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  1. that is a really good point about the fruit. I actually had noticed that bananas did not seem to agree with me but it might not be the bananas it could just be that they hang around for awhile and then ferment. I do better when I do not eat fruit at all but I like it so much... I might try fruit juices - I got a vitamix and I can make all sorts of awesome stuff in there - time to experiment. Thanks for all of the suggestions. I will try and incorporate tofu/tempeh a little more to get the protein intake up.
  2. I could not imagine not working out - I have had some rough years and that is my stress relief. I have cut way back on the cardio since that made it even harder to keep weight on. Protein is my biggest issue which is why my boyfriend and family wanted me to start eating eggs and or fish. To me though that would be the same as asking me to not working out - I just do not see that happening - I love animals too much.
  3. Hello, This is my first post but I have been hanging around for awhile reading the journals and trying to get ideas from other members diets. My issue is I cannot keep the weight on and I know why - I am simply not eating enough. I have numerous food sensitivities and on top of that I have gastroparesis (in short the food stick around in my stomach for a very long time) which leaves me feeling full all the time. I cannot have gluten (celiac), I can have soy, legumes and nuts in limited amount. I am not big on protein powders because even the vegan ones seems to contain stevia which also does not agree with me. I am a female, 39 around the corner, 5'8 and my weight goes from 110-115 depending on how my body is treating me, last I was able to measure my body fat it showed 10.1% but I keep getting an error now. I work out 5-6 days a week, 4 days mostly focused on alternating body parts weight training and about 2 days of some form of cardio (rowing, kettlebell intervals or some mixed intense interval training). So on to my question: I do feel that I need to change something in my diet but I am at a loss how and what. My boyfriend and family feels that I should add eggs and or fish to my diet. I know they are concerned about my health but I just cannot bring myself to do it and there must be another way of getting stronger, having more energy and just feel healthy. Here is what I ate today: oatmeal made of 1/2 cup dry GF oats with Coconut butter 2 plums 3/4 cup cooked brown rice with carrots, spinach, tahini, coconut syrup and asparagus 2 plums workout - 30 min Kettlebell snatches 1 banana 2 spaghetti squash patties made with shredded carrots, zuchinni and nutritional yeast served on 4 slices of Udi's GF bread with spinach, 1/2 large avocado mashed with salsa, red pepper and tomato (I ate this over about 2 hours small bites at a time) maybe some puffin cereal with almond milk if I can eat it later Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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