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  1. had a heaping plate of spag squash and a giant salad with fig n nuts
  2. lol maybe more than most people .love everything on your list except tofu,and tempeh. ive tried to hide them in dishes but it just work for me. hate to admit but im very lazy in the kitchen dept, ilke things to be easy and ready fast...peanut butter mmmmm
  3. so far so good, ive managed a all vegan diet for several weeks and have kept up my body weight. the diet is no prob ,its getting the right amount of kal and correct nutrient mix....... i have to say thank god for loads of fresh fruit, easy way for me to bulk
  4. sean o


    thank you for your reply, ill def do some reading
  5. ill have to log it down to get accurate total thanks i will do it asap, i just hit over 200 and i would like to stay there
  6. i cant seem to get that fullness on a full vegan diet , or rather im missing something in my diet
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    been veg for year's and vegan on and off for prob 5. when i go full vegan i unfortunately lose to much size and mass!! tempted to try again
  8. worried all my my hard work will suffer if i go all vegan, at the moment i use a weight gainer and toss in the odd egg ( i know gross)
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