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  1. I love that you're so vulnerable here Ashley. You are going to meet your goal, I totally believe in you!
  2. Yesterday, I did amazing. We went spinning for 45 minutes and I ate perfectly- despite trying to down a sliver of whole grain bread at 9pm (my husband made me spit it out). Today, it's back in the gym again for more weights- this time I think we're doing legs but I'm a little terrified because I'm so extremely sore I can barely walk. I don't know if I can do squats much less run for 20 minutes at 11 minute miles (i have short legs, don't hate). Breakfast today was oatmeal and sunflower seeds with a bit of blueberries thrown in and a dash of stevia. Snack- Vegan Luna Bar Lunch- Amy's brown rice, veggies and tofu Snack- Celery and Baba Ghanouj (or hummus, haven't decided) or a vega shake with banana Dinner- Huge mongo salad with all the fixings- avocado, apple, onion, flax seeds, olives and olive oil/braggs amino's.
  3. Ok! So it's day one though I already started yesterday by doing 15 minutes of Cardio and then 5 different exercises with at least 3 sets of 12 reps each. I feel good, ready to start my resolution! This morning, I had oatmeal with some sunflower seeds and a little bit of stevia as well as regular coffee with almond milk and stevia. For my mid-morning snack I'll be having a Vega shake with a banana and Almond milk. Tonight, my husband has free reign with me to help me exercise. I'm a bit scared but have given him 30 days to help me get results. I'm not expecting anything major but a some inches lost would be nice. I'm also looking forward to adding in some great cardio like spinning and kickboxing. Here's to the start of something great!
  4. As a team for Veg On The Run, we're doing a "Bodybuilding" challenge and figured this is a great way to start. What better way of starting a challenge than with people who know what they are doing! I am 5'1, 143lbs. Definitely could stand to lose a few but running on its own has not done anything to help me get a svelte frame. I realized recently that maybe building muscle is what was missing. I'm hoping this will help me to also eat even cleaner than I have been eating. I recently did a cleanse that really had me focused on whole foods- grains, veggies, etc. I am eating better than ever but still need to change some things. Looking forward to this challenge and helping our readers change their thinking/lives as well. Thanks Robert!
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