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  1. It must have been something I ate sounds interesting. Will have to check it out!
  2. Hi Slizzle- I've been vegetarian for a while and vegan only recently but I am sure you're welcome as a veggie either way- that's why I decided to be vegan- from sites like this. I'm not really knowledgeable about men's fitness but I do know that Brendan Brazier has some great information in his book Thrive (he's a vegan athlete) and I think that Robert Cheeke has a vegan bodybuilding book. I learned about real nutrition from Brendan and only recently learned about Robert. I would read as much as you can on it- plus this site is an incredible resource!
  3. I just started my boxing classes- along with the gym. Any girls out there that are vegan doing boxing? I read this morning that it's a lean-muscle building workout which is exactly what I want. I don't want huge muscles, just lean defined ones.
  4. You should check it out! Most of them offer one or two classes for free- So, yesterday I ate really well- I think I may have gone over my calorie goal by 50 or so but I'm not sweating it as the day before I was under. For breakfast yesterday, I had again, oatmeal and a tbsp of blackstrap molasses. Snack: Seaweed snacks Lunch: Quinoa and Mung Beans Snack: Starfruit and some peanuts Snack: 1/2 a Odwalla greens Dinner: Kale and 1/2 a tofurky sausage with some sesame seeds and onions and olive oil. Gym: (Can I let it be known that I can't stand it when young teenagers are in the gym at my apt? They are forbidden from being there because they aren't there to work out- they are there to play). I need to learn to be more open to the young people- if we aren't open to them to teach them, who will? My husband is so amazing, instead of getting angry, he talks to them, invites them to work out with him. Anyway, back on track: 30 minutes of treadmill at 5.0-6.0. It was a good run, I just wish I was more entertained. Back Leg raises, sit ups, lunges, back arms and arms curls (I'm not even sure of the name, I'm just guessing) all 5 sets of 12. Last night after the gym, I felt like i had been abused but I actually don't feel too terrible today. Tomorrow might be another story. The best part? My jeans fit perfectly this morning!
  5. Well the boxing was amazing! Yes, going to a boxing gym- it's a great place to go because they care about you, don't make you feel embarrassed for doing it wrong and really want to see you succeed. So, yesterday i ate very weird. Breakfast was normal- banana and oatmeal then some seaweed snacks. Lunch was a huge salad with garbanzo beans and veggies with some mediterranean dressing. Afternoon snack was two funky monkey dried fruit (80 calories between the two). Dinner after Boxing (AMAZING CLASS- Kicked my butt but it wasn't tooo overwhelming) was a Vega Shake with a banana and almond milk. Scale is finally going back down. Last week I was at 144-145 and today I'm at 143 (with more muscle I'm sure). Today is a really good day. Tonight- I am in the gym with the hubby hoping he makes me run and nothing else but I don't think I'm that lucky
  6. Wow- I really need to work out more- I keep fighting the feeling that people shouldn't have to be in the gym longer than an hour but maybe hard work requires a little more in the beginning! I'll try to remember how long you work out when I'm angry that I have to run for 30 minutes
  7. I'm soooo tired this morning. Last night's gym was a little lazy. I did the work but didn't give it my all. Instead of running hard for 30 minutes, I did 5 minutes on the elliptical, then my weights: arms last night and tummy. Back on the treadmill for 10 minutes but I have to be honest, I walked. Then another 10 minutes on the elliptical. I think I'm a little bored- However, TONIGHT is boxing!! Woot Woot- I'm super excited because boxing is one of those things that make you feel like you're powerful (or make you realize how weak you are haha). I am going to try a few different boxing classes to see which one I like. It depends on the teacher, the class, the cost (of course) but I think I would be willing to pay well if it's a great class. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow.
  8. I'm learning that now- about the scale. It's a tough lesson when we all have grown to rely on the scale. Good luck in your journey!
  9. Wow- it's amazing that you stuck with it for so long- I tried insanity and when I didn't see results after 30 days, I gave up- I'm not doing my own fitness regimen but this is so inspiring!
  10. Wow, so impressed by your results in only a year! I am hoping to drop 10-20 lbs by June- have cut out most of the processed crap but it still sneaks its way in there sometimes. I find it's just easier to cook everything at home because if I eat out, I can't control what I'm putting in my mouth!
  11. yum- mashed potatoes!! I just made a Leek Soup with Sweet Potatoes (note to self- don't mix sweet with savory). It didn't work so I have had to put tons of salt and garlic powder to make it taste good- which makes it worse for me because of the salt Great job on the workouts- it really motivates me to see people actually working out on a regular basis!
  12. Week 3: Today, Tuesday, workout 30 minutes running and arms. Ate for breakfast- oatmeal and banana and coconut milk in my coffee. (Love milk alternatives- so happy I finally stocked up again!). Drinking 16 oz of water right now and my plan is to have at least 4 of them.
  13. Week 2 I'm back- I was out of town on business and so incredibly busy that I didn't have time to post! Last week I worked out: Tuesday- Ran 25 minutes and did arms Wednesday- Ran 25 minutes and did legs Sunday- ran 30 minutes and did legs- leg curls, lunges, squats and two different abdominals. I was at a conference and they actually had amazing food there- quinoa, salads, veggies, etc. but I did eat bread and drank more alcohol than I should have. Week 3 is a new week!
  14. Can you tell me more about the mentorship? I'm not sure what that is and I've seen several people talking about it.
  15. I'm just happy to know I'm not the only one that struggles with getting in the gym. This is just week one for me in bodybuilding and I'm trying to get my butt in shape. Sounds like you're doing great already, we all have a hard time with working out on the run. I am going to a conference next week for a week and I'm sort of dreading it because I'll be on my own with nobody looking over my shoulder helping me. Here's to doing it on your own!
  16. Yesterday was my rest day. I didn't realize how hard this weight training was going to be. After trying on clothes that I thought were supposed to fit me better and didn't, I was really disappointed. How can I be disappointed after only training for 4 days? This is why I give up on things so quickly, because I expect things to come so quickly and when I don't see changes, I move on to the next thing. I need to work on a goal and just see it through. Thank goodness for this forum and our blog because they are helping me to keep focused. I really don't want to exercise tonight but I am going to. Tonight we'll try the legs again, I'm not sore anymore so hopefully it will be a really positive experience. Looking forward to seeing the changes! Breakfast: Oatmeal with banana and blueberries and sunflower seeds Snack: Luna Bar Lunch: Vega Shake with banana (is it bad to eat so many bananas? maybe I'll get another fruit) Snack: Veggies with Hummus Dinner: my yummo kale saute Running: 20-40 minutes Legs and abs
  17. Wow, I'm sooo impressed. For those out there that say you can't get bulked up doing it vegan, I'm sending them right to this page! Amazing. I'm trying to do what you started out doing- losing the weight so I'm hoping that I'll have some definition (of course not as big as a guy) so that I can be alot leaner. Thanks for the inspiration!
  18. Very interesting- I have been wanting to try alternative yogurts but haven't made the leap yet. Will have to check it out
  19. I have been dying to try the Barre Method, it sounds like such a great workout but I wanted to get more fit before I actually get into it!
  20. Agreed, and if you're eating at home, you save on going out to eat! I haven't spent a dime all week on going out and I'm eating 6 meals a day.
  21. I know how you feel about being new to vegan- I have been vegetarian for about a year and a half and flirting with vegan for about 6 months. It's tough because I like cheese and once a week I eat eggs (plus all the processed crap that includes ingredients you can't pronounce!). However, this past week has been so easy! I think it's because I'm doing the 5-6 meals a day- it's so easy to stay vegan that way. I bring my food to work and keep it there - just bring in lunch if I need to. Good idea on the oats- I need to add more calories to my breakfast- I think I will buy some almond butter for next week! Good luck!
  22. Wow, it looks like you're super disciplined! Need to learn more from you
  23. Wow, I feel like a wimp after reading your workout log- looking forward to working out more!
  24. You're doing amazing! As long as you're eating healthy, you're on the right track- I'm sure you'll work it out And I like your signature
  25. Yesterday was a complete disaster. I was so sore that I could barely exercise. I ran for 20 minutes just fine, I was actually proud of myself. That's when it got bad. I did some back leg lifts but when my husband tried to make me do lunges, I couldn't move and I got so frustrated that I got mad and walked out. I sound like a total drama queen but I really wanted to do it, I literally could not go down without screaming out in pain. I realize that not every day is going to be amazing but it's so hard sometimes. I did eat just fine yesterday- the only thing that I ate that wasn't perfect is a 1/2 a tofurky italian sausage with my kale. You win some, you lose some, going to rest today and back on the wagon tomorrow!
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