking and light lifting and yesterday got to see all the hard work. I am not able to fit into some of size 40 pants. I have not been able to do this since i think 9th grade. The scale has said that i have not really lost any weight still at around 330lbs so it might be that i maybe adding muscle as i am losing fat. Also something else that i am very proud of is that i have now gone 2 weeks with out eating any chips. That use to be my go to food when i would be down or just wanted to eat something. So this is a big step for me. Well i hope everyone has a great weekend.
  2. I know i keep saying that i will post more often but i keep forgetting. I just need to make some time every day to post. So for the past week i have been walking and my weight lifting have been moving things around our backyard since my mom had things to move. This past weekend i bought a juicer so that is what i am going to start doing didn't really have the money so will be doing payments on it. I think in the end i will be worth it to pay for it because it for my health and if i don't take care of it then what will i need the money i save for it i may not live long enough to enjoy what ever i buy.
  3. I forgot to update this in the last week. I did more walking and i even went and did my first session with a personal trainer. He showed me a few thing i can do and then i woke up the next morning really sore. I been doing what he told me the last few days and its hard but have to keep going at it. I just hope i can finish the weekend at work to at least rest one day. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
  4. so i didn't take care of myself and got sick even worse. I did get better enough that i was able to go for walks on thursday and then a little training yesterday. later on i will see if i can do both.
  5. Thank you Jaguar. I am on the same boat as you on being bendy but trying to see if i can change that. Even though i did feel better still did not want to risk it so didn't work out today as well. if i feel better in the morning then i will go for a walk and get back on my training. On to some good news. A few months back i bought some shorts that were a size smaller then i where with the hopes that by the end of summer i could where them. Well summer is over in a few day and i didn't think it was going to happen so i tried them on today and to my surprise one of the 3 pairs almost fits. I can close them and almost zip them all the way up. I feel that if i give it my all that by next weekend i should be able to wear them. I guess it better late then never. When i am able to zip them up it will be the first time in almost 10 years that i will be able to wear a size 40. wish me luck guys.
  6. So did no training this weekend or today because i got sick. i am hoping that can be be tomorrow so i can get back to doing my training.
  7. so today it was really hot in the san fernando valley so didnt go on my walk after work. so just did 15 mins on the resistances bands. i think it will be hard to walk this whole weekend because have to get up early to go to work and by the time i get home it will be late and hot. so i will just do the resistance bands. maybe will try yoga been wanting to do that. if you know any websites i can go to watch videos on yoga for a beginner let me know. thanks. Hope everyone has a great weekend. Miguel Jr Sotelo
  8. Thank you Dylan for the support. To me even the little things mean so much to me. I don't have the support i would like here at home which is why it so hard to move forward with want i want to do. Well I have been taking my walks and in a few hours i will be signing up for the 5k i want to do in december. Today i have also started using the resistance bands i had put away for a while now and thought it would be the best time to take them out and use them for one and not be picking up dust. I am hoping that by the end of the month i can really feel like things are falling in place. I am hoping that i can find someone in my area that i can go for walks with because it does get lonely doing things on your own. I hope that everyone is enjoying your week and till next time. Miguel jr Sotelo
  9. It's been a while since i been on here but not i am getting ready to go at it again. Since my last post a few months back my life kind of took a turn for the worst in almost every way. My health went bad gain all the weight and add some to what i had lost. My money issues got worse because of my health. I just felt very alone and didn't know what to do anymore. Now that i have had some time to just take a step back and look at things i have in am better place that i know i will be able to move forward and reach my goals. I have been working with ted tredy from go team green go on how to get healthier and what i can do to workout with all my health issues i have, and look at things in a better light. Also always around for emails or texts. Also started looking on how i spend my money an how i can better pay off my bills. Hopefully soon i can have that under better control. I have started to pet and house sit so i can make a few extra bucks and that has been fun because i get to do something fun and not just be sad around the house. I always find being around a pet is always fun and makes me happy. So if you live in the Los Angeles Area and need a pet or house sitter let me know i don't charge much. My big goal for the end of year is to run or walk a 5K so i have started to walk again almost every day. i would really like to do this 5K without the use of a cane. Well i hope that everyone enjoys there weekend i will be on here a lot more. Miguel
  10. today i did a lot of walking and standing from work then went home and walked some more. then i did some stretching.
  11. thought i would post what i did the last two days before going to bed. walked for 20 minutes and ran for 20 sec. after did some stretching. did some jumping jacks next week i have to push myself more.
  12. Thanks guys for your support, it means so much to me. feeling better and getting back into the swing of things so that i can get ready for my frist 5K in a few weeks. so i walked today and even did a little bit of lifting i hope i can keep at it.
  13. Well its raining here in CA so i really can't do any walking but i did get a walk in on Thursday and then did some stretching. I will not start up my work out again till Monday or later, reason why is that my grandpa passed away so not really feeling like doing much right now. Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
  14. sorry for not writing the last few days but time just seem to fly by. so this is what i did the last few day 25 minute walk and then did my stretching. Then i did some jumping jacks. i am hoping by next week i can add sit ups and push ups again.
  15. So i could not post my work out yesterday because my internet went out. Yesterday and today were the same workout walked for 23 minutes and then did my stretching. If i don't feel to tired tomorrow after work i will see if i can add to this.
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