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  1. Phil Heath looks nice. Not that much mass, but very balanced and harmonic body, IMHO. From the top three I like Jackson the most. Do you think any of those could give Cutler or Coleman a run for their money?
  2. I thought the point of taking roids was to work harder? Since bodybuilding is purely about aesthetics and not about how you got there, drug-users don't really piss me off that much. Before you start arguing about the validity of chemical assistance in sports, I'd rather question if bodybuiling should be considered a sport. After all, who get's to be Mr Olympia boils down to the individual taste and aesthetic understanding of the judges (and politics ). I can't think of another athletic discipline where subjective taste decides over the outcome of the event.
  3. If I've ever had a certain physique as a guideline for my training, it probably belongs to the 19th-century-greats. Pandour, Hackenschmidt, Sandow, Breitbart... I like their - by todays standard - "fatty" look. They're way more balanced, IMHO, and not being cut makes them appear less aggressive and more mellow. Apart from that, I think Serge Nubret kicks ass. http://www.schwarzenegger.it/mro/nubr.jpg
  4. I'd guess http://www.intensemuscle.com/forumdisplay.php?f=45 is a good starting point. The guy who "invented" it is a member of the forum.
  5. I use a routine that consists of squat, bench press, deadlift, dips, pullups, rows, military press, snatch and high pull. Plus pec dec and calf raise thrown in for isolation. So far I've gained 6 pounds since the beginnig of the year. But if you don't start eating until the gag-reflex kicks in, you won't grow that much, compounds or no compounds. Maybe for starters just stick to your current routine and try to eat more? See what happens and then change other variables (volume, exercises choice, frequency) iny our training.
  6. Competing with other guys at the gym gets your testosterone pumping. And with 'competing' I mean just seeing them work out next to you. It's a silly primal thing, but works. If there are females around, the better.
  7. Yeah, I count out loud myself, especially the last rep. Apart from that, the ocassional swear word slips in.
  8. I think I found a way to unite every opinion in here: Kopi Luwak Jesus.
  9. Here's another URL: Wikipedia - Coffee and most importantly Effects on baldness Only 60 cups of coffee to keep my hair? Jesus Christ, I'm gonna start right now! Who knows, maybe I'll look like Braveheart next week. No, seriously, given the two links I don't see any reason to advocate the non-use of coffee. The caffeine-entry on Wikipedia makes a distinction between 'moderate consumption', 'overuse' and 'coffeine intoxication'. Maybe taking this differentiation and applying it to our discussion would be more helpful.
  10. Yeah... I didn't mention that statement because I didn't want to get your blood boiling. The thing is, why should he have an interest in dissing soy? He's not dumb, he must have picked up something from somewhere. Or so I hope.
  11. Over at T-Nation there's a summary of one of Charles Poliquins seminars, including following statement: "Asian people can absorb 96% of the soy they consume, while for Caucasians it's a paltry 16%." The article is basically just a bunch of statements whith no reference to back it up. To be fair, it wasn't written by P. himself but by a seminar attendee. Is there any truth to it? Oops, nearly forgot the link: http://www.t-nation.com/readTopic.do?id=1431471 cheers, mm
  12. What about the power clean? According to Ian King the numero uno mass building exercise. For Polliquin it's the box deadlift. I'm currently giving snatch a try, although I believe I'll need another year to perfect it. No, not perfect it, not mess it up would be more appropriate. Damn tricky.
  13. The High Pull is an olympic lift. Check it out: http://exrx.net/AnimatedEx/OlympicLifts/HighPull.gif http://exrx.net/WeightExercises/OlympicLifts/HighPull.html
  14. I'm doing high pulls, they're kind of fun plus it involves the legs too.
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