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  1. I honestly haven't been paying much attention to the way my muscles have been looking lately. I have been really bummed out because the scale hasn't gone down a single pound for about 4 months now. I have about at least 50 more pounds to lose, and am so ready to be thin and fit! But anyways, my boyfriend told me that my arms looked great while I was lifting today, and decided to snap a pic. I am really proud of this picture lol! Just wish it didn't look like a giant bingo arm when not flexing lmao..but I will get there in due time!!!!!



  2. Thanks for the responses! Baby Hercules- His reasons are animal cruelty and overall health and well being. It was his idea, but on my part there was a lot of encouragement. He was vegetarian for a few years a while back. He is ready to leave his old life behind, yet has some hesitations. Will take things slow, and see how it goes Today seems to be a lot better for him, so that is a plus. He has been getting a lot of good information from this site, so he feels even better about doing it.

  3. When my boyfriend first started trying a vegetarian diet, he ended up stopping and going back to eating meat, because his stomach was constantly hurting. He would have gas all day long, and it would really hurt him. He says he feels it up to his chest, and no medicines or anything helps. I have him trying vegan diet for 30 days, and its day 5 and the same thing is happening. It is not just a bit more gas, but more the painful kind, making him not even want to leave the house.


    He is miserable, saying he feels dizzy now on top of it. I really want to see him succeed at eating this way, but we are having trouble. I don't think its a gluten sensitivity or anything because he eats a lot of pasta and such on a meat eating diet.


    In a typical day he will eat fruit, lots of veggies, quinoa, beans, almond milk, cereal, rice/hemp protein shakes, whole wheat pasta, sometimes whole grain pancakes, bit of peanut butter, almonds, etc


    Thanks for reading!!

  4. I'm not sure if its the reason you are losing weight. I am not knowledgeable enough to post about that, but I just wanted to chime in that I try to avoid soy as much as I can too. It is really really hard. If you look on the back of almost everything " Contains soy" Soy lecithin, soy oil, soy protein etc etc. Its insane how much soy is in almost everything. I just wanted to let you know this, since when I first started trying to cut it out, I wasn't aware exactly how much darn soy products is in almost everything!! Good luck, and if you ever want to talk soy free recipes, let me know lol!

  5. I'm so amazingly sore today!! I feel like my calfs are deeply bruised, and going to explode lol. It is GREAT having my couple friends joining my bf and I at the gym. Great support, and mutual motivation. I worked so hard today, at the end of it just for fun, we decided to do a sprint race. During the middle, my legs gave out on me, and I fell so hard lmao. My friend also rolled on the floor...laughing Was a great time!!


    Low Row Machine- 4x24-75 lbs

    Lat pull down-4x24 -70lbs

    Db Deadlift 3x24-10lbs each arm


    Shoulder Shrugs DB 4x40-20lbs each arm

    Side raises 4x40 -5lbs each arm

    Front raises 2x20 5 lbs each arm

    Shoulder DB Press 4x40 -15lbs each arm


    DB Bicep Curl 3x20-15lbs each arm

    Hammer Curl 3x20-15 lbs each arm

    Bicep chin assist machine 3x20 180lbs

  6. Had a decent work out today. Was a bit sporadic. My couple friends who joined had their free assessment with LA fitness today, so that took a while. I did one as well and will post the results later. I am also pretty bummed, was hoping to be able to sign up for personal training sessions, but man are they expensive. I would be paying more for sessions in a month, than what my rent costs. Wish I could afford, but will do my best without! In short, did step aerobics for a few minutes, stairmaster for 10 minutes, bench presses, squats and jump roping.

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