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  1. I asked myself the same question. I know in the first pick I was relaxed. I was not pushing my belly out but, I was relaxed. In the second picture I was not holding my breath but now-a-days I do stand taller and with better posture so I think I might draw my muscles in more or not be so slouchy - like in the first pic. I have lost 10 pounds and am continuing to focus on building muscle.
  2. Thanks Michelle! I am loving the changes that are happening! You are an inspiration to us all here, thanks for taking the time!
  3. Thanks Steve! Your reply is very helpful! Have an awesome day!
  4. Today I taught Body Pump and Zumba. I am working on eating basically the same things everyday. My plan is - morning: to have bananas and maybe a pear or an apple. Snack: 4-5 frozen bananas blended with a bit of almond milk and vanilla. Lunch: Salad or raw tacos or wrap with avocado and nuts Dinner: More salad or zucchini pasta Snack: Melons, pears or dates- whatever I feel like having.
  5. Hey Dylan, The pics were taken 49 days apart. But the measurements and changes didn't start happening until I went Vegan, which was in the last 22 days.
  6. Thank You for taking the time to notice and comment! It means a lot!
  7. Thanks Fallen Horse! Thanks for asking, Jungleinthefrunk! During the past few months it has been pretty varied because of the holiday's and other things that came up. What is pretty consistent though is that I have been doing 2-3 hours of cardio per week usually teaching Zumba and riding my bike and I teach 2 Body pump classes per week. In case you are not familiar with Body Pump, it is basically a strength training class that goes after the 8 major muscle groups- 1 song per group. Because I teach that class it makes it kind of hard to train heavy in the way that I would like (two muscle groups per day) because I need the recovery time. So what I have been doing is something like this- Monday Tuesday Body Pump @ noon Zumba @ 6:30 Wednesday Thursday Ride bike for 1 hour total to the gym and back Full Body heavy lifting in the GYM Friday Train Abs/ Zumba Saturday Body Pump at 10 am I am planning on finding ways and times to train heavy more often and will for sure start training my abs more often.
  8. Yeaaa! Getting there! First pics is 50 days ago after pics are yesterday.
  9. The before pictures were taken 50 days ago the afters were taken yesterday! On my way!!!!
  10. Also, will you tell me where you found the article you are talking about?
  11. Hello I just started looking into this and am committed to give it a go for at least 100 days. I am not sure if I will modify it or not. So far I have but these days were pre-100 day commitment. Please keep sharing as we have similar goals!
  12. Okay so far today I have eaten bananas, carrots, a HUGE salad with a small avocado and a tsp of Olive Oil. I also had a fruit smoothie with strawberries, melons and pineapple- Yummy! I may do Body Pump today but have been taking it easy because starting in 2 weeks I will be teaching 6 classes a week or more so I am enjoying the rest!
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