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  1. Tried the vega pre-workout shake & protein - loved them!


    Dumbell chest press

    Lateral chest press on stability ball

    Push ups - feet on stability ball

    Bicep curls with band & weights

    Ab work


    Should is "aggravated" but not in paid. I've been doing the stretches and rotator cuff exercise the doc gave me. I know the tendonitis is getting better



    Green smoothie - scoop protein, raw cocoa (I'm addicted to it!), almond mylk, spinach, banana, blueberries & strawberries

    Choc chia pudding & hemp seeds

    Lentil soup with rice & salad


    vega Pre-workout drink

    Post workout - vega

    seitan, sweet spud & a bunch of broccoli

  2. Today was a rest day. My calves and back are on fire from previous workouts - LOVE IT!!!



    Green Smoothie - spinach, oats, orange vailla protein powder

    Super bowl: Chia & hem seed with apple and coconut mylk

    Cabbage salad with sunflower seeds, chickpeas & shrooms

    apple & almonds

    Protein shake

    Vegan burrito for dinner - can't wait - leaving work now!

  3. Did legs today. Going light since I'm training for figure and my thighs are big alreay


    hamstring curls

    Calf raises

    abductor & adductor on the ropes

    leg press

    plyos on the step



    Preworkout - oatmeal with protein powder

    Postworkout - hemp protien shake

    kale salad with gimmie lean sausage, white means and rice

    2 clemintines

    Burrito (gimmie lean sausage, beans and sweet spuds with enchillada sauce) SUPER YUM!

  4. Back & Bic's today:


    close grip rows

    Barbell upright rows

    Wide grip pull ups

    Close grip pull ups



    Diet - Was really hungry today...


    Pre-workout: Oatmeal with protein powder

    Post-workout: Hemp protein with coconut mylk

    Green smoothie - choc protein, romaine, stawberry, maca & Cocoa

    Veg bean soup & Golden beet salad

    Oatmeal with almonds

    2 clementines

    Vegan meatloaf w/ Gravy, rice, peas & corn

    Still feeling hungry - Chocolate protein shake with rice mylk

  5. Becoming vegan has improved my health 10fold!!! In addition to that I have continued to do more research on what goes in my mouth and on my body. I am much more conscience of the the earth and animals and the world around me.


    I also find that I am more "in touch" with myself - I feel physically cleaner an therefore think more clear. I may wax and wane between raw vegan and cooked vegan. however I'll NEVER go back to a carnivore lifestyle...

  6. 35 min cardio on precore



    Post workout smoothie - spinach, sunwarrior, cocoa, spirulina, banana & strawberries

    Superbowl chia seeds, & hemp seeds, rice mylk, apple

    salad - greens, sprouts, tomato, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, homemade cucumber dressing

    Raw yogurt with sunwarrior protein

    Protein shake

    Seitan salad wth peas, sprouts & avacado & Flax seed oil

  7. Felt great to be back in the game! Awesome workout and clean eating today!


    4 sets - increasing weight each set

    Dumbbell bent over row

    close grip seated row

    Delt pulls with Rope

    tricep pull downs

    Tricep kickbacks

    dumbbell bicep curl

    Barbbell bicep curls

    Core work



    Pre-workout: Oatmeal with sunwarrior vanilla

    Homemade coconut yogurt with sunwarrior protein powder

    Golden Beet salad with microgreens and protein shake

    Snack - protien shake

    Dinner - Home made vegetable bean soup

  8. Ok haven't posted in a few days - it's hard to remember.


    Knee is holding up - still going lite though because I have really thick legs


    Jan 8-

    3 circuits - increasing weight each circuit.

    Leg press

    Smith machine 1 legged squats

    hamsting curls

    Hamstring lifts with ball

    calf press (using leg press)


    Jan 6 - cardio


    Jan 7 Rest day


    Jan 8 - 4 circuits

    5 min warm on bike


    leg press

    Hamstring curl

    2 min jumprope



    2 min jump rope


    Abs on the decline w/ 2lb ball

    calf raises

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