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  1. 1/31: Barre 1 hr, cardio 45 min B: green juice S: Vega WFHO L: curry veggies D: salad
  2. 1/30: 1 hr cardio B: green smoothie L: salad D: veggies and brown rice and edamame
  3. 1/27: 1 hr hit yoga B: brown rice, avocado S: Larabar L: Salad D: lentil soup, salad
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. I can amp up the water intake and cardio. I am just wondering if I should temporarily switch my carb/protein/fat ratio for now. Do competitors or models make any shift in the week or two prior to a competition/ photo shoot? I would love any more thoughts!
  5. 1/26: Upper body, 1 hr cardio B: brown rice & avocado & seeds L: salad D: falafel, eggplant dip, salad S: pear
  6. I would love some advice. I hope this is the right forum. I typically only eat for health and a good physique is just a nice side effect. I.e. I don't typically limit specific foods and consume more of others for my appearance however. . . I have a bikini photo shoot scheduled in two weeks and I am wondering what adjustments I should make to be a bit more defined/ cut. I'm planning to keep up my current exercise regimen which is a combination of weight lifting, pilates, hot yoga, and cardio. Any thoughts on how to get a bit of extra definition in these last couple weeks? I currently eat only whole plant based foods: Lots of fresh veggies, beans, greens, whole grains, fruit, nuts, seeds. Should I cut back on brown rice (my fav whole grain)? Have more raw? Cut back on the healthy fats (avocado, nuts)? Add more chia or hemp? Again, I do not want to do anything to hurt my health, just looking to get the biggest bang for my vegan fitness buck . . . Maybe I'll post a pic after my successful photo shoot. Thanks!!
  7. I have heard before that coconut oil is a good natural sun protection, but I was always afraid to try it since it seems like oil should make you burn more. Have you tried it, and does it work? - Sorry that was off topic, but on topic I have heard had some success with shea butter for stretch marks. I use coconut oil as sunscreen (and as a natural skin lotion), but only after I already have a bit of a base tan. It's supposed to have an SPF of about 4, BUT it needs to be rubbed in otherwise, yes, the oil will reflect the sun and cause you to burn rather than protecting you. I used it all summer and loved it!
  8. 1/25: Bikram Yoga 1.5 hrs, Pilates 1 hr. B: Smoothie L: Granola with flax, fruit D: Falafel, hummus, salad
  9. 1/24: legs, 1/2 hr cardio B: fruit, nuts L: salad D: roasted veggies, lentil soup
  10. 1/20: hot yoga-1hr 1/21: barre-1hr 1/22: rest 1/23: upper body, abs, 1.5 hr cardio B: green juice L: green juice S: nuts and fruit D: brown rice, steamed veggies, pear
  11. 1/19: upper body, abs, 1.5 hr cardio B: green smoothie L: Thai cabbage slaw, mixed veggies D: bean salad, almonds
  12. 1/18: Pilates B: Green juice L: lentil salad S: Larabar D: Thai cabbage salad, stir fry veggies
  13. 1/17: lower body, back, abs + 1 hr cardio B: Vega WWO L: Veggie soup, brown rice D: asparagus, quinoa salad
  14. Oops! I had my days off. The last post should have been for the 14th and 15th. 1/16: 1 hr cardio + upper body B: Nuts, Seeds, Fruit L: Kale, quinoa, bean salad D: salad, apple
  15. 1/13: yoga + 45 min cardio B: green smoothie L: Salad D: ? Forgot 1/14: 1 hr Barre B: green smoothie L: miso soup, veggie sushi, tofu S: green juice D: roasted eggplant & citrus salad
  16. Kareno, not from scratch, but just an organic polenta with mushrooms (no additives or junk). It was good! How is your training going? Wendy
  17. 1/13: yoga & 30 min cardio B: oatmeal L: mixed veggies and polenta D: green juice and salad
  18. 1/12: upper body + 45 min cardio B: brown rice and avocado L: salad S: green juice D: tempeh & sweet potato
  19. 1/11: Pilates A bit under the weather today, didn't eat too much B: Larabar+ Vega preworkout energizer L: African squash & peanut soup D: broccoli, beans
  20. 1/10: 50 min cardio, Full body (since I had the time today and tomorrow is Pilates) B: Green juice L: Salad- tons of veg, seeds, GABA brown rice D: Polenta topped with mixed veggies
  21. Thanks, Ben!! I see you are in Austin. Lucky dog- so many friends there. Vegan Food trucks are killer. Karen, thanks! The artichoke burgers were great- not homemade however. Local product made without junk, however: artichokes, cashews, onions... I should try to recreate them fresh.
  22. 1/9: 1 hr cardio, abs and back B: apple L: huge salad D: tabouli, falafel, hummus
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