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  1. Hey Everyone!! My name is Michele and I live in Sunny Arizona. I have been vegan for almost 3 years now. My husband is vegan, and my 3 & 4 year old girls are mostly vegan. We allow them to choose what they want to eat if we are at a restaurant or someones house. However, at home we all eat vegan . I became vegan after reading an article on chicks and eggs. From their I spiraled out of control, educated myself to all of the horrors, and made the switch. It was one of the best decisions I have made thus far. Before becoming vegan I had dropped a substantial amount of weight through exercise and diet. At my heaviest I was 213 (on a 5'2" frame), and pre-vegan I saw 145. Now I am hovering around 132 with a 20% body fat. I want so bad to see under 18% with 125lbs. I know that my workouts are good, but my kitchen knowledge is lacking. I am definitely looking for help and suggestions on how to reach my goals. Thanks
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