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  1. Yes thank you!!! It was the clean and jerk video..but they were doing it a tad differently. What is that good for?
  2. I was just curious what this is called. I will describe it the best I can lol. It starts with a barbell on the ground, the person squats down and picks it up, then throws it ( hands still holding on to it) mid body, then tosses it ( hands still holding on) above their head, and then back down. Really fast, throwing motions. Thanks!
  3. Thanks so much for the responses!! Kareno- I use sparkpeople.com s nutrition tracker. Mj- I have such a love for the smith machine.. I feel like I am not gonna fall over, or drop weights on my head or foot lol..but after reading these, I am convinced to give them up, and try it the regular way!! I am always worried about proper form, but will check into videos of form before attempted to do them without the smith. Thanks for taking the time to reply!!
  4. I've also been thinking about how crappy my diet is. Ive always been a compulsive/emotional over eater..which is how I got to be about 300 pounds I'm very thankful that I've learned to see and treat food differently, but I still have rough days. I haven't been the same since around Christmas time. I got lazy, stopped counting all my macros, etc. I decided today that I am going back to tracking everything, as well as only allowing myself to eat every 3 hours. No exceptions, unless its a very special circumstance. This should combat all of the reckless bored eating
  5. Thanks Dylan!!!! What an amazing opportunity. I find myself addicted to this forum, and what a great addiction lol!! Ive just inspired two friends to get a gym membership with my boyfriend and I. They are a couple as well. We have been working out together the past few days, and its been such a blast! Today its snowing like crazy, but it was leg day. I did a ton of legg exercises using body weight + an exercise ball. Squats ( hindu, body ball) 50 total... hamstring curls using body ball 25 total... bridge 10 total Lunges 50 total I can't believe how badly my legs hurt from that lol!!
  6. Im not sure of what could have the same exact nutrition as those listed, but first things can came to mind were quinoa, amaranth, and beans
  7. I think they are great in moderation. I know if I eat too much, I feel like crap from all of the sugar. I look for ones with no added sugar as well. Mostly from amazon.com. Mangos are my fave!
  8. I am so thankful for days like today!! absolutely beautiful. I walked 3 miles outside and wanted to die lol. I'm so out of shape off of the treadmill! hope the weather is just as nice for you all
  9. What did you enjoy most about this online fitness challenge experience? I enjoyed the fact that it helped me stay accountable for myself! It motivated me to know that I was going to get up, work out, and post about it later for others to read! It also brings a great sense of community, and general wellness.
  10. I was just wondering if someone could tell me what this exactly means. I read over on the website, but it still is going right over my head. Warning: if you are nursing, pregnant, or considering pregnancy, you should consult your healthcare practitioner prior to using this product. California Residents: This product contains a chemical knonw to the state of california to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information regarding California prop.65 see www.nutribiotic.com/notices.html Thanks!
  11. 48.5 mins to do the 5k! Slowly improving my time..hoping Im up to running by the summer!! \ Smith Machine shoulder press- 30x 30 Dumbbell shoulder shrugs- 20 each arms 30 Side db raised 10x 30 Front db raises 10x 30 ab machine 20x 50
  12. 1. I count all of my macro and micro nutrients 2. I do some form of exercise 3. I meditate and think about what I am thankful for on this day
  13. Chest Bench press- bar+10 lbs..yay went up a little lmao db angled press 4x36 15 lbs each db angled flys 4x36 15 lbs each cable cross over 4x36 20 lbs each Triceps overhead extensions 3x30 10 lbs cable pull downs 3x40 20 lb behind the neck squats, 20 times 10 lb weighted lunges 20 times 10 minutes on stairmaster
  14. Did legs today Smith machine, behind neck squats 25 pounds on each side 4 sets, 36 reps total Seated leg extensions machine 4 sets 36 reps total, 25 pounds Leg press, 45 pounds each side, 3 sets 30 reps total Seated leg curl 30 pounds, 4 sets 36 reps total Standing calf raises 50 pounds, 3 sets, 30 reps total Seated calf raises 45 pounds, 3 sets, 30 reps total 2 miles on treadmill, 30 mins Ate lots of kale, quinoa, blueberries, oranges, white beans, and chick peas so far today
  15. Took today off, was feeling pretty blah and drained. I think I need to tweak my diet a bit. Getting back at it tomorrow!
  16. Started with a 5k on the treadmill, took 50 minutes. Yay, shaved off 2 mins lol.. cable seated shoulder press 4x36 35 lbs lat raise machine 4x36 35 lbs ab machine 4x36 50 lbs
  17. Thanks for the advice!! IT seems all times are crowded lately!! Maybe it will die down in a few months
  18. Ahhh the gym has been so packed lately. Wish I could find one with less people, always get a bit anxietied around too much people/noise. Did 30 mins on the treadmill, and 15 on the elliptical. Weight room was far too packed, gonna hit it up tomorrow earlier.
  19. Felt good to be back in the gym today!!!! Back Low Row-4x36 60lbs Lat Pull Down -4x36 55 lbs back extension machine-4x36 115lbs Biceps Barbell Curls 3x24-30lbs DB Hammer Cursl 3x24 15 lbs 30 minutes on treadmill. 1.80mi
  20. Rest day today! Sore, and tired. Busy busy weekend. Plan on doing back/bi/shoulders tomorrow
  21. Had a great workout today!! Chest DB angled press- 4x36 15 lbs each DB angled flies- 4X36 15 each bench press 4x30- sad to say I could only lift the bar lol. Can someone tell me how much that weighs? This was my first time doing this, I was sooo shakey!! Triceps Cable pull downs-4X36 20 lbs Overhead db extensions 4X27-10 lbs Seated dip machine-4X30 65 lbs 5k on treadmill 52 mins
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