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  1. I need a week one very basic weight training program for mon, wed, fri next week.

    Will us the 12 circuit machines they have, want to tone up the entire body but more concerned about arms and chest. Will be doing a cardio on cycle these 3 days also, on Sun, Tue and Fri I will be doing a couch to 5 k program on treadmill I am in the 3rd week on.


    Any suggestions.


    I have about 90 minutes for gym in the mornings.


  2. Grapefruit,, lots of water, pinto beans and brown rice covered in fresh tomato, onion, lettuce and peppers. Family party tonight. It's my day off from exercise today.


    Tomorrow I start day 1 of the couch to 5k program, Monday I will return to gym for weights and cycling.


    Arms are really sore today can hardly bend them straight, kind of a good feeling:)


    Happy New Years to all.



  3. I would be interested in getting your feedback on alcohol being we are going to celebrate New Years. From a Vegan stand point, do you drink Vegan? What do you drink? I know there are a lot of Vegan options, but I am am leaning towards not at all. I just don't see the point of doing the work and putting that in my body. I've been a pretty good drinker in the past and was just looking for your thoughts.


    Happy New years folks!



  4. Welcome! Congrats on the incredible success!. That is fantastic, I am also plant based and love following everything I can.


    I am new here also, hope to share success stories,



  5. Thanks viciousvixenx! I'm excited about it!


    Just got back from 2 hours at gym, did 10 of the circuit machines, 30 minutes cycle, and 20 minutes sauna.



    Came home had some pinto beans I cooked in the crock pot, with onion, cumin, cayenne, garlic, paprika and brown rice. I covered it with shredded lettuce and tomato. Yum!



    Take care friend!

  6. I am excited to take part in this process and be part of this site.


    Looking forward to continue my transformation that began on July 5th, 2011. I was 226 lbs that day and started juicing for 18 days after seeing "Fat sick and nearly dead". During that process I read books The China Study, The Enzyme project, Eat to Live among others. I watched Forks over knives and all other documentaries.


    it became clear to me a plant based diet waste best choice to naturally eliminate illness and lie a long healthy life.


    I been plant based ever since and I am down to 193 lbs. I was to continue the weight loss and get my body into the best physical shape of my life.


    I am 2 weeks ink a coach to 5k program to run my first 5k in March, I have never ran in my life at the age of 49.


    I eat fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and whole grain products. No white flours, sugars, oils, salts, pop, etc....


    Looking forward to this journal. As for today, I am eating, beans rice, veggies !




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