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  1. Do you guys usually gravitate toward other people who are vegan in relationships or are you OK with being with someone who doesn't have the same exact value system as you? My husband and I are like night and day. I have maybe a glass of wine or two a year and don't smoke or do any drugs. I've also been vegan since before he and I met. He eats meat, smokes and drinks and thinks "exercise" is the walk from the house to the truck. We respect each others differences and he knows that if he wants meat he has to buy and cook it himself. Somehow, despite major differences we're the best of friends and support each others ambitions. There are definately times though that his stubbornness irritates the hell out of me. I don't actively try to change him- because I know that you can't force anyone to change if they aren't ready and willing to- but I hope that through my own examples he'll come around someday.
  2. Poptarts~ 400 empty calories in two of them. (and really cheap if you know where to shop) They're vegan if you get the ones without the icing on them. ( I tend to steer clear of them personally since I don't need the empty calories right now anyway)
  3. I was thinking about how awesome burritos are yesterday (had two huge bean and veggie burritos for dinner last night) I'll make a burrito out of anything- it's my favorite kind of "fast food" I'll make a burrito out of beans, rice, veggies, seitan or whatever else I have in the fridge and eat it on the way to work or school or the gym. I've also taken peanut butter (or Tofutti cream cheese with a little lime or lemon juice and just a pinch of organic sugar) and spread it on a tortilla with fresh fruit for a snack.
  4. LOL. That's my favorite midnight snack. I just got home from work so I just finished breakfast and I'll think about lunch whenever I wake up- (I've been craving notdogs with vegitarian baked beans so I might have that for a snack when I wake up) This morning I had 12 oz of chocolate shake (naturade & silk) a banana and oatmeal (not instant) with raisins and flax seed oil. I'll have my multivitamin and my vitamin C, B-6 and B12 in a few minutes and then I'll be off to bed until dodgeball this afternoon. (About 30 of my friends and I get together every sunday in the summer to play and today is the first game of the summer- It's a damned shame it's only going to get to 53 degrees here today! )
  5. I'm definately enjoying the site and hearing from other like minded people!
  6. This is just a general guideline and does not include what to eat, it is just in speaking of calories in general. As for what to eat, most would start at a 1-2-3 ratio. 1 part fat, 2 part protien, and 3 parts carbohydrates. That means you would calculate this out of your entire daily caloric intake. Bibliography: Hatfield Phd, Frederick C. (2004) Fitness: The Complete Guide (Eighth-Edition) Just substitute the numbers in with yours, I tried to make it as straitfoward as possible. If you are confused, just ask. THis is all from a nutrition standpoint. Yup- I'm officially confused. So do I add or subtract the 248 calories on days that I'm training? (my calculation figured from my lean bodyweight based on what you posted)
  7. Most immediate goal is to get rid of the "squish" that's accumulated in the months since I've been to the gym! (abs to thigh area primarily) I'd prefer to lose weight and gain muscle, but I'd be happy just converting it to muscle if I could lose some inches in the process! I need that toned look I used to flaunt! hahahaha.... the squish. Even I have the shquish and I was just at 7% bf. The squish comes and goes and with enough cadio and light weight/high rep work yours will be gone. Yeah! There is a light at the end of the tunnel!!
  8. LOL You should come up with a shirt that sums up the same speech we all have to give from time to time. I don't mind mock meats. I'm like some of the others though in that my coworkers have known me for a while (since 1997) and they know I don't cheat. I get a lot of crap from my family though because they don't understand and they don't try to understand- so sometimes when I have to go to a cookout or family function I just make it easier on myself and eat before I go and just tell them I've already eaten so I don't have to go through explaining myself to them for the five millionth time.
  9. Have you ever submitted anything to Vegetarian Times? They might be interested in printing something about you and the site.
  10. I have a very cool friend here who has his own printing business- He does a lot of work for the music scene. If you want I can send you his email and you can see if he can offer you better rates than what you're currently paying.
  11. You're quite a popular quy according to your MySpace profile!
  12. I know when I "topic watch" on other message boards I get an email whenever a new message has been posted to the thread I'm interested in. I've tried to do the same thing here, but I don't get any sort of notification- Is that option working for everyone else?
  13. True- I guess I'm thinking of it from a "mom" perspective. (If you don't have kids yet when you do you'll realize that your perspective on nearly everything in life changes to a "parental perspective".) Kids and pets definatley are very dependant on adults/caregivers for most of their necessities. I think it's definately a priority for me to value my son and all of my animals and make sure they get the best nutrition I can give them. (I have one pug dog named Buddha, a ferret named Minky Boodle, three cats (Satan, Bootsie, Blackie) and a hamster that belongs to my son)
  14. What's the benifit of the creatine? Rob- What kind of meal replacments have you used?
  15. Thanks. I like that photo. Everyone on here has definately been really cool so far so I'm already feeling much more confidant about how far I can go if I really push myself toward the goals I've set. Maybe I'll meet some of you all at some competitions in the near future!
  16. http://www.myspace.com/godesslissa
  17. Thanks for posting that link-it looks like a pretty cool magazine.
  18. I don't usually have time to watch too much TV, but tonight while cooking dinner I turned it on to drown out the sounds of maniacle 9 year olds playing in my sons room.~ Anyway I overheard part of a commercial that mentioned something to the effect of, "...provides complete nutrition for them too." Wondering what they could be referring to, I wandered into the living room to see that the commercial on was for dog food... I have nothing against feeding my pets nutritious food, but the commercial made me realize how many commercials I have seen over the years for food products geared toward adults (and especially kids) and they seldom, if ever, seem to tout many/any nutritional benifits- yet the commercials for pet foods seem to try to make a point of letting their audience know that if they value their pets health they'll invest in brand ____. Food commercials for crappy stuff (like poptarts and candy/chips/soda and all that kind of stuff) seem to give the viewer the impression that their product tastes great, and is great for when you're on the go... (etc) So as humans- we value the health of our pets over our kids and ourselves? Damn. How long will we stay at the top of the food chain with that mentality Maybe it's just my imagination though- has anyone else noticed this?
  19. OH! I have a bread machine I haven't used in ages. I don't know why I haven't thought of using it for pizza dough! It would definately cut down on the time I spend in the kitchen!
  20. Yeah. I wasn't planning on doing the same part- I just realized that day 4 was legs- so I might not want to go running on day 5- Maybe I'll do that on Monday and start my four days in the gym on Tuesday- I thought for starters I'd see if I can use Rob's suggested sample training schedule to see where I'm at and what immediate goals I need to set over the next few weeks.
  21. I don't usually listen to hip hop, but now I want to check out Dead Prez to see what they're all about!
  22. I might have to pick up the black and white one when I get paid again.
  23. Yeah I checked out a bunch of those links I found on the site last night- It was definately encouraging to see so many people who are vegan making their mark in the fitness community!
  24. ROB- I read your Beginning Bodybuilding section on the site and like the sample training program you mention. I'm wondering how important that day 3 rest is to take- If I wanted to work 4 days straight and take the 5th and 6th day off and go running the 7th day- Do you think that would that be too much time off between weight training days? My crappy night shift work schedule means my work out week doesn't really start until Monday afternoon/Tuesday. I know I can reasonably get back into a routine of going to the gym Tues-Friday morning, take Sat/Sun off and go running on Monday afternoon.
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