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  1. Did spin class again today..Definitely got my heart rate up, though I think it was only about 40min. After that, the core machines..and soon I shall do my 30min of slowwwwwwwwww walking..
  2. Used the bike trainer for 45min. p90x ab with 10lb weight + 50 crisscross crunches.. walked (yes, walked) on the treadmill for 30min/1mph holding onto only the handlebars - minor weight held on the bars, but they were mostly used for balance..woooohooo...How long it will last, i don't know, but for now...yay to be able to walk again.. After, i had half a vega choc/coconut bar and part of a Zing chocolate/coconut.. and, now that this 'contest' is almost over, i'm thinking for the next one, i should have the goal of more exciting updates
  3. Yesterday's block made it such that I was able to walk without crutches (and a whole lot of pain - but I *could* walk which was huge) on the treadmill - 1mph for an hour = i walked a mile for the first time since..well..I'd have to venture to say at least half a year. So, yay for that. I did another 1/2mile today with minimal crutch support.. As for actual exercise, I took it pretty easy today - just pilates legs, 20 reg pushups, 20 chataranga pushups. I also discovered (via a sampler person) that Vega (which, most of the flavors I used to think were pretty...hard to drink) tastes pretty good if you just use water instead of the usual trying to hide the flavor that is required with many other powders..So, I got some berry which was on sale..Wish it were cheaper, but...I like what's in it and am pretty happy to discover that it doesn't taste horrible as i first thought.. Yep.
  4. Essentially another rest day today. I was going to swim, but plans and reality didn't meet up. 'walked' 30min on the treadmill followed by p90x abs (1/2 with 10lb weight, 1/2 i forgot the weight) and 50 crisscross crunches. i'm scheduled for another block tomorrow, so no exercise and no pool for a few days after. But based on how it went last week, I'm thinking I'll be able to do something on Saturday..
  5. i also wonder - the bicep machine thing is awkard for me, so i think that plays a part in it..but i don't get how i could do heavier weights on triceps when my biceps have *always* been stronger... perhaps the tricep 'push down' machine (has gravity assistance) as opposed to the usual free weight lift up plays a part too..
  6. I'm shifting a lot of my pool work to treadmill work as it allows me to 'walk' every day as I'm now ordered to So, today - 30min crutching on the treadmill.. i stopped by the gym on the way home and actually wrote down the weights..I kept my reps short to only be there for about an hour - and tried to add in my own PHAT version - throwing in a few reps of higher weight at the end..Some I could have gone higher, some were plenty high enough It was interesting though - in my little PHAT version, I tried numbers higher than I normally even test and with some, i discovered that I could be doing such numbers for the normal reps (e.g. the seated leg press - i could have been doing at least 100 for the regular reps) chest press -> 8*50lb 8*50lb 8*60lb bicep -> 8*40 8*45 8*45 hip adductor -> 8*160 8*160 8*160 3*175 hip abductor -> 8*175 8*175 8*165 these numbers...baffle me...for the last few months, all i've done is one-legged biking and leg lifts...granted, i had a (oooo) 3lb cast on my foot, but...i keep thinking these machines must be broken, but then i see other people using them with *much* lower weights..beats me..but, can't say i mind the concept that my legs can do such.. back extension -> 8*100 8*100 8*100 torso twist -> 8*70 (ea side) 8*80 (ea) 8*80(ea) 3*100 leg lifts (L) -> 8 8 8 knee lifts -> 8 tricep pushdown -> 8*60 8*60 8*50 3*70 lateral -> 8*40 8*35 8*30 3*40 --i'm really weak on these seated row -> 8*55 8*55 8*55 3*70 pulldown overhand-> 3*70 3*70 3*70 3*85 3*100 pulldown underhand -> 8*80 8*80 8*80 3*100 seated leg press -> 8*90 8*90 8*90 5*110 leg curl -> 8*40 8*45 8*50 3*65 leg extension -> 8*70 8*70 8*70 3*85 ab crunch -> 8*95 8*100 8*100 3*110
  7. awww furry friends make everything better. i hope things turn around for you.
  8. Went to spin class (around 45-50min of riding) followed by the ab machines.. 40 min (1mi) of crutch walking on the treadmill.. p90x abs (+10lb weight) + 50crisscross crunches
  9. Nothing too exciting today... Did 45minutes on the bike trainer. 20 reg pushups. 20 chataranga. I'm not allowed in the pool for 48hours after the nerve block so i experimented with 'walking' with crutches on the treadmill for an hour instead. I 'walked' 1.5miles..Or rather, my arms and one leg walked 1.5 miles...I long for the day when my other leg will be able to participate properly again.. In some ways I liked it better than walking in the pool as at least the boredom of it is partially offset by the tv.
  10. No exercise today or yesterday. I made it through the nerve block without a headache or back pain, so I'm thinking I'll probably do pilates or something tomorrow.
  11. >I think I've grown to use the word "fluffy" in a positive way recently. Good! I've heard people use it as a reference similar to chunky (in a self-deprecating way). If yours is a positive one, then I retract my objection!
  12. >Then, of course, here’s the photo from about a week ago where, yes, I look fluffy I think there's fluff on your glasses or something ...You look great!
  13. your snack attack description cracked me up a little (and by a little, I mean...)
  14. I'm scheduled for a nerve block tomorrow which...I'm a bit apprehensive about But, as I don't know what to expect/how long I'll be out of commission for (I'm thinking two days?), I went to the gym for a last hoorah. However, I also only had one hour there, so I cut my sets a bit short. I did however keep mental track of some of the weights...and unfortunately, my blood sugar dropped midway through which definitely tanked my strength (I forgot to bring anything and it didn't occur to me to even see if they sold anything I could eat there!) So - On most all, I did 8-12 reps on the first set and 8 reps on the next two. The ones I remember - tricep - 50x12 50x8 50x8 hip adductor - 135x12 135x8 120x8 hip abductor - 185x8 165x8 165x8 upright bench press - 45x8 40x8 40x8 incline bench press - 60x8 50x8 50x8 Anyway, those are the only ones I remember with any certainty. I don't want to write the 'i think it was' ones as if I'm wrong, i'd hate to later think i'm doing worse or awesomely better when...i'm not Other than that...no pool...still need to do pt..
  15. >Total intake today was just over 1000 calories and just over 100g protein. I don't increase calories on gym days, and yet still I'm not dropping weight. Maybe you're not eating enough so your body has knocked your metabolism way down to hang on to what it's got?
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