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  1. I have a feeling they will make a big deal about his diet. At first at least but once hes kickin ass they wont have much more to say.
  2. if you gave me at least an address as to where youre at i can get you directions to the hospital
  3. I wasnt at the Nutshell but HI anyways
  4. Send me something organic. Flavor doesnt matter as long as its not liquorice.
  5. You cant easily have your tubes tied at a young age.
  6. ARE YOU MOCKING ME!!11!!eleven!!? j/k lol i would never even dream of doing something like that. Im totally convinced of the conspiracy myself.
  7. Im just glad you guys got over the talk about your toothpaste
  8. Oh so you dont have a certain amount of items that you can get discounted a month?
  9. No I meant Elder to be kind...in reality you are much older.
  10. Why not buy them full price so you dont have to waste your discount?
  11. Wait that isnt the best solution?? Jeez I should prob stop punching out middle schoolers then.
  12. Def not just a lifetime goal. I guess if im not gaining weight fast enough I can always modify my diet to achieve this goal. Then again ill prob just see how my body is changing and if I like where im at ill just stick with what im doing. The only reason I was wanting to gain that much is I want to fight (MMA) at a higher weight class. Also the same weight class for BJJ tournaments. Right now i with a little bit of a weight cut i would be fighting at 145 lb. So anyways I guess Ill just see how its going then go from there.
  13. That really is great. Good Luck in your journey!
  14. I figured that would be the case. I just cant afford to lose weight! I actually want to put on about 40 lbs and I want to do at least a 75% RAW diet. So ANY tips would be great!
  15. I noticed alot of people say that a mostly RAW diet has helped them lose weight. I really dont think I should be losing any weight. In fact that is the exact opposite of what I want to do. Im sure this wouldnt be the case I was just wondering.
  16. Welcome!! And trust me if you have any questions on just about anything youll find somebody on here that can answer it.
  17. This is about what I want to look like. Rich "ACE" Franklin, this pic is at weigh ins before a fight so thats the main reason he looks so cut. I would just have to gain a good 40 lbs of muscle, totally doable.
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