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  1. I LOVE seitan, peas and mashed sweet spud, Kombucha tops it off!
  2. Jan 5 Knee is holding up - still going lite though because I have really thick legs 3 circuits - increasing weight each circuit. Leg press Smith machine 1 legged squats hamsting curls Hamstring lifts with ball calf press (using leg press) Diet: preworkout oatmeal with sunwarrior protein a few goji berries Postworkout - protein smoothie w/ banana & swiss chard Cabbage with lemon little oil & hemp seeds/ Vegan meatloaf Large salad with sprouts and homemade dressing protein shake - 2 scoops sunwarrior Setian & gravy, greenbeans, salad with avocado & homemade dressing
  3. Ok, first day back to work - yuck! I wish I could just train for the competition full time. My knee is holding up however, I'm REALLY worried that I've hurt my shoulder. Going to ice it tonight. Workout: 35 min cardio - precore Diet Post cardio smoothie - spinach, 2 scoops sun warrior, tbls cocoa, oats, maca superbowl - small apple, 4tbls hemp seed, 2 tbls chia seed, almond mylk Vegan meatloaf, gravy with raw cabbage & hempseeds Huge salad with sprouts & pumpkins seeds and homemade dressing Protien shake - hemp, sunwarrior Flax crackers and homemade vegetable bean
  4. Jan 2. Today's was a great workout. I went a little light since I was doing legs and didn't want to over tax my bad knee. 4 circuits - increasing weight each circuit. 5 min of cardio on the bike at about 75% MHR Smith machine squats Squats w dumbbells hamsting curls Deadlifts calf press (using leg press) Diet: Lg green soothie, 2 scoops sunwarrior, spinach, strawberries, 1/3 C oats Post workout protein shake: Hemp protein, sunwarrior & Spirulina - BCAA's & Glutamine Large salad with hemp seeds, sunflower seeds and raw dressing Vegan meatloaf (Claudia's recipe SUPER YUM!) & broccoli Green smoothie - Sunwarrior choc protein, 1 TBLS cocoa, romaine lettuce, straberries Setian & green beans
  5. Felt great to be back in the game! Awesome workout and clean eating today! Dumbbell bent over row close grip seated row bench press dumbbell overhead press lateral dumbbell flys tricep pull downs dumbbell bicep curl 4 circuits of each - increasing weight each time/ 5min of cardio at 75% MHR between each circuit' 4 sets of ab curls on the ball Diet Green juice laced w. spirulina Green smoothie - 2 scoops of sunwarrior, spinach, tbls Cocoa, 1banana, 1/3 C of oats Superbowl - small apple, 2 TBLS chia seed, 4 TBLS hemp seed 1C raw almond mylk Postworkout shake - 2 scoops sunwarrior, 4 TBLS Hemp protien, Glutamine and BCAAs Large salad with 3C lettuce, 1/2 small avocado, bunch of spouts, pumkin seed, mato and homemade creamy apple dressing Sunwarrior choc protien shake Seitan & Brocolli
  6. Hi Kimberly! My name is Bridget. I also have knee issues so am learning to modify exercises. And I also have issues with the directions. I haven't figured out how to upload a pic either As far as content - As I understand, what you posted if fine. Oh, and to "Sign-up" we did have to send an email. I did that but haven' heard anything else... Maybe tomorrow. Good luck!
  7. Thanks for setting up this challenge - it's awesome to know that you're not alone in this sometimes challenging journey. My goal is to compete in my first figure competition in July/Aug 2012. I didn't think I'd be affected by the holiday - but OH BOY! I've gotten off track with diet for sure! Yikes! It's ok -I'm cleansing today and my delivery of organic fruits and veggies will be coming and I'll do weekly meal planning. My other challenge is a "gimpy" knee. I had surgery in March 2011 and it still hasn't healed properly. I'm doing PT plus weights (Have Dr's clearance to train). My other goal is to be more conscience of my protein intake. I think I'll have more gains if I do. I follow a mostly raw-vegan diet so I know I get enough protein for the average person. However for the muscle gains I need - I think I need to increase my (raw) protein shakes. Here I go!!!
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