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  1. Awesome I saw Go Raw we'll check that out, and for sure I'll post about The Wynn. Ronald's Doughnuts, I was told about that place today on my local Vegan Columbus Facebook group. Awesome thanks guys!
  2. We are heading to Vegas in the next few weeks. Does anyone know of any good places to eat that are somewhat near the strip? We plan on checking out places at The Wynn & Encore, and a couple more that escape me now. We'll be there for five days do we need ideas! Thanks.
  3. I think I'm going to give up the elliptical completely. I've never felt more worked after an elliptical workout as I do after the treadmill. I haven't had a rest day, I'm just cycling through my muscle groups. Workout Log Sunday Feb 26: Back & Biceps 30 minutes on the treadmill, 1 minute run, 2 minute fast walk alternations. (I'm VERY new to running) Lats- Lying Down Barbell Pullovers Bicep- Hammer Curls Middle Back- Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row Bicep- Barbell Arl Curls Lower Back - Extentions Finished up with ten minutes on alternating hill climb on the stationary bike (not sure if that did any good, it just felt like a good ending). Meal Log 1- 100 Calorie Raw Food Bar, Banana 2- Whole Wheat Roll, Orange 3- Grilled Vegetable Panini, Veg Chips, Avocado 4- Protien and Green Food Smoothie 5- Buddha Feast at Shoku (Tofu and Sliced Vegetables with Rice and Pecans)
  4. This will be a pretty long post since it covers four days worth. I was blessed with extra time with my kids last week and while I can keep them occupied at my gym's kids area they get crazy when I'm on the computer. I've been in the free weight area all week. I've been sticking to weight training five days a week with cardio. I rotate days as: chest & triceps, back and biceps, legs and shoulders, with abs every other day. I'm not sure if I can do abs every day so I do it that way to be safe. I've also started doing half of my cardio on the treadmill and staying half on the elliptical. I sweat a heck of a lot more on the treadmill do I feel I'm working harder. Each day I did 40 minutes of cardio, half elliptical on interval and half on treadmill rotating between running 1 minute brisk walk 2 minutes. All weight training done in sets of 3 (10, 12, 15) Monday- Chest & Triceps Dumb bell flyes Incline dumbbell chest press Tricep pushbacks Tricep Pulldowns Thursday Back & Biceps Bent over standing dumbbell lift Lat barbell lift over head lying on a bench Barbell arm curls Dumbbell hammer curls Friday Legs & Shoulders Leg Sled Calf Extensions Leg Curls Shrugs Arnold Dumbell Shoulder Press Saturday Chest & Triceps Dumbbell Flyes Dumbbell Press Lying Barbell Tricep Extensions One Arm Tricep Cable Pulldowns I'll be making more time for logging workouts and meals. I can't remember everything I ate during this time. Back to it tonight after my workout! I just got my reward package the other day filled with all those wonderful things. I'm so excited to try them all!
  5. Yesterday I was busy with kids, life. I didn't have time to head to the gym, so I stayed home and did a few things. Workout Log A series of stretches from the E2 Book 3 sets each of sit-ups, crunches, reverse bicycles. I haven't paid much attention to my abs, and I've noticed that it's the one part on me that hasn't tightened up. I really wish I had taken a picture of myself at the beginning of January, I've already transformed. Meal Log 1- Banana, Whole Grain Shredded Wheat with Granola and Blueberries 2- Southern Style Veggie and Dumpling Soup My sleep schedule kept me from eating like normal. Back to properly timed meals tomorrow!
  6. Went in yesterday weighing less than I have all year! I'm almost wanting to find a circuit training program to follow. I'm watching an Insanity infomercial right now and it's tempting but I know I can find resources here and other online sources that I can use at the gym. I like the gym atmosphere and my apartment is wayyyyyyy to small to do any of these DVD exercise vids. Here was my yesterday: Workout Log 30 Minutes on the Elliptical on Interval 1- Dumbbell Shoulder Shrugs 40 lbs each 10, 12, 15 2- Dumbbell Shoulder Press 30 lbs each 10, 12, 10 3- Leg Press 250 lbs 10, 12, 10 4- Calf Extensions 90 lbs 12, 12, 10 Meal Log 1- Banana, Whole Grain Peanut Butter Waffle, Shoyu Sweet Potatoes on a Bed of Spinach 2- Whole Grain Spaghetti with Tomato "Cream" (tofu based), Spinach Salad with Maple Balsamic Oil Free Vin 3- Bumble Bar, Banana 4- Curry Tofu Kebabs, Rice, Spring Roll 5- Bean Burrito I ate late again. I need to stop that! I'll look around for tips to curb my late appetite. I crave savory foods late, so an apple wouldn't cut it. I'll suck it up and do it, starting today! If there isn't a secret behind not eating late, I'll just know that if I had started at the beginning of the month curbing my appetite, I'd be in better shape.
  7. Ok after this I'm all caught up. This is for Friday February 17. Workout Log 35 Minutes on Elliptical on Interval 1- Bent Over Dumbbell Rows 30 lbs 10, 12, 15 2- Bent Arm Barbell Pullover 45 lbs 10, 12, 15 3- Barbell Curl 45 lbs 10, 12, 10 4- Dumbbell Hammer Curls 25 lbs each 10, 10, 8 5- Lower Back Extensions (machine) 170 lbs 15, 12, 15 Meal Log 1- Oatmeal with Fresh Fruit 2- Grape Leaves, Whole Grain Bread 3- Banana, Bumble Bar 4- Chinese Style Tofu Burritos with Plum Sauce 5- Baked Chips and "Pesto" Dip (Silken Tofu Based)
  8. This is from Wednesday February 15, catching up now Workout Log 55 Minutes on Elliptical on Interval Setting 1-Dumbbell Chest Flyes 35 lbs each DB 8, 10, 12 2- Incline Chest Dumbbell Press 35 lbs each 8, 10, 12 3- Kneeling Reverse Tricep Extensions 30 lbs each 8, 10, 10 4- Lying Close Grip Barbell Extension Behind The Head 45 lbs 8, 10, 12 Meal Log 1- Oatmeal with Fresh Berries and Nuts 2- Veggie Sub 3- Apple 4- Quinoa with Turnip Greens and Asparagus with Cash Whiz
  9. I've fallen a little behind on the journal. I need to get my own computer! I've not fallen behind on my training though. I just need to make time to log it between work, starting my vegan food truck, teaching vegan cooking classes, spending time with my children, and more! This is from Monday February 13. Workout Log 55 Minutes on the Elliptical on Interval 1- Dumbbell Shrug 35 lb Dumbbells 10, 12, 12 2- Arnold Dumbbell Press 30 lb Dumbbells 10, 12, 12 3- Leg Extensions 100 lb 8, 10, 12 4- Leg Sled 210 lb 10, 12, 14 5- Calf Extensions 90 lb 8, 10, 12 Meal Log 1-Bumble Bar, Banana 2- Grape Leaves, Olives, Apple 3- Spicy Eggplant, Spicy String Beans 4- Vegan Crunchy Tacos, Smokey Pinto and Black Beans
  10. Just read about your publishing, congratulations! A good friend of mine became fluent in Serbian while serving in the US army! It would be very cool to have and he could read it for me. I'll look for it!
  11. I am two days behind on entries so here I go: I went back to the freeweights again today and I'm totally hooked. Unless I can't figure out what to do then I probably won't be hitting the machines again (except for lower back extensions. I tried those on a bench two days ago and was unsuccessful). Back and Biceps day: Workout Log 30 Minites on the elliptical on interval 1- Lateral Rows 2- Bent Over Two Dumbbell Row 3- Lower Back Extensions 4- Barbell Bicep Curls 5- Dumbbell Hammer Curls I did all motions in a series of 10, 12, and 15 (though I failed a couple times before 15) Meal Log 1- Banana, Bumble Bar 2- Grape Leaves and Olives 3- Veggie Sub 4- Northstar Veggie Burger, Small Salad
  12. Yesterday I finally ventured into the free weight area. Workout Log 40 Minutes on the elliptical on interval 1- Chest Dumbbell flyes 2- Dumbbell Chest Press 3- Tricep Barbell Push Ups 4- Tricep Pulldowns 5- Chest Incline Press Meal Log 1- Pumpkin Pancakes, Avocado Potato Salad 2- Black Bean Soup, PB&J, Avocado Potato Salad 3- Avocado Potato Salad, Bumble Bar 4- Bean Burritos
  13. I had to miss yesterday's workout. My daughter was sick and she couldn't have made it in the kids area of my gym. Back to it today. Workout Log 40 Minutes on the elliptical on interval 1- Leg Sled 10, 12, 12 2- Leg Extensions 10, 12, 15 3- Calf Extensions 10, 12, 15 Meal Log 1- Whole Grain Wheat Cereal with Blueberries in Soymilk 2- Broccoli & "No Cheese Sauce" over Brown Rice 3- Grilled "cheese" and Black Beam Soup 4- Sweet & Sour Tofu & Veggies over Rice 5- Buffalo "chix" over spinach, peanut butter apple I shouldn't have had the "chix" so late, but it was right after I got home from my workout so hopefully my metabolism is amped up enough to handle it.
  14. Thanks Dylan! I'm definitely staying with it. It's great to look back and see what I've done and how I've progressed in only a month! I'm going to start posting recipes soon. I really want to get involved in this community. Food is my area of expertise as I am not the pinnacle of fitness (yet).
  15. Back to weights for me. I avoided the machines and hit the free weights. I screwed up some with what I ate. I had way too much to eat during the game. I'm embarrassed to log today's meals but here we go. Workout Log 40 Minutes on the elliptical on interval 1- Dumbbell Hammer Curls 10, 12, 14 2- Tricep Pulldowns 10, 12, 14 3- Barbell Arm Curls 10, 12, 14 4- Tricep Pushdowns 8, 10, 12 Meal Log 1- Bumble Bar, Banana 2- Super Food Plate (Lots of Raw) 3- Miso Glazed Squash, Spicy Sweet & Sour Eggplant 4- Mega Vegan Nachos Plate(s) 5- Bumble Bar I feel so very full and know that I ate way too much today. It's not going to happen again.
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