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  1. His contract is up sometime in July and fedor himself said he wanted that fight so it should happen! I was thinking about Randy's whole contract and situation and I was wondering why he didn't just do what BJ Penn did back when he won the welterweight title. Didn't BJ basically just break his contract obligations by fighting over seas. So zuffa just let him go. Seams like that would have been an easier route.
  2. I was wondering what happened to him. Looks like affliction may be a good company. Watch out UFC
  3. Zuffa screwed up big time not finalizing a deal with CBS. Well this def is a step in the right direction for mma becoming mainstream acceptance. Now hopefully mma fighters eventually will be paid as much as basketball or baseball players. Cause it sure as hell is more entertaining than baseball is. No offense to baseball fans
  4. Well CBS is a station that can be picked up without having cable where spiketv you have to have cable to watch that channel. I would assume that would be a big reason why there were more viewers cause there can be no way people would rather watch Kimbo Slice than Rampage Jackson.
  5. Rise against! And they're veg which makes it even better
  6. The Ultimate Fighter (mainly for the fights) and Americas Best Dance Crew!
  7. That would be a lot of weight for GSP to cut!!
  8. I think bj has the potential to beat gsp BUT I don't see it very likely considering bj's cardio is garbage at 170. And when this fight happens it'll be a championship bout which means 5 rounds. Bj cannot last 5 rounds at 170, I would bet everything I have on it. And IMO the uppercut that broke gsp's nose last time played a big part in bj doing so well the first two rounds in their first fight. Gsp took him down at will and he'll do it again in this fight
  9. Exactly my thoughts as I was watching it.
  10. I was reading in Men's Health about a race called an Urbanathalon. Has anybody else heard of this? Looks interesting.
  11. I forget where I read it but I guess Scott Smith broke his foot. Anybody know how long a broken foot takes to heal?
  12. Thats why you get about 10 people and charge them 5 bucks at the door to watch Ooh and I would make a 5 dollar profit. Good call!
  13. Dunno if this one is really worth the pay per view prices. IMO
  14. Kimbo wasn't tapping he was giving the ref a thumbs up like "I'm ok don't stop it". Honestly I was pretty disappointed with the whole show. Seems like the ref was stopping fights a little quick.like somebody was being a little cautious since we have new viewers. I dunno, just my theory.
  15. Great fight! Surprisingly it was mainly a stand up battle. I really didn't think Faber would stand with Pulver. Great job by Faber. I really liked the Miguel Torres fight too. I love watching the little guys tear each other apart. Like little buzz saws lol.
  16. check him out doing the "home alone" face in the background, LMAO! http://a302.ac-images.myspacecdn.com/images01/103/l_ed9cd86a66e16db18d166b0757b1d685.gif is this because hes pissed chuck lost?
  17. I was so impressed by Forest Griffins preformance. Especially on the ground. Even though he was on the bottom he was going for triangle chokes, arm bars and that omaplata! holy crap. Not to mention the finish with the RNC.
  18. Ive read a couple recaps where the writer is basically saying he doesnt think Mac will ever be a UFC champ or will even win the show. I guess triangle choking a BJJ black belt isnt that impressive.
  19. Does anybody think Jardine has a chance against Liddell?
  20. I didnt know you were willing to give out free product! So what would you think about a sponsorship?
  21. Just to clarify something since it seems to be a subject im ignorant about, why is capitalism bad and why are we trying to bring it down? I know off subject but since it was brought up I thought id ask.
  22. Jeez why are still working if all your bodily fluids seem to be making you a bunch of cash?
  23. Well good luck with the choice. I know SBG is a very good gym once you get there. They have some top fighters and Bjj guys.
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