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  1. What about Lysine? Would Lysine content make a difference? theres seems to be a huge difference in Lysine from Brown rice and Whey protein.
  2. whats your (regular and cut) diet like? (carbs/oils/fruit consumption/macros, etc) looking strong!
  3. lepiante, that is amazing insight, thank you! when you say fatty fruits for fats, do you mean olive oil and coconut milk/oil?
  4. Hi could someone give me advice on what I could be doing better diet wise please? I am toying with different carb/protein/fat ratios and i think I've lost my way! This is what I eat on a typical day: Breakfast: My veg blend smoothie: 1 banana, some berries, protein powder, 1 cup cooked quinoa, beatroot, celery, carrot, kale, ginger, 1Tbsp ground flaxseed. Mid-morning snack: some fruit typically, an apple,orange and banana. Lunch: Brown rice and tomato kidney beans or brown rice and lentils with added fats (1 Tbsp almonds and 1 Tbsp pumpkin seeds) Mid-afternoon snack: another apple Pre-dinner: more fruit, possibly a protein and fruit shake. Dinner: Big dry salad with cooked chickpeas in tomato sauce and 1/2 an avocado. The dinner is new as I was having another protein (beans/lentils) with grain (brown rice) meal but wasn't sure having grains at every meal is good or bad? I'm not currently using oils, trying to get my fats from nuts/seeds/avocados, seeing how it goes anyway. Exercise wise I'm doing (or trying to get back into I should say) daily fasted cardio (before breakfast) and full body weight training twice a week. I have seen some gains (I can see my abs under certain lighting) but wanting some more definition but still enough energy to train/work/live. Anyone got any improvement suggestions? Is it helpful to have grains at every meal? Do i need to eat more calories? All constructive feedback is welcome.
  5. I started using this few weeks ago: http://www.vitashine-d3.com/ I didnt realise how deficient I was, feel lots better and having better sleep too.
  6. my current workout jams include down to nothing and GIVE.
  7. I was going to suggest this, I noticed recently with myself when I cut out a lot of sources of carbs that my belly seems more cut. can either of you elaborate on this carbs and what you define as ok carbs? I eat fruit, veggies, beans/legumes and grains wise rice, quinoa, buckwheat and oats and am thinking of cutting out the rice.
  8. Awesome results. keep up the good work! Good to see lots of fruit in the mix and working for you too. I got a few quick questions; do you use any oils in cooking your food? Also is that breakfast#1 OR breakfast#2 or do you have both in one day? good ol' seattle...love the place for vegan treats! wayward cafe and is the pizza place across the road. well it used to be til i gave up the vegan (mock meat) junk food!
  9. for the high carb fans (including the OP), could you define carbs and which are OK and ones to avoid please. I have fruits, brown rice, oats and quinoa. Also nice work OP. keep it up!
  10. I guess I'll put this in the recipe thread.... so having spent way too much than I would like on protein powders, i was thinking; using the example brown rice protein. Surely it cannot be powdered brown rice (wholefood) minus the fibre (and somehow fat) right? That would make the assumption that the carbs are the fibre and the fat, i dont know how that is extracted. So my question is does anyone know how protein powder is made and/or have a recipe to make their own protein powder? Coming from wholefood sources, I imagine vegan protein powder, soy, pea, hemp, brown rice powders would be easier to make than say whey powder.
  11. After experimenting for a little while I am too coming to this conclusion. high carb, medium protein and low fat is where its at! good luck to the original poster on 801010, i toyed with it earlier this year and may go back to it. Just make sure you're getting enough "protein" foods (e.g. greens for 801010).
  12. I'm not sure what you're diet is like but when I started working out and saw a personal trainer, he had me on a 'low carb' vegan diet. I got so cranky it was unreal. I was miserable. I'm still not sure whether it was undereating calories or not enough carbs, but grabbing a piece of fruit(s) when I start to feel like has helped LOADS
  13. Thank you Mini Forklift, appreciate the input. What are the better/healthier oils you're referring to? Heres my (i)logic; I understand many people see canola(rapeseed) oil as rancid, due to it processing (very high heating, denaturing the rapseseed), but it has higher omega 3 content than coconut oil. Whereas coconut oil is pressed (more natural processing), has MCT and is touted as good for weight loss but is high in artery-clogging saturated fat. So today i did some research and figured that a better oil would be pressed (not destroyed in processing) and lower in saturated fats, which led me to think a high fat nut or fruit oil, would be best for cooking e.g. virgin macadamia oil or virgin avocado oil. I'll admit, i dont fancy going back to canola now from what I've read but i don't want to clog my arteries up either with coconut oil. So does anyone use these, macadamia or avocado oil? Tim Ferris mentions macadamia oil in 4 hour body and avocado oil seems to have a better 'fats' profile than macadamia.
  14. whats funny? trying to debate with science and i haven't been convinced otherwise. just trying out different things. be your own guinea pig, etc.
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