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  1. I found this great site that posts the big fights. http://www.mmalinker.com/ It even still has Coture VS Ganzaga on there. So if youve missed a fight thats the place to go. Just a small tip though when it says "unable to stream video," right underneath that will say"go directly to hosting sight" just click that and itll take you to the site with the fight on it. It took me a bit to figure that out.
  2. Could you imagine trying to eat that much butter!?!
  3. now all you need is powdered jelly and youve got it made!
  4. Well we used to have a Mac Danzig video on here but its been pulled so heres a new one since hes gonna be fighting in the UFC. Vegan Power!
  5. Well good luck!! And keep us updated.
  6. How are you liking it so far? I must admit its a lot more veg friendly than my hometown of Roseburg. I like it a lot. I have been here before. Eugene is one of the most Vegan friendly places in Oregon. Way better than Salem. Also it is cool because it is easy to get around by walking,bike (many bike paths and many of the roads have bike lanes as well), and bus. Eugene has quite a few natural food stores ( I live right down the street from Sundance ). Not sure how many veg related groups there are,but I know EVEN is here and SETA is here as well. Are you going to school? I am going to LCC for a year and then U of O. If you have never been to Sweet Life Pâtisserie you need to check it out. They aren't 100% Vegan,but their Vegan desserts are awesome!! They also serve other things such as cold drinks,coffee,tea, etc. They have really good hours also (7 am to 11 pm on weekdays and 8am to 11 pm on weekends). I actually have been to Sweet Life before. It was delicious! Lotus Garden is another delicious vegan restaurant. Its def in my top list. Im also going to LCC for a year then transfering to UofO. At the end of this school year Ill be graduating with my Associates so i plan on going to UofO because I hear they have an awesome language program (French is my major).
  7. I always loved Reubens, mmm im gonna have to try this one out cause it sounds delicious.
  8. Add some mushrooms to that and i think you would have the perfect pita!
  9. That sounds quite delicious! Making me hungry.
  10. Only if its made with Banannaise instead of just Vegannaise!!
  11. So are you saying the next VV might be on a cruise?? If you decide to do this im sooo there.
  12. How are you liking it so far? I must admit its a lot more veg friendly than my hometown of Roseburg.
  13. Def! Oh yea and youll have to let me know the next time you plan a UFC get together. Ill want to be there
  14. you have internet tho I was pretty amped about the new season, but after reading this, I'm even more amped! Hope he does well, and I hope he didn't have to compromise his diet. I wonder if he won't be cutting weight as much as a lot of the other guys to get to 170. I don't know how much he cut to get to 155. I guess we'll find out. Of course I can't weight to see the Matts fight at the finale. I'd like to see Serra win so GSP can avenge his loss and regain the belt. Wait a minute whats the internet?!?! Lol do you think ill be able to find the fights online? Thats the main part i like to see. I suppose i can find out results online at least.
  15. Awesome hope to see you soon!
  16. Well BJ Penn did the exact same thing against Jens Pulver. The only difference is Jens didnt go out. It was obvious BJ held that RNC a little longer than needed. Ron I think youre right they must be making an example of Babalu.
  17. I just moved up here so I was wondering how many people lived either in Eugene or close to it.
  18. I just wanted to thank everybody that contributes to this forum. Im a member to a couple other different forums and all they do is bash on each other and talk ALOT of crap. Its quite frustrating honestly but when I come here all I read is pure support for one another and its GREAT!! Anyways thank you all.
  19. BJJVegan


    I like to run in the rain too! Then again i live in Oregon. If i didnt want to run in the rain i wouldnt be able to run very much, lol.
  20. Ok assuming Hendo beats Rampage does anybody else think he'll go after Anderson Silva? I mean to me its a logical choice and would be a great fight. Although there is quite a bit of competition in the 205 lb weight class so he might be a bit busy defending the 205 title (assuming he beats Rampage).
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