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  1. Wow I have not updated for a while! Still hitting the gym but playing more football (soccer) hopefully joining a ladies team soon. Incorporating more raw foods into my diet !!
  2. Wow not updated for a while!! Quick Notes-- Thyroid checked slight hypo thyroid ism Gym is going great Food has been great recently , having a treat every 2 weeks Loving married life! Just not been on my radar to update like i used to. just listening to skips podcast more than muscles so figured i would update. I have been tracking food on lose it and workouts on Bodybuilding.com, about to start Mass machining next week for the gym!!
  3. Its been 2 weeks since i updated!!!! recap- Gym has been going great, food was going good migraine threw me off, tried a week of being raw vegan it as tough. I can't seem to loose weight so i had a resting metabolic test done at work its was 2578 cals that is huge!!!! Usually woman are between 1400-1900 i was off the charts but i cant loose weight! Also had my b12 tested that was fine Iron was pretty low. Next step is thyroid check and i have invested in Maca powder to help the adrenals and thyroid support , also increased my omega fats will take it from here and see how it goes .
  4. http://myvega.com/vega-testimonials/switching-from-whey-to-plant-based-proteins/ very cool i am on the Vega website!!
  5. Legs Supersets Leg curl & leg ext DB lunges & abductors Glute Bridges & adductors Drop set leg press 1 leg squats Seated & standing Calf press No cardio today! http://i41.tinypic.com/b4dmxs.jpg Some vegan Treats, got to wait until jan 31st to sample
  6. Today is a rest day!! Yesterday i did back and biceps Precor lat pulldown 3x10 Wide lat pulldowns 3x10 Bent over rows 3x10 Narrow seated row 3x10 Hyper ext 3x10 Barbell curls 3x10 Alt Db 3x10 Hammer curls 3x10 Really good workout yesterday, and the gym was relatively quiet considering its new year! Plans for today costco buy my sister a present for her birthday read finish vision board
  7. SO i weighed myself today.. down to 165.5lbs. Feeling much better this week. Feeling like i want to hit the gym all the time I love this feeling!! Tonight i had to talk myself out of going to the gym to do arms already done legs today, just got that bite!! Leg ext 3x10 Wide barbell squats 3x10 Leg press 3x10 Walking Barbell lunges 3x10 Both legs Leg curls 3x10 1 leg deadlifts 3x10 both legs ( Hate these)!! Seated Calf 3x10 Standing Calf 3x10 I also did some glute kickbacks on the cable 3x15 both legs, heart rate monitor show 543 cals burnt. Great day today- got lots done emailed some apartments for viewings next week, need to save more money to buy a place so downsizing from 1 bed to studio (maybe) will go check some places out
  8. Today was Shoulders Still taking it easy due to the nagging pain DB Press 12.5/25 x 3 Arnold Press 15/15 x3 CAble lateral raises 10/10 x3 Rear delt cable 5/10x3 DB rear 17.5/10 x3 Front delt Raises 12.5/10 Ball crunches 3x15 Bicycles 3x15 Dynamic plank on bosu 3x10 Prett good workout tomorrow is LEGS!!!!!! Busy day at work, 5 th meal was late but i wasnt too hungry so i waited until i got home after work!! Tomorrow Gym Laundry Costco run ... again read more of my book Hairdressers- its not urgent but should of done it today
  9. Hit the gym at 7am , no hangover for me!! we went to watch the wolf of wall street last night, really good film . Long though it was 3 hours! Shoulder still bothering me so had to do hammer strength press again 35/12 3 sets Push ups 3x12 (slow and controlled) Cable flyes 7.5x12 3 sets Narrow push ups 3x12 1 arm tricep pushdown 7.5x12 3 sets Overhead tricep DB 27.5x12 3sets Lying Triceps 15x12 3 sets Bench Dips 3x12 298 cals burnt, i was p!ssed going into the session i got to the gym and they had stopped my direct payments for my membership for some stupid reason. so was annoyed i hadto spend some time before getting into the gym sorting that out. Weighed in today at 167.5lbs, and took photos i will be taking weekly photos again not done this in a while.
  10. Today i did shoulders, weights as somewhat pathetic recently hurt my shoulder no idea how but somewhat limits my lifts. DB press 10/25 x 3sets ( 10lbs noooooo usually do 30lbs) Front raise 10x12 x 3 sets Cable lateral raises 7.5x12 3 sets Rear Delts 40x12 3 sets Ball crunches (Abs) 3 sets Ball tucks 3 sets Bosu knee cross 3 sets It was a good workout Heart Rate monitor said 388 cals burnt I got up a bit later today, i have a bad cough and sore throat don't feel ill more of an annoyance. I weight myself lost 1.4lbs of xmas weight only ????? to go lol
  11. I went to the gym at 2pm to do legs, it was sooo busy i thought it would be quiet. Had to switch a few things up as it was so busy, squat rack and smith machine forget it Leg extension 85x12 3 sets leg curls 100x12 3 sets Leg press 145x12 3 sets Plie squats with kettlebell 3x12 Seated calf 100/12 50/25 50/25 Standing calf press 90 x12 3 sets not a bad workout but it annoys me having to change stuff up!!
  12. Hit the gym at 1pm today, i thought it would be busier but was pretty quiet I did a 5 min warm up the x trainer Wide push ups 3x12 Hammer strength Chest Press 30x13 x3 sets Cable Flyes 3x12 on kinesis Narrow push ups 3x12 Overhead DB ext 25x12x3 sets Tricep Pushdowns 30x12 x3sets Workout took 38 minutes i always wear my hear rate monitor so that told me i burnt 308 cals. Spent around 15-15 minutes foam rolling stretching and trying to release this know in my traps. 100% clean eating today!!! Yesterday we went to the four seasons hotel in Vancouver for xmas lunch they made a full vegan menu just for us 2, me and the hubby were over the moon pic below. the Chef was so nice he came out at every course and brought the food to us talking about it. http://i41.tinypic.com/23vb12x.jpg It was exceptional
  13. Today was arms Bar curls 25/6 x2 alt db curls 25/6x2 hammer curls 25/6 Tricep ext lying 15/6 Tricep pushdown 37.5/8 40/6 Over head tri ext 27.5/6x2 Wrist curls 20/6 Cardio smashed last weeks 6.60!!!!! Pushed hard had some new tunes on my ipod Monster- Eminem & Rhianna Wild- jessie J BIG sean & Dizzie rascal!!
  14. Barbell Rows 35/6 35/6 Cable Pulldowns 87.5/6 87.5/6 Seated Cable Rows 87.5/6 87.5/6 Hyper ext 2x8 Not a bad workout but thinking of changing to Mon, wed, Fri and Sat , Sun as Tuesday Thursday are always busy for me i volunteer then i usually got to my works gym to do some Personal Training Stuff and my workout and food suffer for it. Food was meh not on time and sporadic hence the reason to change my workout days.
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