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  1. On a bit of a cardio kick!! Did another 5k on tread today. As well as several ab workouts. Ate kinda crappy today, hopefully tomorrow will be much better!!!
  2. Just got back from doing cardio at the gym. Treadmill, 5k , took me 52 minutes! Last year when I did that, it took me about 65, so Im pretty happy with this!! Kale 90g bbq sauce quinoa 43 g garbanzo beans 115g gnu food bar amaranth 1/4 cup garbanzo beans 110 g bbq sauce kale 115 g carrots 130g almonds 11g raisins 22g 1 cup cereal 2 c almond milk 1348 calories, 244 carbs, 27g fat, 53 g protein Will have some type of snack in a bit
  3. Today is gonna be a rest day for me. Im so tired today. Gonna hit back tomorrow. Made sure my diet was extra clean and healthy today! Lots of kale, chickpeas, quinoa, and bananas lol!!
  4. Id have to say my toughest was yesterdays workout. I usually only do 2 muscle groups during one session, if I can help it. I decided to do 3, including legs. Biceps, back, and legs. I used a bit more weight than I was used to, and got to the point where I couldn't hold up a dumbbell, and my legs were shaking..but I forced myself to do walk/jog intervals for 30 minutes on the treadmill lol. I know this has to seem sooo pathetic, but for me, I really busted it out, and today Im really feeling it!!
  5. I would love to hear what your chiro has to say next time! I am going to be making an appointment with another one, and will be sure to tell you what he says as well. I also read that even though this condition isnt scoliosis, that it benefits to do exercises and stretches that is for scoliosis. That might be something to look into as well. I'm sorry to hear about your hip pain I get pain in my hips from fast walking/running as well, and my shoulders ache often too. Today felt like a great work out! I usually do legs by themselves, but I included them in today since I couldnt get to the gym yesterday. Cable Low Row- 45 lbs, 4x36 Lat pull down -55lbs, 4x36 Deltoid Fly Machine-40lbs, 4x36 Sitting angle DB Curls-15lbs each arm, 4x30 Standing DB Hammer Curls-15 each arm, 4x20 V squat machine- 50lbs, 4x36 Seated Leg Curl Machine- 40lbs, 4x36 Seated Calf Raises, 45lbs, 2x50 30 minutes intervals on treadmill 3.0,3.5,4.0 mph
  6. Congrats hellbent!! That is such a success!!! Thanks for the reply pphelps, I was seeing one for about a two months, and he would just allign me, and put a thing in my shoe so that I stand higher on the right side..but I didnt see even a slight bit of improvement, so I stopped going. Have you seen an improvement from yours? I might attempt to go again. Did he tell you if your hip is lower on that side as well? He said mine is
  7. Thanks Andrea!! Today was not such a good day for me lol. I had a ton of stuff to do all morning/afternoon, then dinner at my mother/grandmothers house....and then remembered that the gym closes at 6 on sundays. I was looking forward to going very much! Tomorrow is my bf and I 7 year anniversary, we are going to start it off by going early
  8. Thanks for the advice!!! I will try it out next workout. I am a bit nervous lol. I think I will have someone take a picture too, so you guys can see if Im doing it right lol. And thanks Karen, that is so kind of you!
  9. Kareno- I'm struggling with it to be honest. Ive made some mistakes, but giving it my best. I never realized how many things have dairy/egg in them. Its ridiculous!! Not to mention how freaking hard it is to find something that doesn't contain some kind of soy!!! ( I limit soy as much as I can because of a health issue I have, recommended to not have much of it) And Ty for the comment! Itsjustrobbieok- Thanks for the feedback!! I will have to try using a barbell sometime, but I don't think Im ready yet. Im pretty weak, and I shake/have terrible coordination, so I fear I will fall over lol. I forgot to update yesterday, so probably will have two updates today Yesterday: bB Bench press 3x30 25 pounds db flys 3x30 15 pounds each arm Overhead tricep extensions 3x24 15 pound db One arm cable extension 3x24 15 pounds i believe it was db shoulder side raises- 10 pound each arm shoulder press with smith machine- 25 pounds 3x30 2.20 miles on the treadmill, 40 minutes at 3.5 fast walk 10 minutes on elliptical trainer I find that I have a hard time doing some exercises, mostly shoulders, because my right shoulder is lower than the left, and my elbows hyper-extend. Does anyone else have this problem? Also, I stepped on the scale this morning, and I finally hit my 75 pound loss mark!!! So excited!! It took me 3 months to lose 15 more pounds, I hit a plateau, but hopefully this is me breaking through it. I have never seen 190 on the scale before!!! At least not since I was a child lol
  10. Wow, today was a great day!! It has been snowy, freezing and miserable the past few days..and today..it was sunny and warm!! How weird!! I took one of my dogs to a local trail for a 3 mile walk/jog. I seriously suck at cardio.. I feel like im dying the whole 30 seconds I can run lol. Might go to the gym later as well! A couple of pics from today http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa36/Tanithviolation/IMG_20120106_144349.jpghttp://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa36/Tanithviolation/IMG_20120106_143817.jpghttp://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa36/Tanithviolation/IMG_20120106_143809.jpg
  11. You are an inspiration. I can't imagine how much of a struggle this can be for you, but I just wanted to let you know that I truly believe that people reading this, with similar, or other conditions, will be inspired and motivated. I wish you the absolute best and look forward to reading your posts.
  12. Shoulder/abs today. Smith Machine shoulder press- 30x 30 Dumbbell shoulder shrugs- 20 each arms 30 Side db raised 10x 30 Front db raises 10x 30 ab machine 20x 50 ball crunches 50 30 minutes on the treadmill, walk 2 mins, jog 2 min intervals
  13. Another snowed in day, attempted to go to the gym, got too nervous, and SLOWLY inched my car back home lol. Did 30 minutes on the treadmill, and a few bodyball exercises. Food. Bora bora bar pop chips 4 dates dehydrated apple slices 1 c almond milk 2 tbs hemp protein Stuffed zuccini which consisted of: Zuccini, quinoa, black beans, carrots, tomato sauce, bread crumbs Protein smoothie- 1 scoop pea protein, 1 cup unsweetened almond milk, 0.5 tbs black strap molasses, raspberries, mango,oats roasted chick peas Calories- 1525, carbs-237g, Fat- 39g protein-71g
  14. Thanks Robert!!! You are such an inspiration!!!! And thank you john! I have hemp and pea protein, have to start using it more lol!
  15. Today is my rest day, my entire body is sore lol! Hoping to get to the gym for at least some cardio later, but the snow might prevent that. Might end up tread milling indoors today
  16. I forgot to take a notepad with me to the gym today, so cant post fully accurate details, but will post what I remember Today was legs day. Smith machine, behind neck squats 10 pounds on each side 4 sets, 36 reps total Seated leg extensions machine 4 sets 36 reps total, 30 pounds Leg press, 45 pounds each side, 3 sets 30 reps total Seated leg curl 30 pounds, 4 sets 36 reps total Standing calf raises 50 pounds, 3 sets, 30 reps total Seated calf raises 45 pounds, 3 sets, 30 reps total 20 minutes on the elliptical trainer. Hills mode, level 5 If anyone is reading this, how does that sound? I am not too knowledgeable yet on how many sets/exercises/reps i should be doing. So many different sources of information out there! 10:00am- Fresh fruit/veg juice made with 3 kale leaves/stalks, 1 large carrot, half a lemon, one red apple, half of a cucumber, small piece of ginger, 2 stalks of celery 12:00pm- Cliff bar 2:00pm- 1 cup of blueberries 3:00pm- large salad with broccoli, carrots, cucumber and chick peas. Fat free greek dressing 6:00pm salad, minestrone soup, 1 c blueberries, 1/2 c brown rice 8:00pm bean burger made with black beans, oats, and spices, and a whole wheat wrap
  17. One of my faves is pumpkin pie!! 1 scoop protein powder ( I use pea, it really adds no taste to it. 2 cups almond/rice/soy milk 0.5 cup quick oats ( can be soaked before in the milk to soften, or put in as is) 0.5 tbs molasses 0.5 cup pumpkin 1 tbs chia seeds several ice cubes 0.5 tbs pumpkin pie spice 0.5 teaspoon vanilla stevia/sweetner to taste ( I use one packet of stevia)
  18. Hi there, I have this problem A LOT!! What really works for me, is to think about the reasons WHY I'm doing this. To think about the health benefits, and how much better I feel/will feel. How by taking just a little bit of time out of my day "suffering" ( lol..sometimes it feels like that ) , to promote a better/longer/healthier life...it is so worth it!
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