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  1. I'm not very thrilled about a catch weight fight between belfort and franklin. Just because its a catchweight really. Should be a real barn burner!
  2. I don't see tito not talking trash. He really knows how to hype a fight. He just won't be talking trash about dana anymore.
  3. Lol yea sarcasm doesont work at all through text! But speaking barnett fighting in japan because of lenient testing, it looks like barnett may be fighting in sengoku. But from the looks of it they do test for performance enhancing drugs. Anybody wanna start a pool for the next time barnett gets popped for steroids?? (:
  4. Um I'm pretty sure there is no drug policies in japan.
  5. I really dont think a superheavyweight catagory would be exciting at all. Id much rather watch grass grow then watch two fattys hugging each other for 15-25 minutes.
  6. Very good question. I would pick vitor over henderson solely because I would much rather see belfort vs silva than I'd like to see henderson vs silva 2. Eventhough I like hendo as a fighter better. As for ortiz vs franklin I would like to see franklin beat ortiz BUT I wouldn't at all be dissapointed if ortiz beat the tar outta franklin via ground n pound. As for dana being back in the tito ortiz fight business it looks like they kissed and made up since in one of dana's "tweets" he said welcome back tito.
  7. No way no how will the ufc co-promote with m-1. Dana and the fertittas are way too stubborn for it to happen. I'm starting to think fedors management really are a bunch of lunies
  8. Rumor is henderson vs belfort and franklin vs ortiz. That is all through the grapevine so don't take it too much to heart. I do like those match ups better though.
  9. There's been some major leaks about tuf 10 already. I won't say any in case anybody wants everything to be a surprise. Its just one google away though in case you're curious.
  10. I dunno. I bet he goes to Dream. I think if fedor comes to the ufc the world will end right after weigh ins.
  11. Impossible. Veggies are weak and frail from their protein deficiency.
  12. Yoga is awesome. I guess I just need to be consistent with it.
  13. So is parkour something you're thinking about learning or is it just something super sweet to watch for you?
  14. Great video by the way. I hadn't seen that before.
  15. Very good point on the being able to run. I mean its one thing to be fast but if you can run up a wall then you kinda have one up on the guys.
  16. Well by jacking myself up I mean getting hurt. I train brazilian jiu jitsu and muay thai. I'm going to be fighting soon and I would just be afraid of increasing the chance of hurting myself even more.
  17. I've read this as well. Afliction is toast, dang it.
  18. I know the best thing to become flexible is to consistently strech everyday. Id like to become super flexible like contortionist style flexibility. Anybody have any stretching suggestions?
  19. Parkour is awesome! My first taste of it was after watching a documentary called "Jump London." Its amazing stuff really. If I wasnt afraid of jacking myself up and stopping me from training in BJJ then I would be all into it. Anybody that hasnt seen this stuff needs to look it up!
  20. Word is the guy to step up may be Vitor Belfort. I dont see Affliction lasting after this show. Which is unfortunate cause the UFC really needs some competition. I guess we'll see if Affliction crumbles because Barnett is a big enough idiot to be taking steroids in the first place.
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