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  1. Thank you so much! I just checked out her website and she does give some great tips on how to work out while pregnant. I had no idea it decreases your chance for miscarriage, I thought it was just the opposite. I'll check it out some more. Getting back in the gym tonight!
  2. Since nobody actually knows me on this site, I can tell you- I'm two months pregnant!! So that's why I have been completely exhausted and super hungry scarfing down carbs. Any advice out there for someone who is trying to be careful while still being healthy? I'm now 35 and considered a more high risk pregnancy. I literally can't stop eating and it's not cravings, it deep in the pit starving. Any help is much appreciated because I haven't been to the gym since Friday (I did walk 2 miles on Saturday). I don't want to get all mushy, I just want to protect my baby. Thanks
  3. Well, I figured out why I was so tired and now adjusting myself accordingly. I went for a walk on Saturday- 2 miles in the fresh air- it was really nice. I have been eating alot of carbs so need to adjust my eating too- Will be going to the gym tonight and run/walking and weight lifting.
  4. Today is my day off! woot woot! felt kind of gross this morning so didn't feel like eating. had bean burrito for lunch. Dinner- not sure yet.
  5. Thanks Karen- working through it! Tonight is workout night- 30 minutes of cardio and then some weight training, not sure what I'm doing yet but I know I'm probably doing squats, arms and tummy (and pushups, I'm sure). Had oatmeal with some blackstrap molasses for breakfast and falafel sandwich (not the best choice) for lunch. Dinner I'm looking forward to a great big salad but right now I have a headache, I feel nauseous and extremely tired. Just want to take a nap.
  6. Last night I skipped the weights and just did the running. I couldn't stand being in the gym again. What is it about the gym that drives you insane after a while? Drill Sergeant wasn't happy about me not doing the weights but I tried to just let it roll off my back. Sometimes he thinks that he's helping me but his comments about "when I do something, I do it to get results" just make me feel like a failure instead of motivating me. But that's my fault. He's not calling me a failure, I'm looking at myself negatively. So, instead I ran outside for 32 minutes, it was so amazing to be able to run outside. Granted, I run slower outside but I still ran. My eating has been awful since last Friday. The super bowl killed me with the cake and ice cream and then yesterday my co-workers took me out for lunch and I had a veggie burger and fries and chocolate sundae. Today I ate Kashi cereal with almond milk. Lunch - I ordered brown rice and veggie/tofu thai curry but I got white rice instead. I don't want to fall back into bad habits so I'm squashing it now. Back to healthy. Tonight is no workout but I think I might do the Wii or something just to keep moving.
  7. Thanks for stopping by and for your encouragement! Have a great time in Vegas- don't go too crazy!!
  8. Thanks for the encouragement- I do have to admit that my clothes are a little looser, darn that evil scale!!!
  9. I'm seriously tired this morning. I stayed up reading a book I couldn't put down till 1am and up at 7. Worked out this weekend and it was the first time in a while that I've been sore so it was good!! I started doing pushups- drill sergeant was relentless telling me that I have to do 50 even though I couldn't even do 1. So they were short pumps in the air followed by gasping and falling to the mat. But by 50, I actually think I did a full push up. I'll get better. No weight loss not sure what I'm doing really wrong. I'm being extremely disciplined (except this weekend)- 1200-1300 calories at the most every day (unless it's a workout day and then I eat a couple hundred more). This is the kind of thing that discourages me from continuing. If I'm not going to lose weight, why try? I sound like a total whiner but it's seriously discouraging to be doing so much work for NOTHING. I've been doing this since January 1st and I'm still at the exact same weight. What am I doing wrong? Maybe I need to just go completely raw vegan (which really is unrealistic because I won't stick to it). I'm going to make some changes this week and I hope to see results. This weekend kind of ruined everything because I just let it all go. This journey is a tough one but I have to keep trying.
  10. It looks more complicated than it actually is. It was basically just putting the sweet potatoes and peppers in the oven and let it soften. Meanwhile mix up the ingredients for the dough- roll it out then when the sweet potatoes and peppers are soft, peel them and mush. It tasted amazing but it was too thick- I need a better rolling pin and tons of flour so it doesn't stick to the counter. I think super thin is the key .
  11. http://www.petitekitchenesse.com/2011/12/03/vegan-sweet-potato-coconut-milk-roasted-chili-ravioli/ Check it out- it's all vegan (she's not vegan but makes things vegan sometimes). Mine didn't turn out as pretty- it was my first time making it but I think the trick is to roll out the dough extremely thin. Anyway, workout yesterday was soooo lazy. I told my drill sergeant I didn't want to work out and he made me do it anyway (ok, I gave in). 10 minutes on the elliptical 20 minutes on the treadmill at 5.0 4 different arm exercises squats 75 sit ups I really need to add in more tummy stuff because it isn't making me sore anymore. More situps won't work. It's FRIDAY!!!! Can't wait for the end of the day.
  12. Yesterday was my day off- made my own pasta- for the first time- whole wheat and spelt flour. It was good. Ate well yesterday except I think I ate one too many ravioli's. Tonight is training night. Not sure what I'm doing yet because the drill sergeant will be there. Will post more tomorrow.
  13. Thanks Karen- I read your other post too and commented there So last night I went to the gym minus my drill sergeant and did 10 minutes elliptical and then 30 minutes running at 5-5.5. It felt really good and I did allow myself a few minutes walking time. I did leg lifts for abdominals and then the abdominal machine which doesn't seem to work very well. I also focused on arms last night. Got on the scale and I'm back down to 143 from 145 two weeks ago! Finally it's going down. Not weighing myself again till the 10th so I can see if I go down to 139- if not it's ok. I would love to lose 3 lbs by my birthday but I need to just relax and let it happen. Goals are great but it's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen. Here's to the next 10 days!
  14. Karen, Thanks for the encouragement. I do hope all is well with your mom, I completely forgot to mention that in my post above. What you're saying makes sense, will try to incorporate a little more "Leeway" and not get so hard on myself if I don't stay right at 1200 calories. And of course, I'm going to keep going far into February and hopefully March, etc. until I reach my goal (and probably afterwards too!).
  15. I'm reading everyone's fitness journals and realizing that they are training sometimes 2 hours. Am I not doing enough? I need to lose 20 lbs (or become a size 4 whichever comes first). My workouts are usually 1 hour maybe 1:15. I will do the extra 10 minutes of the elliptical and do the 30 minutes of running but maybe that's not enough to meet my goal by June .
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