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  1. I was reading an article and somebody at the health food store said it wasn't good for me. I started doing Tofu in Bok Choy and love it... Crap. Anybody know more or had this issue? If it's not good what else could I get my protein from? Brad
  2. Where is all my vegan friends or people I talk to on here???
  3. If Im 220 and 18% body fat and want to get down around 10% I should be eating around 2000-2200 cals a day along with -500-800 cal work out to loss weight. If I eat less cals around 1200-1500 would I loss more or risk losing muscle as well? So people say they loss more but Ive heard that if you don't give you body enough cals it will hold onto fat because its being starved. Thanks, Brad
  4. Thanks. Got away from the canned stuff myself...
  5. Thanks for the tips with the beans... Yeah she has land and real big on natural stuff her self but I enjoy the almond milk Ive been doing up so Ill stick with that. Plus it much more affordable and less of a travel. She lives out in the country! Save that time for my roadbike Im about to buy to have something else to enjoy the country roads! Be Blessed, Brad
  6. 25-35% protein would mean about 50% carbs and 10-20% fat so that seems like a high carb diet not protien. So your doing a high carb diet now then, I guess? You trying to gain weight? What has your results been with this diet so far? Thanks for help, Brad
  7. Thanks very much... Im very happy so far with what I have put together since my discover of this stuff since last week. Can't wait to see the results of my improved plan of action... Went back to the 3 square meals a day instead of the 5-6 after I read and found out that there is no data supporting the 5-6 meals as a better way. Actually the opposite is true... PM me if you want a link. I don't know if I can share on here without getting in trouble?!?! Bless You, Brad
  8. I've been reading and the data doesn't show that either is better than the other. Unless there is some studies that I'm missing??? God Bless, Brad
  9. http://myvega.com/resources/7-day-meal-plan Has a few meals on there for ideas. There is other meal replacements without hemp on this post that I have heard good stuff about. Also peas and rice has good protein supplements.
  10. Reliable vegan nutrition information based on science and presented by registered dietians in a SHORT format: http://beforewisdom.com/blog/vegan-diets/ Save yourself from feeling like crap and wasting time. Ignore anything from paleotards, low carbers and raw foodists. Nice website but don't see a breakdown for protein, carb, fat ratios or cals needed for a day if trying to lose weight??? Any advise? Brad
  11. Thanks for your reply. 1. How u preparing those split peas? 2. 7 varieties a day? 3. I totally agree with you on the meat and I feel like crap after I eat it. Also on the milk. What about goats milk? I got a lady those has goats on her land and sells it right off the tits. lol Fresh stuff at about $6 a gal... Thanks for help bro, Brad
  12. Thanks for reply. Few questions... 1. What is considered legumes? Beans I guess or anything else? 2. I guess your are not talking chick peas in a can but fresh then cooking them? 3. Do you try and keep you cals to a certain amount for the day? Im working on shredding some pounds so more muscle will come thru. So it there a certain cal count amount I should stick to for a day or protein/carbs/fat ratio suggested on this site? Anybody is welcome to answer these if you have addition input or advise... Thanks a bunch, Brad
  13. Thanks for reply... Few questions if you don't mind. 1. How many cals you taking a day? You doing 3-2-1 ratio-Carbs/Protein, fat? 2. How you saute kale? (Im working on improving my kitchen skills. ) 3. How you make black bean burgers? 4. Homemade energy bars with hemp? Does all those nuts make weight come on at all? I know they are protein but they are high in fats too. Thanks for your help fellow Veggy-Person , Brad
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