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  1. What to eat before and after exercise was very helpful for. I try to combine and 90% raw diet with 10% cooked vegan. I'm training for my first figure so this was particularly helpful! THANK YOU!!!
  2. This was an awesome "challenge" The best thing was that if forced me to really think about my workouts and food intake. I'm training for my first figure this June so that's really important - and now I realize how much! Also, it was great to see what other are doing and what works for them. New ideas are always awesome!
  3. This was an awesome "challenge" The best thing was that if forced me to really think about my workouts and food intake. I'm training for my first figure this June so that's really important - and now I realize how much! Also, it was great to see what other are doing and what works for them. New ideas are always awesome!
  4. Tried the vega pre-workout shake & protein - loved them! Dumbell chest press Lateral chest press on stability ball Push ups - feet on stability ball Bicep curls with band & weights Ab work Should is "aggravated" but not in paid. I've been doing the stretches and rotator cuff exercise the doc gave me. I know the tendonitis is getting better Diet: Green smoothie - scoop protein, raw cocoa (I'm addicted to it!), almond mylk, spinach, banana, blueberries & strawberries Choc chia pudding & hemp seeds Lentil soup with rice & salad Oatmeal vega Pre-workout drink Post workout - vega seitan, sweet spud & a bunch of broccoli
  5. today was a rest day. Tomorrow chest, bics & abs. Gonna switch my workout a bit this week. Excited to try Vega pre-workout performance before my AM workout!
  6. cardio - 35 min high intensity on the treadmill My diet wasn't that great today. Weekend are always a challenge since there is less structure in the day Green Smoothie Apple, avocado, sprouts on toast Tempeh salad Quinoa with banana Protein shake Popcorn
  7. I love training shoulders! Shoulders are important in figure and I can see the results faster in my shoulders than anywhere else. So excting!
  8. rest day Diet: Green smoothie: Raw cocoa, protein powder, strawberries, spinach, oats cabbage & chickpea salad Salad, romaine, edamame, sprouts - raw tomato dressing hummus & carrots protein shakes vegan burrito
  9. Your journal is great! What are your goals (fitness, competition?) just curious. Also, how do you track your calories, protein, carbs? I think I'd have more success if I did that.
  10. Upright rows Lateral raises rear Delt rows w/ rope Rear delt flyes Tricep pull downs kickbacks Diet pre workout - Quinoa with banana and almond mylk Postworkout protein shake Super bowl Cabbage & chickpea salad salad with romaine, edamame, sesame & pumpkin seeds sauteed Seitan & mushrooms, kale, brown rice
  11. But day!!!! 1 legged squats - smith machine rear leg lifts with cables squats with ball between the knees Lunges Diet: Green juice w/Spirulina Green Smoothie w/ vega, coconut mylk, oats, spinach strawberry Superbowl - chia & hemp seeds with apple & coconut mylk Tempeh & Sweet spud Post workout protein shake vegan burrito
  12. B-N- Healthy is the number one thing. And gearing up for my first figure comp! SOOO excited. I gotta go - gotta hit the weights!
  13. Today was a rest day. My calves and back are on fire from previous workouts - LOVE IT!!! Diet Green Smoothie - spinach, oats, orange vailla protein powder Super bowl: Chia & hem seed with apple and coconut mylk Cabbage salad with sunflower seeds, chickpeas & shrooms apple & almonds Protein shake Vegan burrito for dinner - can't wait - leaving work now!
  14. No I don't take anything. I probably should - But I hate the idea of taking pills... I have been told that healthy fats help with cartilage cushion - in particular coconut oil. I add it to my smoothies or cook with it.
  15. Did legs today. Going light since I'm training for figure and my thighs are big alreay hamstring curls Calf raises abductor & adductor on the ropes leg press plyos on the step Diet: Preworkout - oatmeal with protein powder Postworkout - hemp protien shake kale salad with gimmie lean sausage, white means and rice 2 clemintines Burrito (gimmie lean sausage, beans and sweet spuds with enchillada sauce) SUPER YUM!
  16. It's VERY yummy and Claudia Lailhacar's recipe - Highly recommend it! http://www.claudialailhacar.ca/PDF_recipes/Country_'Meatloaf'_With_golden_gravy.pdf
  17. Back & Bic's today: close grip rows Barbell upright rows Wide grip pull ups Close grip pull ups rows Diet - Was really hungry today... Pre-workout: Oatmeal with protein powder Post-workout: Hemp protein with coconut mylk Green smoothie - choc protein, romaine, stawberry, maca & Cocoa Veg bean soup & Golden beet salad Oatmeal with almonds 2 clementines Vegan meatloaf w/ Gravy, rice, peas & corn Still feeling hungry - Chocolate protein shake with rice mylk
  18. Becoming vegan has improved my health 10fold!!! In addition to that I have continued to do more research on what goes in my mouth and on my body. I am much more conscience of the the earth and animals and the world around me. I also find that I am more "in touch" with myself - I feel physically cleaner an therefore think more clear. I may wax and wane between raw vegan and cooked vegan. however I'll NEVER go back to a carnivore lifestyle...
  19. 35 min cardio on precore Diet: Post workout smoothie - spinach, sunwarrior, cocoa, spirulina, banana & strawberries Superbowl chia seeds, & hemp seeds, rice mylk, apple salad - greens, sprouts, tomato, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, homemade cucumber dressing Raw yogurt with sunwarrior protein Protein shake Seitan salad wth peas, sprouts & avacado & Flax seed oil
  20. My toughest workout was the one I had to go light and end early because my shoulder was injured. I wanted to push through because I have a goal - and didn't want to feel like I was cheating my workout. however, my username and email is bnhealthy - because B - N - Healthy is my number one goal above all else.
  21. Felt great to be back in the game! Awesome workout and clean eating today! 4 sets - increasing weight each set Dumbbell bent over row close grip seated row Delt pulls with Rope tricep pull downs Tricep kickbacks dumbbell bicep curl Barbbell bicep curls Core work Diet Pre-workout: Oatmeal with sunwarrior vanilla Homemade coconut yogurt with sunwarrior protein powder Golden Beet salad with microgreens and protein shake Snack - protien shake Dinner - Home made vegetable bean soup
  22. Ok haven't posted in a few days - it's hard to remember. Knee is holding up - still going lite though because I have really thick legs Jan 8- 3 circuits - increasing weight each circuit. Leg press Smith machine 1 legged squats hamsting curls Hamstring lifts with ball calf press (using leg press) Jan 6 - cardio Jan 7 Rest day Jan 8 - 4 circuits 5 min warm on bike Legs leg press Hamstring curl 2 min jumprope Adductors abductors 2 min jump rope Abs on the decline w/ 2lb ball calf raises
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