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  1. 'The Alchemist' is one of the most influential and inspiring books I've read. It takes two reads to first comprehend the simplistic writing and wrap your head around the concept, but for me it was the secret to love and life- be on your own journey, but inspire your partner and be inspired by them. yet never give up your goals/dreams/aspirations. xo jamessina
  2. My article choise is 'Total Body Mass' by Derek Tresize. I loved his trials with the multi-muscle group workouts- as a crossfitter, I too have to watch 'overtraining', but the varied workouts each day, rather than focusing on just one muscle group, have helped me achieve greater results, and faster, than with a traditional scheduled workout routine. love the forums and articles, informative, results-based, and from experts who are also working within a cruelty-free lifestyle. It's all inspiring. Jamessina
  3. This month, my house has been run down with bronchitis, ear infections, coughs and my husband's hernia surgery. Havent had more than five evenings I could fit in a crossfit workout, but have been trying to get in my hollow rocks and pushups every morning. NEW PROMISE for my training: Get my tush to workout early in the AM, late at night or sacrifice a lunch hour. It's a must. I can't be my best if I dont give it my all. AND food choices MUST be a priority. It's very easy to 'fall off the wagon' with sweets and convenient snacks. Going to replenish our fruit supply after work with the children in tow, and will make a brand new massive batch of date/hemp protein energy bars this weekend to refill. much more training in store for the remainder of February! AND i cannot wait to get the package, thank you robert, thank you Veganbodybuilding.com team! jamessina
  4. Finally, Monday! 40 hollow rocks and 10 pushups in the AM. Got to the gym at noon, so had crossfit for lunch. did the animal warmup- bear crawls, crab walks, inchworm pushups, the length of the box. Followed by 10 strict chin ups and 10 dips using a level red band, back squats with the PVC bar to warm up and shoulder mobility front and reverse. Workout was fast, had to get back to work: 60 box jumps on a 24" box 30 Snatch Balances with 15 lbs got my heart rate up and felt good! Dinner was a pasta with steamed veggies and spinach, fresh tomatoes warmed and mixed in. Lunch was rice and beans leftover from homemade tortilla night at our house last night. Looking forward to a nice, real workout tomorrow!
  5. I hope this can count for Saturday- I have had the craziest week if we are following from last Saturday until now. Saturday was an all day work event, however, I did do yard work which was great for my arms and shoulders! I wrapped up the day with 50 hollow rocks, 15 pushups and 50 handstand pushups. It's simple to do at home and kept my heart rate up.
  6. Go figure, the last week of the journaling challenge I find myself swamped in 14 hour days, and while we all have the time, I choose to sleep when I can these past four days so to rebuild before the next long houred day. Today's training, at home again: stretches 15 pushups 50 hollow rocks 25 v-ups 50 handstand pushups At my fair share of kale today- had a gorgeous veggie dinner- roasted cauliflower, grilled onions and peppers, atop a bed of kale with baked baby red potatoes. Lunch was a power house salad of spinach, kale, shredded carrots, sun dried tomatoes and radishes with Dr. Praeger's burger on top. Had a raw revolution chocolate cashew bar for late afternoon snack. My saturday will be a work event all day, so more in-home training. Definitely need more down time in the next week.
  7. Another 14 hour work day ending right now- training was not a part of the day today, but my stretches were. Shoulder starting to feel a little better with the rest, still some tightness near my collar bone and neck definitely needs some massaging to work out the kinks. 30 hollow rocks and 15 pushups is what I could muster up in exhaustion from a day of nonstop meetings. Had a great vegan lunch but ruined it with a trip to a vegan bakery. Back on track after this hellish work week concludes itself!
  8. The soreness is still there, the thought of pull-ups and pushups is daunting. Therefore, I simply did my 50 hollow rocks, 25 leg lifts and 25 v-ups today. Food was great- fruit and green tea for breakfast, hummus and mesclun greens on pita for lunch with a smoothie and dinner was 1/2 cup quinoa with roasted root vegetables dish the star on my plate. Mint tea for evening and hydrated all day. Back to the box tomorrow, think it's time to actually ASK my trainer what he thinks is the issue with my pain in the arm.
  9. I pulled a muscle under my arm, through my left chest, feels like a shooting pain when I exhale deeply or cough. Resting today from heavy training. 50 hollow rocks 25 leg lifts shoulder mobility stretches banana, green tea for breakfast hummus, mesclun greens and balsamic on pita for lunch mint tea in afternoon water all day chickpeas, onions, peppers, avocado, peas , 3 small plates, for dinner. back to training tomorrow. need to find a good stretch or solution for this pain.
  10. I dont know how I lost count this week- For the record! I posted twice for Tuesdays workout, so hopefully that will cover my 5 posts this week! Saturday January 21 training I went big to start the weekend off! Had fruit salad and green tea for breakfast. Warmup 500 m row stretches, shoulder mobility 50 situps 20 pushups 15 pullups Training 8 rounds of: 10 kettlebell swings (35 lbs) 10 lunges with 25 lb overhead 11 clapping pushups (modified to getting my body off the ground in full pushup position each time) 15:39 was time. Awesome workout, crippling!!
  11. How irritating is it when work gets in the way of your workouts? I have run out of my incredible Vega Sport sampler and will be going ONLINE this weekend to buy more recovery shakes and pre workout energizers. They made an incredible difference in my workouts and recovery. The two major workouts this week were my strongest yet. Looking forward to an 8AM WOD tomorrow, Saturday. Had a hemp protein/blueberry/carob/flaxseed/date energy bar this morning and a banana, and had an awesome 'white quinoa salad' atop mesclun greens for lunch with a carrot, apple, ginger, lemon and kale juice. Dinner, made fresh homemade black bean burgers with steamed kale and peas mixed in. Roasted cauliflower with nothing but the produce and a spinach salad with some balsamic vinegar. Our children adore 'burger night' so this was a success. As for my training today, had a short amount of time early am to get in the following: 50 Hollow rocks and 10 pushups to jumpstart my day, which hasn't yet ended. . .
  12. With the inspiration of a 9pm workout the night before, I went to an 8pm class on Wednesday evening. Warmup: 1000m row Situps Pushups with rotation Leg swings Pullups Workout- and this one was nuts- 2 cumulative minutes of l-hold position on parallels 20 cleans (55lbs for me) 40 burpees 30 toes to bar 20 pullups 15 minutes to complete, otherwise burpees on the minute. I completed in 14:35 The recovery shakes have been incredible for me. No soreness the day after. Stronger than ever on my pullups, very exciting!
  13. I am motivated by the incredible machine that will be with me until the end- my body. Let it be fueled and used to its maximum potential, only to react more quickly and efficiently to each new movement, each new plate put on the bar, every pullup, every step, every movement. Motivated by my beautiful children who inspired my vegan lifestyle, to show them what a strong, healthy and inspiring female looks like. Motivated to 'lead by example' and every workout, every stretch, every last rep is a measure of how true I am to being my best self everyday.
  14. Exhaustion has set in after a stressful day at work, and arrive home to complete the second half of my day. Training was very light, and was whatever I could fit in at home. Spending the evening preparing quinoa, energy bars and wild rice for the next couple of days which will also be busy. Hoping to get to either a 9PM workout tonight or a 6AM tomorrow morning. 50 hollow rocks was all I could fit in today 2012 goal: Muscle-ups Working on getting off the band for dips and perfecting my pushup. I will get those muscle ups before the summer! Had little time to eat today, and only had fajita veggies, avocado and water/green tea during the day, and a salad of romaine, tomato and onions with falafel for dinner. Feeling less hydrated today and need tons of fruits tomorrow. Preparation is key, and I didn't have it today. The longer I write, the more inspired I am to get my butt to the 9PM tonight. xo UPDATE: I went to the 9pm class! TABATA with holds in between: 8 rounds, 20 seconds each, with 10 second hold in between Squats Chin above the bar Pushups, chest to mat Pullups Bonus round: hollow rocks Had vega Pre workout energizer before, and both recovery drink and shake afterwards. Was truly my stronger workout yet.
  15. Amazing!!! Robert and sponsors, thank you! Helping us all get to our best selves even faster this new year!!
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