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  1. Mir was only vegan before the Crocop fight, and the Diaz bros eat chicken and fish sometimes. Ben Saunders (Bellator title contender) is vegan. Tim Bradley, the guy who just beat Paquiao (highly contested, I know) follows a vegan diet during training camps. Aaron Simpson, UFC welterwight, is a vegetarian. Matt Wiman, UFC lightweight, is a vegetarian. Also, the aformentioned Danzig, Fitch, and Shields. Yes, the list keeps growing and growing. I'm really surprised Tim Bradley isn't getting more attention...
  2. Mac looked to be in great form against Escudero. Looked strong and skills were sharp as well.
  3. It's not just a diet for me, either. I still don't like the word.
  4. I hate that word. It makes it sound like I'm in a cult or like I'm some crazy religous zealot. I don't eat animals, but I'm just a regular person like everyone else. Whenever I get asked about what I eat, I just tell people Im on a strict "plant based diet". I feel much more comfortable saying it that way. It just comes across better. Anyone else share these feelings?
  5. Awesome! How cool would it be for a vegan to beat Paquiao? That would be huge.
  6. As gross and ridiculous as it sounds, if it means less animals have to suffer, I'm all for it.
  7. Good to hear! I think the most common problem when people try a vegan diet is that they just don't consume enough calories.
  8. Try eating more fruit. And I mean a lot more. That should help with energy. Also consider a vegan meal replacement shake, most are gluten free. Perhaps you can find an english speaking doctor and get some blood work done.
  9. I ride every weekday. Anywhere from 80 to 180 miles a week, every week, all year round. I too, was under the assumption that any cross training would be detrimental to cycling performance and recovery. At the start of the year I decided to start incorperating a kettlebell strength circuit into my life, just to improve my overall health, strength, and physique. I've put on about 15lbs since then, but I'm also faster on the bike, especially climbs.
  10. Another update. Weighed in at 185.2 lbs today. Feeling better than ever. I'm definitely hooked now. I've gotten much better at blasting through the kettlebell circuit with intensity. I'm going to have to switch up the movements soon so things don't stagnate. Time to start practicing some of the more challenging kettlebell maneuvers. I'd like to keep the circuit format though. I really love the strength training/cardio blast combination that it provides.
  11. Wow, I definitely won't be buying a thing else from garden of life. That is very deceptive of them.
  12. Perhaps its time to consult a sports medicine professional.
  13. Thanks, Robert. I'm def taking advantage of this. On bodybuilding.com, they have two different listings for vega protein. One is 22 servings and one is 24. They are the same price. Perhaps this was an error. Anyway, good deal.
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