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  1. well I hope he comes back real soon. He does have alot of potential. I mean the last fight I saw him in his stand up was garbage! He did a great job of keeping his hands up this fight which is something I noticed he had a real problem with. Not bad for only having a total of 6 pro fights.
  2. It is def fishy that one judge scored all three rounds to Hamill but the other two had it 29-28 for Bisping. How is there such a difference between the judges. Im wondering if 2 of the judges were Brits.
  3. Yea ive experienced quite a few rolled ankles from skateboarding now that hurts!
  4. This may sound like a stupid question but what does it mean to sprout?
  5. Aw ok i get what youre getting at. Well I would actually like to stay at a lower weight class because I think my height would be a major advantage for me. So if I can actually gain alot of strength and still be able to cut to a smaller weight class I would do that. I just figured gaining muscle im ultimately going to gain weight considering muscle weighs more than fat. I guess I just figured I might at as well shoot for a higher weight class but if I can gain the strength Ill shoot for a lower weight. And to answer your question about my weight now. 155-160 is what i walk around at now. Can you gain some major strength without gaining too much weight?
  6. See I like Bisping alot more than Hamill BUT I totally agree Hamill dominated Bisping in that fight. I had it as Hamill winning all three rounds. Bisping had nothing.
  7. Why not trying to bottle your sweat? Maybe make a nice musk or perfume.
  8. I guess I still dont understand what either of you is saying. How is gaining 40 lbs of muscle going to affect my strength?? I understand speed a little bit but I doubt its going to affect my speed either. Prime example of someone that gained a bunch of weight and did awesome, Andrei Arlovski. He went from fighting at 185 and moved to heavyweight. Hes prob one of the fastest heavyweights in the UFC. Puting on 40 lbs will put me near 200 lbs and when I cut to 185 ill be just the same size and strength as any other 185 lber thats doing the same thing. Plus im not going to be in fight training mode anyways. Ill be able to practise technique until Im ready to fight. Anyways I wasnt really looking for advice on what weight class I should fight at. I was just asking to see how difficult it was going to be to gain that much on a RAW diet.
  9. lol i wonder if she realizes how many foods have soy added into it.
  10. there are some gluten free breads. They dont taste as good as "normal" bread though.
  11. The thing is im 5'10" and im already pretty skinny. And im already at 155. The biggest amount of weight that is smart to cut is 20 lbs You can do more but its a major health risk. So I guess if I were to gain 20 lbs and cut to 155 that would be fine. But how much bigger will I really be with 20 lbs?? I honestly dont see how 40 lbs is going to affect my training. BJJ and Muay Thai are styles that can be used by any weight class. Anyways im not 100% im gonna want to gain 40 lbs anyways. Ill just start gaining and see if I get to a point that I feel is the right place to stay.
  12. Im sorry but Ive got the ultimate human weapon out there. And here he is... You really cant beat that.
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