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  1. January 16, UGH!!!!! After being on the road all weekend I have not been able to post! So here is an update to the last few days. First- Karen- I have used Coconut 'yogurt' but now am using other forms of protein. Picky Bars are a product of runner Lauren Fleshman and posse. They are natural, home-made bars that are gluten free and dairy free. They contain a great ratio of protein and carbs, easy on the stomach. She sells them from their website. Friday- No workout. At the vet during the few hours I had due to a late start at work. On the road to Chicago the second half of the day then meetings. Dinner served for the conference I was attending was not good on my stomach. Blech. Meals- Smoothies x2 Picky Bar in the car. Packed some snack items like a package of shake n go smoothies, dates, seeds, apples, and vegan protein shakes. Dinner was a vegetarian ravioli and mushroom soup. Not good on the bod. Saturday- 3 mile run, abs, and a short circuit on the hotel machines. Meals: B- fruit and protein shake S- Picky Bar L- Vegetarian option at the conference (veggie layer with red sauce) Note- also did not set well with me. Spent the afternoon in the room. ugh. Walked Michigan Ave. D- Vino, veggies and hummus. Then we visited the salad bar and I made a wonderful vegan salad to eat back at the room. Sunday- No Workout B- Fruit and bagel Protein shake On the road back home- stopped at a mall and had veggies and steamed rice. Flat tire 4 hours from home. In the car had seeds, chocolate, coffee, ....must I go on? Not a good day. Today- back at it!!!!!! Getting the tire fixed. Had a pro-bar upon rising (long night of sleep ) Gonna enjoy lunch with hubby before car appointment. Greens and seeds. Workout plan: 4 mile run. Upper body and abs then stairs. I will let you know how that goes
  2. Vivalasvegans- my goals are to lose weight AND tone up. I do NOT have a personal trainer (although I have thought a lot about that).
  3. January 12th... Thanks you soooooooooooooooooooooo much for the responses. I was beginning to feel like I was posting wrong or something. I will definitely try to be more specific about my workouts now that I have someone keeping tabs on me (so great karen!!) I have found a great alternative to Greek yogurt but with my smoothies I have not had much anyway. Robert- The thing I like most about this challenge is the number of training journals that inspire, motivate, teach, and make me feel okay with being human I think about my journal when I reach for candy, think about excuses for skipping the gym, and I think about my journal when I get my food ready for the day. It has been incredibly motivating for me just knowing I will be posting. And like you said, keeping myself accountable. I understand how hard it is with so many journals, to reply....but gosh, it sure helps to get any reply posts at all and to know someone is there to answer my questions. I really appreciate it. So- today-- Meals: B- Vega shake n go smoothie (on the way to work) S- Green smoothie L- Rice cakes (2) with sunflower butter, apple, and Larabar (1/2) Got outta work early due to weather S/Pre-workout: almonds (3) Picky Bar and energy drink D- 2 Vegan patty with sweet potato fries and small piece of tempeh (starving!!!!!) Workout- 4 mile run (38 min) Shoulder press: 2x8reps Bicep curl: 3x8reps Chest press: 1x10 Triceps: 2x8 I also did a variety of 125 crunches. Thanks again for the replies. Really motivates me to keep posting!
  4. That's awesome!!! Excited- but wish I was getting more feedback on my journals!
  5. January 11th... Better day....thank goodness. Meals: B: Green Smoothie S-Apple + Vegan protein shake L: Green Smoothie, rice cake and sunflower butter S- Apple Clif Bar and carrots on the way to a meeting Home at 9:30- dry cereal Workout: School walk- halls and three flights of stairs. 35 minutes
  6. So I tried to post yesterday and when I hit send- our internet went down for the night. UGH. Maybe it's for the best. Yesterday was rough with a capital "R". No workout- drained and ornery. Meals- Not so good either. B: Green Smoothie S: Green Smoothie L: Granola, apple, and Larabar S: candy (ugh) I had half a can of black beans mixed with quinoa on the drive in to a meeting...then... D: Coconut Bliss IC with a scoop of PB...THEN I had more PB, wine, cereal with chocolate almond milk and more wine. Went to bed feeling gross and even more ornery. SO___ TODAY = BETTER Meals: B- Green Smoothie S: Vega Shake and Go (sipped about half) L: Green Smoothie, Apple and half a Larabar S: Protein Shake (vegan) and an apple (lil bit of sunflowers too) Gym- 3 miles on the treadmill (very tired through most of it but it got DONE!) Dinner: I am looking at tempeh and veggies in my future. Much better day. I think the scale put me on the downward spiral yesterday. I felt like my weekend was great and that I should have seen that reflected in my weight. Not so much. Frustrating. I could really use some feedback. Am I not eating enough? S.O.S!!!!
  7. Best Vegan Meal this year... Yesterday I had a sandwich especially made for me on gluten-free bread with lettuce, tomato, avocado, sprouts, and tempeh (YUMMMY)...with sugar-snap peas and hummus. It was light, tasty, and filling! I know it is not outlandish or inspiring to most but it sure hit the spot for me! Sometimes simplicity tastes so gooood!
  8. Sunday, January 8th Knew I wouldn't be able to post yesterday as I was on a Girls' Weekend up north...BUT here's a recap: Went to a small shopping district and walked around for hours. We ate pretty healthy, stopping for lunch at a small cafe where I ate a veggie sandwich and had a soy latte. Our day went on to include a four mile run on a beautiful trail in Minnesota, then more shopping at the local Co-op. Got a great vegan sandwich on gluten-free bread and some tasty veggies with hummus to enjoy later. Had some energy work done and started making my vision board for the new year. It was a healing, spiritual, active day! Today we finished our vision boards, went for a 45 minute walk through the country, and am now safely back home! Meals so far today: B- Pro-Bar and tea. S- Rice Cake with Almond Butter Lots of water! Purefit Bar on the way home I am now enjoying a Kombucha and pumpkin seeds. I am looking forward to a relaxing dinner of veggies and tempeh with my hubby later. In the meantime- unpacking, hanging my vision board, and hoping to get back outside for a short run/walk and ab work. 200 today as last night I zonked out without doing them! Hope you all had a GREAT weekend!
  9. What a long week! January 6th...going strong! While I wasn't able to stay on the mill for an hour I DID get in a 3.5 mile run, upper body, and did my 100 crunches. Just realized I didn't get the other 100! Darn! Looks like 200 is in my future tonight! Meals: B- Green Smoothie then Coconut yogurt with quinoa L- Rice and quinoa, apple, carrots S- Mango (dried) and tea D- Not sure yet...may have soup again. I am exhausted so tonight those abs may be all I get done. BUT it is something!!! Tomorrow heading up north early morn and running 4 miles with my gals! I know I won't have access to post tomorrow so know that I have a very active day ahead of me and will update Sunday! Cheers!
  10. Am I the only one who reads my journal? I could sure use some feedback from all you inspiring athletes out there! January 5th-T-minus 8 minutes to take-off to the gym. 60 degrees here in IA today! And one would think my run would be outdoors. Alas, an oil change puttered that out of the plan. So- My goal is an hour on the mill, upper body on the free-weights and (because I forgot my 100 crunches last night) 200 of those bad boys tonight! Looks like a spring half marathon and fall marathon are in my future this year. Base building needs to be happenin! Meals today: Green smoothie Coconut yogurt with quinoa ( hello substitute!) Lunch: rice and quinoa and an apple Snack: sunflower seeds and dried mango pieces I ate half a vega bar when I got home to fuel my workout. Not sure about dinner yet. Have lots of veggies....any suggestions? Have a good one all!
  11. January 4! Great Day... Meals: Green Smoothie and dry cereal later. Lunch was on the go so I had almonds and an apple (too many almonds). Picky Bar I had veg chili with Quinoa this evening before heading to make a grocery run. Walked for 30 minutes at school (hit the stairs every cycle) and will do my 100 crunches before bed...along with my detox tea of course! It's great checking out everyone's journals. Lots of inspiration out there!! Thanks everyone!
  12. January 3rd!! Meals Today: Green Smoothie Greek Yogurt with Oat bran (found an alternative to the dairy I am gonna try tomorrow! Thanks to a convo with some vegan goddesses! Leftover quinoa/lentil yums and an apple Picky Bar Tonight- Hummus with rice and nut crackers. Detox tea My activity consisted of: Working my abs (plan- 100 before bed each night) Worked my IT band with some exercises my PT gave me. Stretching- as we speak Are my posts being seen? Anyone out there?
  13. Great gym day! After a long day of sitting at work--yes, I said "work"--hit the gym for: 3 miles on the treadmill Upper body--lats chest biceps and triceps side bends with kettlebell and leg pull-up for my abs Finished off with 15 minutes on the Staormaster Food: Green Shake (spinach, flax, frozen banana, soy milk, powder PB) Oat Bran and Greek Yogurt (tips on a vegan alternative???????????) Lunch: crackers and salsa, almonds, seaweed flakes, and lots of water. *****I digress: The lunch was brought in today and we had soup- I assumed a veggie soup would be a choice. No! So- I scrounged up what was available from others who brought in snacks (this consisted mainly of junk left-over from the holidays) and what I had brought myself. I didn't starve but was extremely frustrated! I feel like I should speak so there will at least be a vegetarian option at these things. Thoughts?**************** I had a Picky Bar before working out tonight. Supper- Hubby is making a Lentil soup/Quinoa concoction of yum! I am open for any suggestions on meals as this is typically where I have the most difficulty. Thanks!!
  14. January 1st 2012! Resting up, getting prepped to dive into my goals. Ate: Oat-bran, vegan chili, apple with almond butter, and drinking my detox tea and water, water, water! Activity: Taking/Hauling down the tree and holiday decorations, cleaning, laundry, and getting food (and myself) ready for the week back to work! Tomorrow I am going to hit the gym for some cardio and weights OK- so now it's out there and the universe (and this community) has heard- so I will do this!!!
  15. January Training Journal Jazzed to get started!
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