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  1. The workouts are structured. Heavy lifting on M/F, HIIT Cardio T/Th and low weight high rep on Weds. So if doing a daily workouts isn't your thing it probably not the best place to go. The lifting days have a the a total body option or a three day split. The owners is a body builder http://www.veganbodybuilding.com/?page=bio_chad The only other vegan body builder I know of in town is Austin Barbisch but no clue where he works out.
  2. Totals for the week of 2/10/14 Swimming: 1:57 Running: 3:036 Cycling: 4:32 Lifting: 3 days HIIT: 1 days (missed a day) My base is set. Time to start working on speed.
  3. At the start I wasn't working out at all. It was there first year of fatherhood and I was mostly not sleeping and eating like crap. Any muscle at the start was from lifting a kid and home rennovation. During the process of getting back into shape I followed this lifting plan: http://www.menshealth.com/fitness/workout-plans-1#mobify-bubble People are critical of premade plans but my goal wasn't to be huge and anything was better than nothing. I also ran/jogged 4-5 times a week. It was a year long project but I was comfortable with how I was looking around the 6 month period. Again, it is a process and it takes time and can feel like forever. Persistence and dedication are your friends.
  4. For some reason the attaching of the fine didn't work. You can see it here: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_Ta3etHY9KKI/R3BAgdxhLyI/AAAAAAAAADI/2BzK-bnbdZE/s1600-h/Picture+1.png
  5. Here is what has worked for me and is accepted approach of weight loss. 1. Figure out your base caloric needs. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/ 2. Figure out what your needs are for your base + activity level. http://www.bmi-calculator.net/bmr-calculator/harris-benedict-equation/ 3. Ensure you are eating under that total daily. Start by cutting it by 500 calories and see how that works. There is variation in everyone so you might want to move that number up or down depending on your results. The big thing to remember is that it takes time to lose the weight and it honestly seems like it takes forever. You will go through periods where you don't feel like you are making any progress and other times when it seems to be great. Avoid weighing in more than once a week and don't let bad numbers on any given week get you down. I dropped from 202 lb and 22% body fat to 172 and 14% but it took 9 months and there were certainly times when it was I felt like a stalled but in the end I got there. I did photos at the start of each month and found that helped because day to day I didn't see the slow changes in my body but when I looked over months It was clearly there. Photo of results posted so you know I am not blowing smoke.
  6. Having defined muscle involves two things. 1. Building Muscle and 2. Losing body fat. Doing both at the same time is difficult but not impossible. To build you need to do some sort of resistance training. Losing body fat is going to be more about diet than anything. To do it you have to run a calorie deficit. Either HIIT or steady start cardio will help in doing that. HIIT is more effective if you are pressed for time (30 minute-ish workouts) and steady state works well if you have longer periods of time to exercise (40 min +). Personally I mix the two for variety because doing either repeatedly just leaves me board. So, do whichever works for you or do a ratio you like. Also, just going on the numbers you posted (30-40 mins of jogging and swimming 1500 meters) you are getting more a calorie burn out of the jogging than the swimming. Swimming has a higher perceived work due to the resistance of the water and restricted breathing but you are likely only burning 300-350 calories in that time where as just jogging for the same time would put you at 500 or above.
  7. You may be fine eating them but they are still fall in the animal kingdom and be default aren't vegan.
  8. While I can't quantify this, I know a bunch of us go to Beyond Fit.
  9. Totals for the week of 2/3/14 - Weather was particularly uncooperative this week. Swimming: 1:17 (missed a day) Running: 2:03 (missed a day) Cycling: 4:04 (cut a ride 30 mins short) Lifting: 3 days HIIT: 1 days (missed a day) Crappy week in the books. Onward.
  10. I had a similar issue after doing a full. I had a hard time focusing on running (or any other exercise for that matter). Over time it passed. I know things like this are fairly common and have heard a bit of speculation as to why it happens one of the most common hypotheses is that after spending a bunch of time and emotional energy focused on a single goal you lose motivation in that absence of that goal. I found going out just for short runs 20-30 minutes every other day really helped get back in the swing of things but I think it was a month or two before I even got that far.
  11. If your goal is to lose weight then you need to run a calorie deficit. There are basically three ways to go about this. 1. Diet 2. Exercise 3. A combination of the two. Since your question is about exercise I will stick with those options. So here they are as I see them: 1. Increase lean muscle mass. The more favorable you ratio is toward muscle mass the higher your resting energy expenditure is going to be. 2. High Intensity training. Doing high intensity training burns a higher % of fat that steady state cardio or whatever you want to call it. So, you can use it to burn calories and have those calories be a higher % of fat. 3. Steady state cardio. This burns a lower % of fat over the same amount of time as HIT which the HIT crowd likes to point out, but you can maintain steady state cardio for much longer than you can HIT. I can do a two hour bike ride with no problem, HIT usually maxes out at around 30 minutes. So, while the percentage of fat burned is lower per 30 minutes than HIT it is still a higher overall total burning of fat by virtue of time spent doing it. Since your goals are to retain and gain lean mass I would say steady state is a bad choice. The challenge being that you have to consume enough calories to maintain muscle growth and to do steady state but also run a little bit of a calorie deficit. So it sounds like lifting and HIT are the best bet for your goal but most importantly, figure out what your caloric intake should be.
  12. Totals for the week of 1/27/14 - Recovery Week. Swimming: 1:06 (missed a day again due to weather) Running: 2:26 Cycling: 3:45 Lifting: 3 days HIITT: 2 days
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/eva-norlyk-smith-phd/yoga-injuries-debate_b_2896134.html Here is are article that tries to put some data behind Yoga and injuries, specifically what is claimed in the article you posted to and the book that it references. Not terribly surprising the injury rate from Yoga is significantly lower than that of weightlifting. Lifting is 4 times as high. It also points out that one of the studies that the book and article use was cited incorrectly to the point that the authors of the studies have refuted the claims made based on their study.
  14. I have been doing yoga for a little over a decade and I would say the statement "but with yoga, one is encouraged over time to push that genetically mediated limit further" is flat out incorrect. I have never met a yoga instructor that would tell you to push past what your body to do or encourage you to do so. I would also say the article is taking the danger of doing back bends, which really aren't that common in yoga practice, and making some blanket claims. B&B is spot on, any exercise comes with risk and people should listen to their bodies.
  15. The gym I go to has a set workout per day with lifting being on Mon Weds Fri. The options are a total body or a three day split. I currently follow the split which breaks down to Chest Shoulders Triceps/Legs/Back and Biceps. On Mondays and Fridays it is pretty standard we will do between 4 or 5 rounds with the reps being 5, 10 or 12-10-8-6. On Wednesday it higher rep and usually in the form of an AMRAP. The splits alternate so that each muscle group lands on a Wednesday at least once a month. That was a little long winded but that is the best I can do for an explanation. I will continue with the split until I set my base for triathlon season and then switch to the total body when I start working on more speed related work.
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