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  1. My favorite article is Why Vegan by Derek Tresize. The information has given me straightforward responses to people who ask me this question...plus it reconfirms many of my beliefs about a plant based diet.
  2. Karen- YOU are awesome! I have also been offline a lot. Wbeen busy and got sick from some antibiotics so last week my workouts and eating took a turn for the worse. By the weekend I was feeling a little better. Thinking I may have overdid it after being off from the eye surgery. Sunday, by some miracle, I was able to get in a 7 mile run so I feel good that I didn't lose too much of my half Mary training. Yesterday was a rest day Meals: Protein bar for breakfast, with a protein shake. Lunch was an Amy's meal and an apple Snack was a protein bar Dinner was...pita chips and wine ( quick snack before heading to a ball game) Today we went to another game so no workout. Wanted to run after work but ended up staying later so no time before we hit the road. Meals: Breakfast was a sun warrior shake and bar Snack was an apple Lunch was another Amy's meal and an apple Snack was sunflower seeds Dinner w on the go again so toast, picky bar and snack mix in the car. Ugh. Tomorrow will be more normal...I hope. REALLY looking forward to my goodies as I am sure they motivate
  3. What a week! Feb 13 was a rest day. Hip was a little sore but was good to take it off. Meals...ummmm. Feb 14: bootcamp...turbo style. Whew! Feeling it today even! Meals: smoothie Veggies, hummus, coconut yogurt, fruit. Picky bar Dinner- veggie pizza Went to a movie Feb 15: off. Wanted to run but spent time at he doctors after work. Antibiotic they have me on is ick. Headaches and exhausted. Feb 16: today Again- no workout. Antibiotic is kicking my butt! Meals- Smoothie- upset my stomach with the meds Home made protein bar Lunch- sandwich, yogurt, veggies Tonight I went to a b-ball game and had popcorn, then came home with cravings for junk. Uuuuggghhhhhh!!!! Should've just went to bed. Tomorrow - start over.
  4. Hey Karen! Just read over ome of your latest posts. Weights with Robert...sweet! How's the running going? Hoping to hit more weights this week. Need to read your psts more often...great motivation! Have a great week!
  5. Feb 11and12 Saturday was a rest day so I had a gathering of friends, learned some new recipes and shared some vegan products. Hubby and I went shopping, out to dinner, then a movie. Meals: Vega vanilla chai whole food optimizer with spinach, coconut milk, and a few pieces of frozen fruit. Uhhhh....yuuuuuuuummmmmm! Best smoothie ever! Had some veggies, hummus, and a protein bar that a friend made with protein powder. Filling and good! Not too hungry for the rest of the day. Hubby and I hit a Mexican place for dinner but I just had some chips with beans. Today: Meals- B: Purefit bar (per workout) S: homemade protein bar L: veggies and hummus, sushi S: dried mango, larabar D: half tofu sandwich from co op ith gluten free chips and beans Ran 6 miles today Work week here I come!
  6. Feb 10 Workout: 4 mile run. Tough one tonight. Meals: B- Green smoothie S- PickyBar and Vega Shake n Go smoothie (yum!) L- Salad S- Purefit Bar D- Salad with black beans (yep- again) Late snack- dried mango slices Pretty uneventful day. Can't wait to sleep in tomorrow!!!
  7. kareno- the popcorn was yummeeee! Thanks for the congrats Feb 8 and 9 Meetings like crazy Wednesday so the day is a blur...except for the 4 mile run! Got er' done!!! Today: Meals- B: smoothie (with my awesome new Vega shaker) S- Sunflower seeds L- apple, rice cake and sunflower butter and vega shake n go S- Purefit bar (pre-workout) 45 minutes at Bootcamp (left early to watch my students play b-ball) D- Vegan chili, chips, and had some dates with nuts Thinking I need a more substantial lunch to help with the hunger at dinner?
  8. Feb 7 Long day but hit the Bootcamp after work (1 hour) then went to the gym. I wanted to see if someone had turned in the iPod I left on the treadmill (no go- shattered my faith in my fellow gym-goers). then hit the treadmill for about 25 minutes. My training plan had 4 miles on it but my legs were pretty tired after bootcamp so I shortened it and will do four tomorrow. Meals: B- Smoothie Snack- ?? Handful of sunflower seeds?? I think Lunch: Apple, almond butter and rice cake Pre-workout: Purefit bar D: Vegan chili and crackers. S- I just popped some popcorn and drizzled some agave and nutritional yeast on it. Yum! I am so hungry but hoping the popcorn will help. Great workout day! Hopped on the scale. Down 159.6 (it's something)
  9. Karen!!!!!!! That is awesome! I am thrilled to be able to keep following you, and know you are following me. It also helps to know you are watching me! Ha! You will be running 30 minutes before you know it...I started with running ten and walking ten so I can't wait to hear when you complete your first 5k! I must say- I am also very thrilled to be expecting a package! I was beside myself for the few days when I couldn't see the computer screen and when I went out of town! Ugh! I am really looking forward to reaching my Feb. goal. I am going to donate 5 dollars for every pound I am away from goal, to a children nutrition organization---could use a few ideas (just in case). Anyway- today--Feb 6th Small meals today. Stomach has been off and yesterday I ate "off"--not a ton just a little different. B- Coconut yogurt, Amazing meal bar S- Sunflower seeds L- Rice cakes and Sunflower butter S- Picky Bar D- Leftover vegan chili and water No snack. Early to bed. Exhausted. Saw the eye doctor today. She said I am healing well but to be careful not to get too antsy and overdo it, so I am taking a rest day after my 5 mile run yesterday and boot camp tomorrow. Weigh In in the a.m.!
  10. Gosh- toughy! I love, love, love EcoVeganGal, No Meat Athlete, and this site veganbodybuilding.com Three-way tie! Also- got some great sites and organizations to explore! Thanks!
  11. Heart Cakes are sold at our local co-op. They are vegan and come in flavors such as chocolate, cranberry, apple, and peach. They have a lot of protein and nutrients and are a great snack. I actually discovered them a loooong time ago (before I even switched to a vegan diet) at a little community outside the city. They are like an energy bar. Website- www.suncakes.com Look under Heart Thrive I am definitely going to stick around in February! You (Karen) have been a great cheerleader! I look forward to spending even more time here and taking better advantage of the resources on the site. I also look forward to reading your journal as well...will you keep journaling Karen? I also want to be more of a reader too...on this site I am going to weigh in every Tuesday so I will keep posting my progress! Friday: Workout- none...taking more recovery time until I get the "go ahead" from the doc. Meals: Getting back on track much better now that I am in a routine. B- Smoothie S- none L- vegan chili, apple S- Picky Bar D- Veggie Stir Fry (thanks hubby), PB cup (Justin's) Movie Night! Saturday: Workout - Ran 3 miles on the mill (30:30) Meals: B- Cereal and Coconut Probiotic (half the serving) Gave Blood! I am an O- girl so I try to give as much as I can. Iron is always a trick for me...barely made it today (second try just made the cut). Helpful hints on getting my iron up? Blood Pressure was 90/50 (lowest it's been according to my records at the Red Cross) S- Animal Cookies (vegan according to the ingredients) and a Picky Bar L- Met the hubby at the local grocery store buffett. Had a huge salad and some veggie sushi S- None Went to a movie with friends and had mango slices, nuts, and granola D- Finished off my cereal from the morning S- Had the rest of my mango,nut, granola mix and some vino. So- goal for this week (after looking back on my posts): Cut back on the vino! Today: I have a five mile run in a few hours Breakfast was a green smoothie and coffee Post workout will be a Picky Bar Lunch: Heading to a friends' for the SuperBowl and made vegan chili with tempeh Looking forward to a fun afternoon!
  12. Feb 2 Feeling good! Not quite as tired after work so went to an hour of Bootcamp. Meals: B- Smoothie S- None L- Veggie stir-fry, apple, heart cake S- Rice cake and sunflower butter D- Vegan chili, chips (eh) and a few bites of cookie (promise- just a few) I am setting a goal to lose 8 lbs this month. WI- 160.0
  13. Thanks Karen! It was a wonderful birthday! Feb 1 Log First full day back at work since the surgery. Meals: Smoothie S- Smoothie L- Veggie stir-fry leftovers, apple, and part vegan heart-cake S- Sunflower seeds D- Vegan chili with crackers Vino Workouts: None. Exhausted and headache from work. I need to be okay with this healing process but it is so frustrating! I really want to run but know it would only hinder healing. Bootcamp tomorrow I hope!
  14. Jan 31 (Happy Birthday to Me!) Yesterday I was able to get out and enjoy a 4.5 mile walk/jog!!! Yes!! My meals have yet to get back on track. Being off work and not on schedule really throws a kink in things! But, today, I am starting off right...green smoothie with Amazing Meal and a slice of potato bread with PB (my BDay treat). Yesterday meals: B- cereal and pro-biotic coconut stuff L- Did I eat lunch????????? S- Soy Latte D- Veggie stir fry with tofu (made it for my hubby) Looking forward to a great day...gonna sign up for a half mary in May and get my Vega from veganproteins.com
  15. January 29 Thanks Karen! I am feeling good! I credit my vegan eating for my quick recovery as well Yesterday went shopping with mom and sister...I consider this walking (cardio?) in heels so the calves go a good workout Plus some lifting of bags. I will get in the movement where I can! Went to HuHot for lunch (veggies, veggie, veggies!) Went to the Co-op and grabbed some dinner (vegan sandwich and kale salad) and groceries since mom and sister don't have anything like that where they live. Looking for ward to maybe some easy workouts this week~
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